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This Is Your Country on Drugs Drug-War Raids


A nation is outraged, and rightly so, that a 19-month-old toddler was grenaded into a coma during a 3 a.m. no-knock police raid to execute an informant-triggered drug warrant over a $50 methamphetamine transaction. (Read all of Reason's coverage of the incident here.)

And yet this was no isolated incident, as former Reason staffer (and all-time leader in writing the headline "another isolated incident") made plain on Tuesday's episode of The Independents:

On Monday's edition of the program, one principal from another raid-gone-wrong story familiar to Reason readers came on to describe the bizarre behavior of prosecutors and law enforcement down in Alpine, Texas:

To borrow a phrase from Brezhnev, this is really existing prohibitionism, not some pointless side argument about how gobbling too many edibles makes you go fetal (it does, at least if your name rhymes with Fat Belch), or whether the president should or shouldn't pal around with Jay-Z.

I am heartened to near-giddiness that a majority of Americans are coming around to the recognition that such a status quo is indefensible, but I will always find it hard to forgive those who created and defended the prohibitionist regime, and also those—including, in living memory, at least some self-described libertarians—who attempted to wave away critics of the drug war as debauched libertines motivated primarily by self-interest. I could give a shit about ever smoking pot again in my lifetime; I just want the goddamned flash-grenades to stop.

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  1. Drugs are bad, mmmkay? Why do you hate the children?

    1. THIS. SO MUCH!!11


    2. Why do you hate the children?

      They get in the way of flash-bangs.

  2. A nation is outraged

    I’m not so sure. I’ve seen a lot of people defending the cops, which enrages me more, but I am not an entire nation.

    1. Also, this.

      Too many people want this shit, and I don’t think “the whole nation” is outraged at all.

      “Omlets, eggs….LET’S GO GET THE PERP WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! IT’S REALLY HIS FAULT!” like the police chief said.

      Looooooooootta people believe that shit. It’s fucked up.

      1. My favorite mountain biking ranch had a memorial day celebration for “heroes”, which apparently included people other than soldiers like cops. They kicked it off with a DEA drug pursuit simulation, complete with helicopters and military vehicles. Apparently it was an “awesome display of power”. Pretty sick stuff.

        1. I’m not anti-military, and I completely agree we should have a strong military to protect the country. I am however getting pretty tired of having to “honor our heroes” at every event where more than 3 people assemble. Last night at Dodger Stadium we heard the story and service history of a serviceman, and were asked to, “honor him”. No offense to the soldier, but he was in the Army Quartermaster Corps., never served overseas, and had what sounded as a very undistinguished service record/career. Basically, the guy sounded like he loaded up C-17’s with supplies and waved bye-bye to the pilots. I’m sure he is a swell guy, but I don’t know if a standing ovation of 45,000 people attending a baseball game is necessary. I mean, I’m not feeling “hero” with this guy.

          /rant off

          1. If you have not been shot at in defense of this country, all you did was hold a government job.

          2. Yeah, “hero” is way overused. And it seems like the ones who are doing the “honoring” are often doing so for selfish reasons, like a “look how patriotic I am” thing. Has anyone asked veterans whether and how they’d like to be honored? I’ll bet “competent VA system” would be a lot higher than “random dude who doesn’t know what I do thanking me for my service in a loud voice so everyone hears him”.

  3. I could give a shit about ever smoking pot again in my lifetime; I just want the goddamned flash-grenades to stop.

    I find it difficult to explain that my opposition to the drug war is not pro-drug, but rather it’s anti-prohibition. For many people that is a very difficult concept to grasp.

    That which is not prohibited is mandatory or something, I dunno.

    1. I find it difficult to explain that my opposition to the drug war is not pro-drug, but rather it’s anti-prohibition. For many people that is a very difficult concept to grasp.

      Amen. Whatever problems you get from drugs, prohibition is not the cure.

  4. Is this story actually getting mass media attention? I haven’t seen anything in the major outlets.

    1. Nope. It goes against the narrative.

      1. Also remember that journalists often depend on cops for access to stories so not only do they risk losing said access, but also bullshit arrests and ongoing harassment. Not that that doesn’t make them cowardly shitweasels, of course.

  5. Fat Belch?
    Rat Felch?
    Hat Squelch?
    Cat Kelch?

    1. Plat……I got nothin’….

  6. “Look what that meth dealer made the cops do!”

    1. Unfortunately, that is the most common reaction.

  7. The national media is paying attention. Headline News did an interview yesterday with the family’s attorney and Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort. He’s previously tried passing a bill to eliminate no-knock raids, and he’s raising a pretty big stink about this incident.

    1. No, this is Georgia media paying attention to something that happened in Georgia. When the next one happens in Nebraska, a Georgia-based TV station will not cover it.

  8. A nation is outraged…

    I hope you are correct; I really, really do.

  9. A nation is outraged

    If only. Maybe I live in a bubble, but the people I know are more concerned about fucked-up but inconsequential stuff like something that some K-list celebrity said.

  10. A nation is outraged,

    Which nation? Certainly can’t be the US as H&R is the only place I’ve seen any coverage of this. Maybe the sixteen people that watch The Independents are considered a “nation”.

    1. Sealand is outraged.

    2. Have we heard from Raven Nation on this?

  11. I’m seeing more attention to this issue in the mainstream media than ever before, for what that’s worth. I’m also seeing far less deference and cop worship among conservative Internet commenters than before. There does seem to be some kind of larger societal attitude shift going on. We’ll see if it lasts.

  12. The “nation” must have been asleep when this happened…..oit-police

    1. No, it got press at the time and 3 days later Miley Cyrus was twerking or showing some side boob and the country moved on. It should be filed under “and nothing else happened…”

  13. I could give a shit about ever smoking pot again in my lifetime…

    You know what pisses me off? People who say “could give a shit” when they mean “COULDN’T give a shit.”

    1. I could care less about what you think.

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