Brickbat: You Will Be Assimilated


Hall monitors at Hinsdale Central High School in Illinois stopped Chris Borg when they saw he was wearing a shirt with the outline of an AK-47. School officials then ordered Borg to turn the shirt inside out, put on another shirt or be suspended for the day. Borg chose suspension. Borg says they told him the shirt violated a section of the dress code that bans clothing that is unsafe or disruptive.

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  1. “clothing that is unsafe or disruptive.”

    You kids want to see clothing that is really unsafe or disrupting…..…..l-mart_fun

    1. Wow, that is a brutal death for morning wood.

    2. women shoppers of walmart… will not click

      1. You would rather have a link to “men shoppers of Walmart”? NTTAWWT…Maybe..

          1. I hope to god that is paint huffing residue.. A quick demonstration of the proper procedure

      2. How about hippies who haven’t showered for a week shopping at the local organic co?p?

        1. At least the people of wal-mart have an excuse. The hippies are willfully asinine.

        2. Well, that’s nothing that a little more Patchouli won’t fix…

        3. You mean Cameron Diaz? Seriously. I read somewhere recently where she said she hasn’t used deodorant in twenty years. She prefers au naturale. Gross.

  2. They will add his ideological and accoutermentical distinctiveness to their own. His culture will adapt to service them. Resistance is futile.

    Or maybe they just objected to his not advertising American products.

    1. Well, to be fair.. the receivers and barrels, followers, FCGs, and the bulk of the Tapco crap inflicted on them are probably American made…

      1. Fuck yeah. Take that, commies.

        1. Yeah, and it will remain that way until those fucking apostates over there in commieland disavow the blasphemous .311, and accept .308 as the one true .30 caliber… What a bunch of loooosers!

          1. My one Russian made descendant of the Kalashnikov (It’s a Saiga semiautomatic) is a .308, so it’s not as if they don’t recognize it. Are you insisting they abandon choice of caliber for uniformity of thought?

            1. 7.62 x 39, 54r, and 25 are generally .311 diameter. During the first world war, Remington and Westinghouse were contracted to make Mosin-Nagant M-1891s, which they did in .308 bore diameter, that allegedly led to ammunition problems for the Czars military, and contributed the cancellation of the contracts. Slug your bore with a slightly oversized sinker sometime and mic the result.. it’s probably .311…

              1. You’re not making much sense. When I said it’s a .308, I meant it. It only takes Winchester .308 rounds (actually I’ve been using Remington made, but it’s still ‘Winchester .308’). 7.62x54mm or 39mm has nothing to do with it. My Nagant takes 7.62x54mm, but that’s an entirely different rifle, and you’re not going to mix up the two catridges at the range.

                1. “You’re not making much sense. When I said it’s a .308, I meant it. It only takes Winchester .308 rounds..”

                  The slug diameter of a .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO) is nominally .308 in.

                  The bore diameter for a U.S.(and Canadian/South American) made rifle is also .308 diameter.

                  Russian (Soviet/Chinese/ and ex-Soviet client states) make their .30 caliber barrels with a .311 bore. And yes, this probably includes your Saiga.. in cal .308 Winchester. I avoid American made 7.62×39 made ammunition for my Maadi, because American made 7.62×39 slugs are .308 diameter, while my Maadi has a ~.311 bore.

                  1. Can you provide some documentation that indicates Saiga follows this convention?

                    1. Well, your results may vary, but if you Google it.. you may find out more. I’m just going by what I see when I’m reloading…

                    2. Damn workplace proxy. “Weapons” sites are blocked. I’ll have to check that later.


                      Member: herr67 -14 posts

                      Posted 22 June 2009 – 11:24 PM

                      So I finally got around to getting Cerrosafe so I can find out my bore and chamber dimension on my stuff. My .308 Saiga slugged out to .3105. Is that normal? By comparison my Russian Izhmash Tiger in 7.62x54R slugged to .312.


                      Advanced Member: santanatwo
                      100 posts

                      Posted 28 June 2009 – 07:50 PM

                      totally normal, the russians measured their 7.62 on the lands

                      Americans measured the 7.62 in the grooves.

                      thus the russian 30 cal is actually slightly bigger. (IE. closer to the american 32 ACP)

                      **-Pathogen edit: .32 acp is ~.308– .32 S&W is ~.312**

                      The 7.62×51 being an american bullet is slightly smaller diameter than the 7.62x54R bullet

  3. Borg says they told him the shirt violated a section of the dress code that bans clothing that is unsafe or disruptive.

    The school has Zero Tolerance for assault t-shirts. Also, something tells me that the only people “disrupted” were the pants-wetting teachers/admin.

    1. Don’t overlook the whole-grain and fair trade helicopter parents, who just want to make it home after picking up their precious little snowflakes..

      1. Schools need to install antiaircraft guns to down helicopter parents.

        1. Sadly I think I would turn a blind eye at such an expansion of the militarized state.

  4. Sure, he’s trolling. He knew he would get called out for it. I don’t have a problem with his shirt, but he knew what he was doing.

    Guys trolling cops by using bong filled with tobacco.

    1. We need more trolls like these.

    2. From the comments:

      Kelly Rowland ? Hobart, Tasmania
      its clear that they are just taunting police officers and wasting their time – i would want to smash these idiots too

  5. Wait a minute … so, the Borg was trying to stop the Borg? It’s just Borg, all the way down…

  6. It a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling…

  7. Kid wanted a day off. And he got one. It’s not like he could shoot somebody and get suspended with pay, pending an investigation, before returning to, er, school. So he did the next best thing.


  8. OT:
    Just dropped in to brighten your day

    1. Ahh.. Keep your fork, there’s pie!

  9. Wouldn’t a better headline be “Resistance is Futile”?

    1. No, that’s the tagline for tommorrow’s cop tale.

      1. Stoping Resisting is Futile

  10. In other gun news…
    Chipotle folds like a cheap suit. Guns no longer allowed

    Anti-gun mommy cult has won again.

    1. We’ll see how that works out on appeal…

      1. It always amazes me that anti-gun cultists believe that banning guns in restaurants guarantees them safety inside. That sticker on the door that indicates that guns are not allowed prevents anyone with a gun from entering the premises, or at least in their minds it does.

        But that did not work out so well at Luby’s Restaurant, now did it?

        1. Yeah, the average thugs who, intent upon committing the crimes of assault w/ a deadly weapon, armed kidnapping, grand theft, and possibly.. murder, are dissuaded by That sticker on the door that indicates that guns are not allowed prevents anyone with a gun from entering the premises… they are just not that dedicated to mayhem, I suppose

          1. But they have badges, so they can ignore stickers.

            1. *Yes, this was meant sarcastically, I didn’t mean to exclude those thugs without official sanction.

          2. They’re animists. Just as they believe that guns magically cause people to commit murder, they believe signs magically stop people from committing murder.

            1. Signs are weak totems, they cannot contend with the will of the gun.

            2. So we should defend politicians by having big guys in suits and sunglasses hold up signs saying, “Please don’t shoot the politician.”

        2. That sticker on the door that indicates that guns are not allowed prevents anyone with a gun from entering the premises.

          Just try entering a business with your concealed weapon after they post one of those signs. The damn door just won’t open for you! Best case scenario, you can slip in behind somebody else before the door closes.

          Spooky, how that works.

    2. I don’t eat at anyplace that won’t serve real food. Their ‘Organic’ and ‘anti-GMO’ stance was enough to drive me away before that.

      1. Organic and anti-GMO may be silly and foolish, but I don’t see how you could consider them not real food.

    3. RTFA

      A Chipotle spokesman didn’t immediately respond when asked if the company’s request was an outright ban, or how it would respond if people continued to bring firearms into its restaurants.

      … It said it hoped that customers who oppose carrying guns in public agree that “it is the role of elected officials and the legislative process to set policy in this area.”

      They don’t want people open carrying and scaring other customers but they aren’t posting the stores “no guns”.

    4. Asking people not to carry rifles into a restaurant seems reasonable. But banning all carry seems like a bit of an overreaction.
      And “Bold Stand”? Seem more like a craven and impotent stand.

    5. Chipotle folds like a cheap suit. Guns no longer allowed

      Stop me. No, seriously. Stop me.

  11. OT: I ran over a cat on the way to work today. I really wish people who live on busy roads would keep their fucking animals inside.

    1. That really sucks. Sorry, man.

      1. Thanks. I felt terrible for about a whole minute. Thing wasn’t immediately dead. Got it with two tires, then in the mirror saw it start to drag it’s hindquarters across the road. Presumably to die. Assuming it’s not feral it’s the owners’ fault for letting it out next to a busy road. Fucking people.

        1. Maybe they are trying to develop a breed of super cats who can cross busy roads safely. This one didn’t make the cut.

        2. Cats are meant to be outdoors. As a former cat owner, your cat getting killed is part of the landscape.

          My sister has lost four cats to coyotes.

          My response: Coyotes gotta eat too.

    2. Sooo.. when does your trial start?

      1. He was already convicted by the PETA Court and they will be sending the nearest available ecoterroist to firebomb him.

  12. Want to bet he’d get suspended for wearing a shirt of the Minuteman statue but it would be perfectly fine to wear a Che shirt?

    1. Obviously yes. The statue is holding a gun, while Che is not.

  13. Some day these suspensions will turn into 5 days in solitary confinement.

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