Rand Paul

Rand Paul vs. Ron Paul in Baseball Uniforms: Who Wore It Better?


I present this important issue because it long ago became clear that we're all just being dreamed by Philip K. Dick anyway.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) recently showed up to give a speech at the Leadership Institute wearing a baseball uniform (he had his reasons, ABC News explains).

Meanwhile, here's a shot of Rand's pa, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), all duded up in just about the worst-ever MLB uniform this side of Atlanta's mid-1970s Chevron gas-station attendant numbers:

So in the spirit of US Weekly, tell us kind readers: Who wore it better?

This seems like as good as place as any to point out that one of the many things that makes baseball great is the rule that only uniform-wearing jamucks are allowed on the field during a game, thereby forcing fat old men (think Tommy Lasorda or Lou Piniella) to waddle out to home plate or the pitcher's mound with less dignity than the San Diego Chicken or the Phillie Phanatic. It is humiliating for the audience, the players, and the managers themselves, yes. But it shows commitment to the team, too (screw you, Burt Shotton, there's no I in team!). All professional sports should force their coaches and managers to wear the same clothing the players do. IMAO.