Shikha Dalmia on Pope Francis' Inequality Fetish


Donkey Hotey.CreativeCommons.Foter

The Pope waded into the debate raging over Thomas Piketty's 500-plus page controversial bestseller, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, which warns that Western capitalist countries are headed for ever-widening inequality, when he issued this tweet: "Inequality is the source of social evil."

This is a rich statement coming from the head of the most hierarchical organization on the planet, notes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia.

Setting aside that irony, there isn't much evidence for the Pope's claim that inequality in America and the West is all that evil. In poor countries like India, it's another matter, suggesting that not all inequalities are equal. So if the Pope wants something to worry about, he should concentrate on making poor people rich, not rich people poor.