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A Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton Prez Race Would be a DISASTER for Millennials


George W. Bush says his younger brother Jeb should run for president. Bill Clinton says "I don't know what Hillary's going to do, but whatever it is, I expect to support it." So the former Florida governor and former senator and secretary of state kinda sorta have the backing of family (fwiw, Jeb's ma doesn't him to run).

More important than what their kin think is the simple fact that a Clinton-Bush math-up in 2016 would be a disaster for Millennials and other Americans under the age of 65.

From my latest column at Time.com:

If it's far from clear what sort of personal calculus at which Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton may yet arrive, there should be no question that a Clinton-Bush race would be bad for those of us not related to either. America has never been particularly fond of dynasties (apart from psychotics, who really likes the Yankees or the Kennedys?), and representatives of one or both of these families have been running for president basically since at least 1980. More importantly, their clans have been central players in an increasingly vicious and rancorous era in politics whose chief effect has been to drive a record number of Americans to declare themselves to

be political independents. If we're so concerned about inequality in America, what sort of message does it send to strivers that we can't go a decade without gifting a Bush or a Clinton free housing, use of a private jet and the mother of all expense accounts?…

Under Jeb's brother and Hillary's former boss, the Boomer-led government has racked up debt that younger Americans will be paying off for generations if not centuries to come….

The fact that more and more young people are living with their parents is usually seen as something approaching a tragedy for both kids and parents. You can't move out if you don't have a job. Now comes word that Baby Boomers are refusing to retire because they feel forever young. Can't the White House at least be one place in America where a younger American can finally move out to?

Read the whole thing.

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  1. On the positive side, Jeb is supposed to be “the smart one” according to Barbara.

      1. Hello Johnny. I am a semi-closeted left wing gay man in Washington D.C. who likes to pretend that he lives in Georgia, is the world’s greatest libertarian, and has a girlfriend who is out of town when he goes to his friends’ weddings alone.

        Would you like to meet behind the dumpster and have intercourse sometime?

  2. A Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton Prez Race Would be a DISASTER for Millennials for the US


    Also outside of Rand Paul is there any likely candidate on either side of the isle who wouldn’t be a disaster for millenials?

    1. I like Scott Walker.

      1. Well, what about Stossel? Do you like Stossel? What’s wrong with Stossel? Does Walker have a stache like that?

        1. I like Stossel and his heart is in the right place but honestly I just don’t think he is all that smart. His arguments in favor of liberty come off as half baked and are easily defeated. He really is a pretty poor spokesman and as such I don’t think he’d be even a decent candidate

          1. Well in that case, Penn Jillette. Seeing him in the debates would be worth the price, no matter what it is.

            1. Actually he would be pretty cool as a candidate.

              Unfortunately I don’t think Americans are creative enough to vote for him but damn he would be fun to watch campaign and honestly I think he’d probably be a great president

      2. I agree, I think he’s going to be a major player. Not nationally known enough to be nominated, but I bet he’s the #1 VP choice for whoever wins the national popularity contest.

  3. The thought of either of them being president is depressing in the extreme.

    You’d think that such a doupolistic shitshow would destroy both parties, but as long as the extremely stupid are allowed to vote this crap will continue.

    1. It doesn’t help that the extremely stupid are the ones breeding the most and are already a majority. Someone get the gatorade, the crops need watered.

      1. Electrolytes are what plants crave.

        1. Just make sure to give only watering cans, and not shovels, to the water girls.

    2. And lets not forget, Chelsea will be old enough to run in 2020

  4. Aren’t we due for another Adams?

    1. Nope. Paul Giamatti is tied up in Spider-Man sequels for the next election cycle.

  5. If the Presidential race comes down to Boooooosh v Clinton no more proof of the utter failure of our grand experiment will be needed.

    We should just anoint the winner king, and begin the purges.

    1. From now on, all the royal family will be a result of inbreeding between Bushes and Clintons.

      1. I wonder what breeding the heads of TEAM RED and TEAM BLUE together would do to their sheep’s minds. Probably drive them insane. Let’s do it!

  6. (fwiw, Jeb’s ma doesn’t WANT him to run)

  7. Hate the policies not the families.

    1. Thank you. I’m sick of the dynasty talk. Jeb and Hillary would be bad for this country because they’re two sides of the same ‘know it all’ coin, not because of their last names. Knock their policies all day long. They deserve it. But cut the dynasty crap.

  8. Declaring such a contest to be a disaster–uh, sorry, DISASTER–would seem to indicate that there would be some combination of viable presidential candidates in the next election that would be better, or at least preferable.

    1. There’s only one, at this point. But who knows, maybe someone else will emerge, not that they could win.

  9. Well, Charlie Crist thinks that race is a WIN/WIN.

    So, let’s take initial wagers on how it is before ButtPlug goes all in for Shillary. Who’s in?

    1. Crist is just a puppy dog and rainbow kind of guy-except when he’s a kitty cat and water funnel kind of guy.

      1. I don’t even know what to make of that comment. All sorts of disturbing images just popped into my head.

  10. It doesn’t really matter who the Republicans stake out as a sacrifice.
    The Great Left Wing Noise Consortium managed to turn Mitt Romney, Rockefeller Republicrat, into a fire breathing anarchist who was champing at the bit to dismantle the federal government in its entirety (except for the Imperial War Machine, of course).


    1. I think it’s Hell Awaits.

      1. We’re already South of Heaven

  11. The House of Bourbon vs. The House of Hapsburg 2016!

    1. Is the iron law of oligarchy one of the iron laws? I kinda think it should be. Although it’s a buzzkill.

    2. Which side is the Hapsburgs? I hope it is the Dems because I would love to see the hipsters adopt the Hapsburg Lip as the new cool look.

  12. The worst case scenario is the double Heinz maneuver in which Bill divorces Hillary to bed Monica and Hillary weds Jeb.

  13. Is there somewhere else I can earn a living and enjoy a decent amount of freedom? The Falklands? Malta? Iceland?

    1. New Zealand?

    2. I feel a lot more free in Brazil than I do here. But I would suggest already having money before moving there. Enough to stay in a safe area and afford the expensive prices.

      This is still the best place to live for the price, I think. And of course, some states are a little better. What about TN or SC? Alaska if you like cold, maybe. Or CO? Oh hell, just stay away from CA, IL, NY, NJ, MD, and now I think PA and VA, and you should be ok.

      1. Damn, I left out the obvious MA.

        1. CT and RI and no-goes. VT may get there quickly.

  14. I don’t see any scenerio where Millinials aren’t screwed. Even Rand would still have the crooks in congress fighting him tooth and nail.

    1. And even without the Crooks in Congress I don’t think anyone can really solve the demographic shitstorm the Boomers and the Depression/War generation have left us

      1. There are solutions just none that anyone is willing to accept.

    2. Rand as president would be a true uniter.

      Under his administration, the Dems and GOP would come together in a truly bipartisan way to thwart even the most modest of reforms to the federal leviathan.

  15. remind me why I’m supposed to care what happens to ‘Millenials’?

    1. IOW, I should (and do) loathe the idea of Hilary/Jeb all on its own. How it affects some moopsie kidult who’s still moaning about ‘debt relief’ for his college loans is the last of my concerns.

      1. Uh, cause in about 30 years we’re going to be sitting in a nursing home and those millenials will be the ones holding the reins of power and they will probably be pretty pissed off at the shithole their predecessors left them. Even though it really isn’t our fault there won’t be any boomers left around to take their anger out on so they’re kinda likely to take it out on us.

        1. Nursing home?

          What about this “injecting the blood of the young” therapy they’ve been working on?

          plus, Robot Exoskeletons are likely to be much improved by then.

  16. Shouldn’t it be time we start talking about whatever the generation after the millenials will be called?

    I mean generally speaking the generations are dated something like…

    Boomers are 45 – 64,
    Gen X is 65 – 84,
    Millenials are 85 – 05

    which means that at this point the first post millenials are rapidly approaching their teenage years

    1. “The Great Sacrifice”

    2. I think 80 or 82 is usually considered the start of the Millenials. Albeit I prefer to consider my 82 born ass Gen X.

      1. That is why I said “generally”. Different researchers date them differently and most acknowledge an overlap period of a few years at the borders where people could identify with either generation but no matter how you cut it the oldest post millenials would be somewhere between 10 and 20 right now

  17. I would be mildly surprised if Bush threw his hat into the ring, and I would be very surprised if he actually won the nomination. The Bush name might not be as toxic as it was at the end of W’s administration, but it’s not exactly gold either. His best chance would be to play it coy until most of the field has declared and has spent a few months ripping each other apart and then come riding in playing the voice of reason. He’s already got name recognition and a donor network in place, so he has the means to wait out most of the other potential candidates.

    The reverse is true of Clinton, though. I’d only be mildly surprised if she didn’t run (she does have some health issues to deal). But if she does run, I’d be very surprised if she didn’t get the nomination; her only real competition at this point looks to be Biden (and perhaps Cuomo if he decides to give it a go). Most Democrats seem inclined (or, perhaps, resigned) to giving her the thumbs up after she made nice with Obama, publicly at least, following the ’08 nomination fight.

  18. Just a tip for any Republican hoping to run for President any time in the next century or so.

    Don’t let anyone see you play golf, EVER!

  19. I can’t even believe that a Bush is even being considered. They are truly the stupid part. Really fucking stupid party. And you can bet Adelson is going to put money into the Rovian neocon machine this time around.

  20. Two people who are fraught with baggage…
    Hillary may very well be the choice of the Left, but Bush is certainly not the choice of the right.

  21. As an aging Gen X type, I have a whole lot of trouble conjuring up any sympathy for millenials, who are primarily responsible for the past 5 + years of Dear Leader. They deserve whatever they get. As for the 2016 elections, right now it seems to be a case of “pick your poison”, but of course at the beginning of 2008, we were all steeling ourselves for the Hillary Clinton administration.

    Given the choice of all of the potential major party candidates, I’ll probably end up wasting my vote again on Gary Johnson, because neither party is likely to produce something acceptable to me. Of course, by 2016, the whole same-sex marriage circus will be settled by SCotUS (in a 5-4 decision) and maybe the GOP will get over being butt-hurt by butt-seks and focus on issues that are actually important. Hope springs eternal…

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