A 16-year-old boy in Prescott, Arizona, has been charged with felony and misdemeanor indecent exposure. His crime: mooning a bus.

Ukrainian police reportedly boarded a bus full of protestors and beat the hell out of them. It turned out that it was a group of pro-government protestors. When the cops figured out their error, they sent the group on its way.

Medric Mills had a heart attack across the street from a District of Columbia fire station, so his daughter rushed there for help. There were reportedly five firefighters on duty that day. None of them would cross the street to help. The daughter says she was told they couldn't do anything unless they were dispatched. Even the pleas of a police officer couldn't get the firefighters out of the station. An ambulance sent for Mills was mistakenly directed to an address 26 blocks away. Mills died waiting for help.

A Pakistani court has sentenced Mohammed Asghar to death for blasphemy. Asghar, who friends say has been treated in the past for schizophrenia, allegedly claimed to be Mohammad, the founder of Islam.

After a night of partying in Lake County, Florida, a man flagged down sheriff's deputy Matthew Donnelly because his girlfriend had passed out. Donnelly allegedly put the boyfriend in his patrol car, groped the woman, and made inappropriate remarks to her. Donnelly's dashboard camera was turned off for 22 minutes while the assault is supposed to have taken place, but officials say a medical examination supports the woman's claims.

Four Venezuelan newspapers have stopped publishing, and many others have been slashing pages or circulation, because of a shortage of newsprint. The country imports almost all its newsprint, but publishers say that currency controls imposed by the government make it difficult to acquire the dollars they need to buy the material. They say the government is making it difficult for them because newspapers are the only part of the media still willing to criticize it.

Danny Valdes' stepdad, a barber, carefully cut the Miami Heat logo, local skyline, and area code into the 11-year-old's hair in anticipation of the boy attending his first Heat game. But when he got to Florida's Harns Marsh Middle School the next day, officials decided the haircut was "distracting" and gang related. A counselor grabbed clippers and shaved Danny's head. The school claims the stepdad gave them permission to cut the boy's hair over the phone, but the man denies that.

A German court ordered Google to block any search results on its German site that might lead to photos of a sadomasochistic orgy involving former Formula One chief Max Mosley. A French court previously blocked Google from providing links to those images to French users.