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Sarah Palin: 'Waterboarding Is How We Baptize Terrorists'


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Remember when Jesus said "torture thy enemy"? Neither do I, but the walking, talking, life-sized self-parody Sarah Palin apparently does. "If I were in charge," Our Lady of Guantanamo said on Saturday at a National Rifle Association event, "they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists."

In saying this, she did a huge disservice not only to those trying to reform the image of the GOP, but to Christians and gun owners who believe in limited government.

The one-liner was part of a 12-minute speech in which Palin repeatedly sabotaged any legitimate message about gun rights by drifting from government policies to American culture, framing both as an us-versus-them battle between righteous conservative Christians and godless Washington elite liberals (and their "evil Muslim terrorist" allies).

A few small government-type conservatives of different Christian denominations have quickly clarified that, in fact, inflicting painful drowning-like sensations on people who are indefinitely detained for political reasons until they become card-carrying members of Christendom is not part of their belief system, and that the former governor of Alaska, who has described herself as a "Bible-believing Christian," is actually a huge hypocrite.

Andrew Sullivan puts it particularly well. He notes that Palin voiced "a bona fide fascistic sentiment. It revels in violence…. It is the kind of statement you might expect… from the Chinese Communists," and that her statement was "disgusting and blasphemous in the morphing of Christianity into its polar opposite."

What Palin said wasn't taken out of context. It wasn't a slip-up. Republicans who aren't Christian, Republicans who are Christian, and gun owners who don't believe in big government torture programs would all best serve their causes by ditching her.

Bipartisan Bonus: MSNBC's Steve Benen tries to defend Obama's "extremely aggressive" "counterterrorism program" (a.k.a. other forms of torture) against Palin's accusations of softness in the same breath that blasts Palin for advocating waterboarding.

(h/t Stormy Dragon)

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  1. Fucking clueless twat.

  2. Short Bo and Stormy:

    “By criticizing Palin you are condoning Obama drone bombing.

    You are a neocon!!!”

    1. Actually, Sarah Palin impressed me here. In one sentence she managed to offend me both as an atheist AND as a former Christian.

      1. Congratulations.

        You are capable of being offended over something someone actually said rather then being offended by the gremlins and spirits found between the written words of hit and run commenters.

  3. 1) yyaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnn – you want us to not care (per Alt Text, thank you), but then you babble on about why we should be outraged. I. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck. What she thinks. Ignoring her is the best way of ignoring her. I was doing just fine till you posted this.

    2) Quit being a whiny griefer, everyone bitching about it.

    3) Just for the record, I’d still bang her in a New York minute. And TIWTANFL…

    1. It’s weird that she is hotter than her daughter.

  4. That’s going to split the tea party. Probably for the better anyway.

    1. Is Sarah Palin a big noise in the tea party?

      1. I’m still unclear on what the Tea Party actually is. And who its leading lights are. I had assumed she wasn’t really at the forefront of the movement, but I don’t really know.

        1. I’m still unclear on what the Tea Party actually is.

          I get berated for this all the time but I stand by it.

          In the early days of the Tea Party, it was all about being fiscally conservative, small government and adherence to the Constitution. THEN, once politicians realized the movement had legs, it was promptly hijacked by Palin and the socons.

          It’s like there is Tea Party I and II. Liked the former, not so much the latter.

          1. The Tea Party was initially about opposition to TARP.


            Just like the Boston Tea Party was about opposition to using tax money to bail out the East India Company.

        2. There is no ‘Tea Party’.

          There are ‘Tea Parties‘.

          Failure to understand that basic fact causes no end of confusion.

      2. I don’t honestly know. MSNBC and most of my team blue friends think so, but it seems that she latched on to the Tea Party because it kept her in the spot light.

      3. Some like her. The tea-party is overall fiscally conservative (in a wishy-washy way), big-tent-amorphous on everything else.

        But a comment like this just splits the neocons off from everyone else. That’ll be interesting.

      4. Is Sarah Palin a big noise in the tea party?

        She’s a big noise for retards who respond to kitschy populism.

  5. Andrew Sullivan puts it particularly well.

    Impossible, regardless of subject.

    1. Andrew Sullivan puts what particularly well where?

      1. Andrew Sullivan puts it particularly well. He notes that Palin voiced “a bona fide fascistic sentiment. It revels in violence…

        Apparently Mr Sullivan doesn’t know the definition of fascism, which is an economic political system, having not a whit to do with violence. Of course, we know he means Nazi.

        1. Yeah, I somehow don’t think he’d consider all those “No Justice, No Peace” protest chants as evidence of fascism.

  6. “If I were in charge.”

    Dodged that bullet.

    1. Thank heavens we have the wise, peaceful, well-spoken Joe Biden instead, eh?

  7. Good to see she’s busy fighting the 2006 elections.

  8. So not only did the Korean ferry captain flee his stricken veseel with hundreds still trapped on board, but he was also photographed fleeing in his underwear:…..?hpt=hp_t1

    I think this guy’s reputation as a conpetent, experienced mariner is going to take a hit.

    1. Definitely had they been briefs.

    2. I’m not going to sugarcoat it: he may have misjudged.

      1. Can someone remind me what the sugarcoat meme was? i remember it alot in the fall and know its something to do with the Chicago Jesus.

        1. I think it had to do with an Obama speech about healthcare reform. I don’t remember the exact words, but Obama said “There’s no sugarcoating it…….” and then did exactly that.

          John captured the essence of it by saying “There’s no sugarcoating it, TWA Flight 800 isn’t going to arrive on time.”

    3. Koreans and Mariners don’t mix.

      Now Japs and Mariners, thar be a different story.

      /Ichiro Suzuki

  9. walking, talking, life-sized self-parody Sarah Palin

    Oh, no- not the State Run Liberaltarian Slander Machine. Let loose the flying paleotarian howlwer monkeys.

    1. I didn’t see it!

      1. You guys always say that. Reason staff are like cops justifying a bad-shoot.

      2. My first hat-tip, hooray!

        1. I thought you were quoted on Independents? Maybe that was Warty.

          Small Beer, but gotta hit the conservatives now and then. Even though they have close to zero power.

        2. Not if you beg for it. Technical violation.

  10. “they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

    And you rethuglitard sickos here think that is funny, don’t you?

    I bet you think this is funny too, don’t you!

    Drunken Elephants

  11. BTW, is it just me or is the NRA increasingly just a Republican PR firm that spends most of it’s time whining about things that have nothing whatsoever to do with gun rights?

    1. It’s just you.

      1. Okay, so how did this speech advance the cause of gun rights?

        1. Well, you do kinda have a point here. NRA invited her, knowing full-well what she is, so yeah, it looks like wasted effort at best.

          1. There’s also their ongoing campaign against movies and video games, which again has nothing to do with gun rights and will likely end up alienating part of their supposed target audience. But it plays well with the “those damn kids today!” types in the GOP.

            1. It’s why I can’t join. I just can’t. And Bloomberg makes we want to join so bad.

              1. I joined two years ago because Obama/Bloomberg.

                I don’t give a shit about the idiocy – the legal aspect is “really” why I did it, but more for the lulz from the “NRA Member – 2014” stickers all over my Jeep to make my proggie friends angry.

                My dad was an NRA Life Member. I’d NEVER have joined if it weren’t for Bloomin’ Idiot and the Bamster. So – thank yourselves for the rise in membership, dumbasses.

                1. Are the ‘Gun Owners of America’ any good?

                  1. GOA is kinda the LP of the gun rights world — dogmatically principled, but basically a non-entity in the real world.

                    I’m a member of both the NRA and the GOA, FWIW.


                    1. Disagree over your assessment on GOA. From what I understand for the size of the operation they have a significant influence. Agree with you about them being dogmatically principled, that’s a positive as far as I’m concerned.

                    2. Except when Pratt said immigrants shouldn’t have firearm rights.

                  2. I joined GOA after watching Larry Pratt run rings round and just basically demolish jackass Piers Morgan on CNN. Check out the interview on You-Tube. Also other interviews with Pratt, he does an excellent job of defending the 2nd Amendment.

                    If you want your money to have a bigger bang(so to speak) for the buck then GOA is good. It has a budget about 1/100 the NRA’s, seems to be influential and strike fear into the hearts of the gun control crowd.

                    1. Gotta make a pitch for Brian’s book:


                      Just finished it, great read, could not put it down, a breezy and highly informative short history of the 2nd Amendment and the Heller case.

                    2. If you want your money to have a bigger bang(so to speak) for the buck then GOA is good. It has a budget about 1/100 the NRA’s, seems to be influential and strike fear into the hearts of the gun control crowd.

                      If GOA were the main gun rights group in the US, we’d have UK-style gun control by now. They’re small and have essentially no influence.

                      They’re the Jerry’s Kids of the gun rights world; if giving them money makes you feel good by all means do it, but don’t expect them to accomplish anything.

            2. “Ongoing campaign”?

            3. their ongoing campaign against movies and video games

              The one the NRA targets strictly inside your head?

            4. But it plays well with the “those damn kids today!” types in the GOP.

              Like Tipper Gore and Hillary Clinton, for example.

          2. They invited her because she’s a big name that would draw a crowd. I seriously doubt NRA wants anything to do with the waterboarding/Gitmo debate.

        2. It didn’t but that does not a pattern make.

    2. As it happens, someone at National Review was worrying about exactly the same thing:…..-c-w-cooke

  12. If I wanted a daily track of everything said that upsets Democrats, I’d read MSNBC.

    That said, quit whining. Who’s really opposed to the forced conversion of adherents to a violent lunatic religion to a non-violent lunatic religion?

    1. “Forced conversion?”

      Ann Coulter – is this you?

    2. Once they’re doing forced conversions, isn’t it more “to another violent lunatic religion”?

    3. A forced conversion isn’t going to change how the dude thinks.

      1. That’s why you teach them Hail Mary’s too.

      2. Did you stop reading 1984 after the sex scene?

    4. It sounds like Redstate might be a better fit for you.

  13. And Sista Sarah is the Queen of the Tea Party.

    1. Actually she’s more like the Concubine of the Tea Party.

    2. And superbly relevant in American politics! Or, maybe just Shrike’s head.

      This headline could have been, “Area woman thinks waterboarding is ok.”

      1. You know, something interesting is how these failed candidates seem to find a more radical position in their post-political-office days. She’s one example, but another, perhaps more stark case, is that of Al Gore. He was known as a moderate and pretty much rightfully so for decades. Then, all of the sudden, he’s a whackjob. Huh?

        I think there are other examples of this besides Palin and Gore, but none are popping in my head at the moment.

        1. I think this happens because the “Insiders” write them off after a marquis loss like this. They have proven to the insiders that they have no value in attracting moderates. So the only use they have to “Their side” is as a rabble rouser who steams up the base.

          Palin exists to piss off the left and give them talking points while someone like Romney plays compassionate moderate.

        2. Carter probably, perhaps, maybe to an extent.

        3. Gore went whackjob while in office, running for President. Instead of running on the Clinton legacy minus the intern diddling, his advisers had him running a populist campaign. Now the Dems have a reason to run a populist campaign (nothing left to run on). Back then it was a political own goal.

        4. They don’t have to pander for votes, so they can just let it all hang out.

        5. +1 Lockbox

  14. After so many people crying wolf against Palin because of all sorts of BS, *finally* here’s something genuinely offensive. I hope conservatives don’t feel obliged to defend her just so they can annoy progressives.

    1. I hope conservatives don’t feel obliged to defend her just so they can annoy progressives.

      Some conservatives will feel obliged to defend her because they are lunatics who sincerely believe they are fighting the 10th Crusade.

      DEUS VULT!

      1. Somebody has to buy the Left Behind books.

      2. Then there’s the John Bolton types who don’t particularly care what they’re doing so long as it ends in dead foreign nationals.

        1. It’s like you can read his mind.

    2. Who does this offend? Terrorists? It’s like telling a Nazi joke.

      1. Mocking the sacrament of baptism?

        1. In the “increasingly irreligious US”? Nah – not a problem!

          1. Maybe Palin should have said, “we should celebrate Martin Luther King Day by force-feeding the terrorists some watermelon and waterboarding them with malt liquor!”

            1. Now THAT would be hilarious!

              1. But I would no longer feel comfortable attending any games for any sports team she owns at that point.

            2. +1 order of chicken and waffles.

        2. The first thing I thought when I read the quote was, “isn’t Palin and family part of a pretty conservative evangelical religion that would find this type of rhetoric particularly offensive?”.

          1. Palin seems to belong to a church which regards baptism as a mere symbol, not actually a sacrament.


        3. Even better. Offending Nazis and Christians at the same time!

      2. People who take the concepts of limited government and rights seriously? Although I wouldn’t really say I’m offended, I just view it as further proof of Sarah Palin’s idiocy.

      3. I know some delicate people on both sides have problems with a joke made in bad taste, but its not like she droned a wedding party.

        1. Or proposed actual policy.

      4. Joe, I think it offends all of us who think torture is immoral, and usually illegal.

        Sarah Palin is gunning for Ann Coulter’s job of being the ‘good-looking’ wacko conservative now that Ann is seriously over the hill.

        1. I’m glad you used those quotation marks, because otherwise I’d be asking you when Ann Coulter was ever good-looking.

          1. Aren’t you picky. Coulter is bit horsey but is still at least a 7 in my book.

            1. Way too horsey for my tastes. Although I guess I admit that I can see how other guys might find her attractive. Just not my type.

        2. Ah, so you’re offended. Well that gives you special rights, just like the progressive snowflakes who get a butthurt about everything.

          It’s a joke, you whingey simperer. Suck it up.

      5. You can’t joke about waterboarding terrorists. You can joke about bombing Iran and auditing your enemies.

  15. BTW, speaking of pointless gestures related to firearms,

    Anyone want to rescue good guns from destruction?

    The Belmont Gun Buyback event provides a safe, no questions asked, no ID required, way for Belmont residents to dispose of unwanted firearms (working or non-working) and ammunition. Exchange unwanted firearms for grocery store gift cards. Belmont police officers, members of the Belmont Auxiliary Police Unit, and members of the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office will receive the firearms and ammunition. They will then document the firearm serial numbers and the firearms will be processed for destruction according to law. Drop off location will be at the Belmont, MA DPW yard, C Street.

    Gift cards to local supermarkets will be given in the following amounts:
    BB or pellet guns & inoperable firearms: $25
    Revolvers/semi-automatics/shotguns/rifles: $50
    Assault weapons: $100

    I see an opportunity to snap up some bargains.

    1. Being MA, there probably is some bullshit hidden law that attempting to compete with the buyback is “obstruction of justice” or some other nonsense.

    2. There was a group in the middle of Illinois that used the Chicago buy back to fund NRA camps for kids. They turned in a bunch of junk BB guns and made out like bandits.…..-camp?lite

    3. I see this commercial run regularly during Sunday Morning on CBS. Disgusts me every time.

      1. Muskets, yeah. And the First Amendment applies only to publications printed with hand set type.

        1. Hand set type, yeah. And the Fourth Amendment applies only to houses and papers.

        2. Muskets, yeah.

          Yeah, muskets! I mean rifles weren’t invented until around 1450. Repeating flintlock firearms weren’t developed until the early 1600s. The 7-shot, .55 caliber Cookson repeating rifle used a mechanism dating back to 1680, and was manufactured from 1750 to 1849 and was spread among the rich all over Europe and the English-speaking world. There’s no way those rich, white Englishmen who wrote and ratified the Second Amendment could have known about such things in 1789.
          Or something…

        3. You joke, but actual arguments being made are not that far off.

        4. And the Commerce Clause only applies to goods shipped by horse or wooden ship.

      2. You cannot tell me that that fuckwad is NOT a Martin Short parody …

        1. Nice! I was trying to place who he reminded me of. Nice.

      3. “OK, that’s a wrap. Good job, Mr. Feiger, and here, as we promised, are the keys to the liquor cabinet.”

        NOTE TO Feiger’s lawyers – that was strictly a joke, I know full well that he subsists only on tomato juice and ginger ale.

      4. I’m grateful I’ve never seen this pompous, mendacious twit on TV, before. One note, he apparently doesn’t know how to pronounce his own Germanic rooted name.

    4. Would it be bad if we set up a table with a sign?

    5. I wonder how they determine if the firearm is operable?

  16. Uh oh. Team Blue is in trouble! Better turn the Palin signal on so the people will think everyone on Team Red is an icky Sarah Palin supporter who believes everything she does!

    1. In other words, “COSMOTARIANS!!!1!!!”


    2. It was all set up by that noted left-wing organization, the National Rifle Association. She walked right into the blue team’s trap.

  17. I see an opportunity to snap up some bargains.

    There was a story a while back about guys in Seattle (I think) doing exactly that. They were working the line, cash in hand. Deals were struck. Good guns were rescued and placed in good, caring homes.

    1. A well-sighted firearm is a terrible thing to waste.

  18. And force feeding hunger strikers at gitmo is Communion?

    1. And closing Gitmo is the Resurrection?

    2. First – nice!

      Second – closing Gitmo would be more like Sodom and Gomorrah getting nuked from orbit.

      The resurrection will be when Ronald Reagan comes back for his rightful third term…at the right hand of Barry Goldwater (PBUH)

      1. Hmm, it could be the Expulsion from the Garden ….

        1. “Expulsion from the Garden” – my pr0n movie starring me and Sarah Palin (with a guest appearance by Christine O’Donnell, whom I do on a table shpaed like a pentagram!)

          Wait, where were we….?

  19. Stupid, but I can’t really get too upset. There is nothing inherently wrong with waterboarding.

    1. It’s just a tool, like a hammer, which can be used for good or for evil?

      1. Exactly. That applies to torture in general of course.

  20. It’s almost impressive how much of the Bill of Rights she shits on in that one sentence.

    1. It’s duel to the death between the First and Fifth amendments.

  21. Where does Reason stand on the Joan Rivers joke?

    While promoting their WEtv reality series “Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best,” the mother and daughter duo were asked what it was like living together. The elder Rivers has been residing at Melissa’s home in Malibu, Calif., during the taping of the series.

    “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space,” Rivers said.…..sial-joke/

    1. Her follow-on “I bet you within 3 years one of them will be on ‘Dancing with the Stars” goes too far.

    2. A funny, edgy joke. People should calm down. Jeebus, these days the hypersensitive pearl-clutchers would lynch Lenny Bruce and George Carlin.

  22. Fuck you, Stormy Dragon.

    /everyone who has never gotten a Hat Tip.

    1. Shouldn’t it really be a monocle adjustment?

  23. I think that was hilarious.

    But so is Ann Coulter on occasion.

    I wouldn’t vote for either of them.

    But I still like Palin more than I like McCain.

  24. I thought it was hilarious too.

    Sarah Palin has no political power, nor will she ever, so it’s not even remotely a threat.

    But there’s something very funny about wondering which part an Islamic extremist would be more terrified by – the waterboarding, or the baptism?

  25. TBH, I’m still not sure what the joke is supposed to be.

    If a proggie had said it, I would have taken the meaning to be, “Right-wing Christians are so stupid that they probably support waterboarding because they think they’re baptizing terrorists in GITMO”

    I honestly have zero clue what Palin is even getting at with this joke.

    1. She’s making fun of the idea that the “War on Terrorism” is a Christian crusade.

      1. I would love to believe it was merely a poorly-delivered joke, but it sure doesn’t look like one.

        None of the conservative sites covering the event have provided context that make it look like a joke either, so I’m assuming it’s just as bad in context.

  26. just not feeling that self-righteous or that offended. I think Palin just likes to troll the masses every now and then.

  27. Ok, here’s my perspective

    We’ve know for a while that Sarah Palin believes in witches and that it is fine for mobs to not just drive people who someone thinks is a witch to be driven from his/her home by a mob.

    Now, it’s interesting that all of the footage that show that most of the evidence for the foregoing has been erased

    However, it is interesting that the following still exists Soon after his followers began to pray that God would either save or oust Mama Jane, three young people died in another apparent accident in front of Mama Jane’s house, according to Muthee’s account.[3] Angry townsfolk wanted to stone Mama Jane in retaliation for the traffic accidents. When the police entered Mama Jane’s home to intervene, they were allegedly startled by what they believed to be a demon and shot her pet python to death.[3][6] Mama Jane was then questioned by police, after which she left town, according to some accounts.[3]

    So Sarah Palin seems to be totally fine with murdering people some people who some other people believe are witches.

    Sorry, unless Sarah Palin unequivocally repudiates Thomas Muthee I,m going to dismiss her as someone who is not fir to hold off is the USA.

    1. “I,m going to dismiss her as someone who is not fit to hold office in the USA.”

      1. Oh dear, we wouldn’t want that to happen.

    2. Memo to The Offended: whiff some smelling salts, arise from the fainting couch, unclutch your pearls and get on with your lives.

    3. So Sarah Palin seems to be totally fine with murdering people some people who some other people believe are witches.

      You know why Rifkin was a serial killer? Because he was adopted. Just like Son of Sam was adopted. So apparently adoption leads to serial killing.

  28. Dude that lady is totally wack!

  29. Of course water-boarding is a beastly enterprise when engaged by purveyors of so-called freedom and it cannot be supported based on ethics alone. But, on the other hand she is referencing some of the planet’s worst bile who deserve nothing more than to exist a lifetime of pure isolation behind steel bars. Many seem to forget just how savage and reprehensible these terror groups are and there is no level of depravity that is beneath them.

    I’d never lend credence to water-boarding even proven human filth, but at least Palin’s got the temerity to not worry about offending people. I kind of like bigmouths and their off-putting comments; it shows that Americans can listen and not imprison. That is what the open society is based on.

    1. How many of the Gitmo waterboarding subjects have been convicted of terrorist acts again?

      1. Convict? You like fighting wars with prosecutors and FBI agents?

        You’re a fucking statist pussy.

        1. Thanks for educating me that opposition to torture, questioning government accusations, is statism. I never would have figured it out myself.

      2. Each and every one innocent as the day he was born, of course.

        Seriously? I mean, oppose the waterboarding, insist they face Nuremberg dog-and-pony show trials, but let’s not delude ourselves.

  30. Palin’s a political genius.

    1. Sarcasm I hope?

  31. If this was a joke, she could have a promising career as a stand-up comedian. Offending Christians and making a topical but cliched political reference in the same joke? That’s considered by many to be a comedy goldmine.

    If she was serious, she obviously belongs to some arcane Christian sect who mixes torture with baptism. We should nod somberly and practice tolerance because diversity.

    1. She worships the Drowned God!

      1. Aqua Buddha strikes again.

  32. Barack Obama: “Extra-judicial assassinations is how are reincarnate people.”

    1. *we, not are

  33. So.. Palin thinks that the waterboarded terrorists are now absolved of all their sins and will be welcomed into heaven? Wow, she is an ecumenical person after all!

  34. This thread is full of progs and Palin-derangement syndrome.

  35. —Palin—-Oh my I can see Russia from my house, I’ll squish those moslims like a little mouse, and with water I’ll torture and douse. All these neocons want to lick me and get in my blouse, but too bad bitches, that stinky trap is occupied by a giant mutAnt grouse. So sit back and watch as we suck liberty dry like a good louse, and strip it away from you, your kids and even your spouse.—-

    Whether it be this Palin invite, or the NRA inviting Romney, who’s own record is anti second amendment who the NRA invited. On to them supporting the police state to have more of a presence in schools instead of supporting privatized schools that are subjected to the market, and allowing staff to defend themselves and the children at the school are a few of the many reasons why I have abandoned the NRA.

    It’s like the neocons that use the words freedom and liberty when it suits them. Just like the neocons spout out of one side of their mouth about those rights, many if the policies they espouse are clearly detrimental to those rights and contradict them.

    Their blatant advocacy for violence and their own version of thievery makes you want to throw up all over them and kick them in the balls. It’s that effing nauseating to hear such bull sheisser.

    1. Wisdom from yet another genius unable to tell the difference between a Sarah Palin interview and a Tina Fey skit on Saturday Night Live.

      1. Yep. It is sad. He thinks TV’s Tina Fey is Sarah Palin.

      2. Yet another genius unable to tell the beginning was a rhyme poking fun at her. Still butt hurt over Palin? Lol.

  36. HEADLINE: Obama Admits to Intellectual Disability! QUOTE: “It’s like the Special Olympics or something”


    Seriously, this is that stupid. Is there a single special olympian among us who actually thinks that statement was intended to be taken seriously?

  37. Andy Breckman was waterboarded by Romanians to raise money for WFMU!

  38. This article is disturbing in its ignorance. Waterboarding does not even approach torture. Every US special ops candidate goes through it. If you offered a waterboarding experience at an amusement park, there would be a two hour line for the pleasure. I think public transportation is probably scarier than waterboarding. It is time for the cowardly to grow a pair. To focus on one sentence out of 12 minutes of speaking indicates an ADD problem.

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