What We Saw at the Denver 4/20 Celebration of Marijuana Legalization


On Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014, tens of thousands of people gathered in Denver to attend the 2014 420 Rally. For the first time ever, the annual event was a celebration of marijuana legalization rather than a protest against a failed policy. Reason TV brought cameras to the event. This is what we saw.

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  1. Did you see that gang of out of control monsters! And you want to loose THAT on the PUBLIC!?

    Are you pot heads insane?, didn’t you just clearly witness why this demon weed has to remain illegal!

    You could just see it in the eyes of those out of control reefer zombies that they were just waiting for the camera to go away so they could rape and murder their next victim!

    We have to stop this menace, for the children!

    1. Don’t forget to bring a towel!

      1. You’re the worst character EVER!

        1. I know.

      2. Don’t forget to bring a towel!

        You meant to dry the tears of Patrick Kennedy?

    2. I saw a bunch of massively brain damaged losers.

      Marijuana can cause – Brain Damage (Lowered IQ, Memory Loss, Paranoia, Psychosis, Schizophrenia); Mood Disorders (Aggression, Anxiety, Depression, Irritability); Cancer; Heart Attacks; Gum Disease; Impaired Motor Skills; Lung Disease; Obesity; Osteoporosis; Pregnancy Complications; Sexual Dysfunction; Strokes, Viral Infections and even Death.

      150+ Scientific Studies Showing the Dangers of Marijuana


      Yes we do have to prevent children from getting brain damage.

  2. Hackysack – check.

    Guitar – check.

    Jamaican music – check.

    Brightly-colored dresses – check.

    Hula Hoop – check.

    All stereotypes present and accounted for, SIR! Commence…getting mellow!

    1. Um – FRISBEE?

      1. You’re right.

        Put that bong down and come over here RIGHT NOW, private! I specifically ordered a Frisbee!

        -Gosh, Sarge, I’m really bummed out…

        You’re back on KP duty, mister, and your ganja ration just got halved!

    2. Yeah – watched again.
      “All stereotypes…but one….”


      1. I’m an Internet commenter. What did you take me for, some kind of expert?

    3. open-toed sandals… cutoff jean shorts… longwinded stories about their theses detailing the contents of the Cherokee diet, circa 1500.

  3. For the first time ever, the annual event was a celebration of marijuana legalization rather than a protest against a failed policy.

    It’s funny, but from what I hear from my alma mater, now that the stuff is legal the University of Colorado, Boulder has finally succeeded in its long-failed efforts to stop the mass 4/20 celebration on campus.

    Granted, there is not and never has been any shortage of places in Boulder where one could get away with getting their smoke on, but given how beloved the day is there I was amazed the students didn’t go down with more of a fight.

    1. It’s funny, but from what I hear from my alma mater, now that the stuff is legal the University of Colorado, Boulder has finally succeeded in its long-failed efforts to stop the mass 4/20 celebration on campus.

      Progress! Moving Forward!


    2. They took to turning the sprinklers on the crowd at Farrand Field.

    3. I went to Uski Boulder when they still had the mall crawl on Halloween.

      That party was insane. I saw dudes doing lines off the sidewalk, people handing out blotter like they were flea market fliers, people dressed as fully functional bongs, etc.

      Dem were some crazy days.

      1. I think the last mall crawl was about 1990. It was indeed insane. One could travel a whole block in a crowd without actually touching the ground. The costumes were great — I saw a large, well-done roller blade/papier mache jousting event. I had a friend, wearing a diaper only, who dove off the top of a street lamp and hit the pavement like a sack of flour because the crowd that was “supposed” to catch him parted.

    4. Now that everyone’s doing it, its no longer cool.

  4. And not a single looker among them. It looks like a weekday in Berkeley.

    1. It’s not a perfect system, Beach Boy.

    2. The ginger at 2:05 was the best prospect, but didn’t deliver.

  5. I smoke with some frequency. But the celebration of weed always brings out some of the most loathesome people.

    1. It’s funny how the celebration of alcohol doesn’t do the same.

      The ones I hate the most are the ‘wine tasters’.

      Stopped by one of my fav stores tonight to get some brews, and ugh, there they were, the wine tasters. Always pretending to be cool, and act like they know what they are doing. They have no idea just how fucking silly they look.

    2. But the celebration of weed always brings out some of the most loathesome people.

      I would agree and add lame as well. First of all WTF is 420 anyhow? Some of the explanations regarding it’s origins are not exactly believable. The one I remember hearing is that a couple of guys were out for a walk in the woods on April 20 and came across a big grow, hacked down the plants and were so proud of their thievin selves they celebrated the anniversary. First of all if they were in the Northern Hemisphere no crop would be ready or likely even planted on that date. I suppose it could have it’s origins in the Southern Hemisphere but I doubt it, something this lame reeks of California.

    3. A lot of normal, cool people smoke. But I hate people who are into the “stoner culture” and hippies. Not in the way that I hate progs, just in the OMG-go-away-you-annoyingly-vapid-loser sense.

  6. McCain and the Hildebeast

    I am shocked, I tell you.

  7. Failed policies indeed. End all victimless crimes.

  8. I was there two years ago. There were too many Black people there, it’s hard to enjoy yourself when you’re always paranoid about being stabbed. And it seemed that the event was organized and led primarily by Jews, I met the leaders, Kaplan, Goldberg, Rothberg, ect.

    1. No Spider-man?…

      1. “Spider-Man is neurotic. Peter Parker is not a simple dude. He can’t just switch off. He never feels like he’s doing enough. And Peter suffers from self-doubt. He ums and ahs about his future because he’s neurotic. He’s Jewish. It’s a defining feature. I hope Jewish people won’t mind the clich?, because my father’s Jewish. I have that in me for sure. He’s an over-thinker. It would be much easier if he was a life-saving robot.”

        When it comes to Jews in the Marvel Universe, Spidey isn’t exactly the first one to come to mind. There are quite a few practitioners of Judaism in the pages of Marvel Comics including the ever-lovin, blue-eyed Thing, All-New X-Men leader Kitty Pryde, Magneto, Young Avengers member Wiccan, and Gertrude Yorkes of The Runaways (although she identifies as agnostic). However, if I recall correctly, when Peter and Mary Jane became husband and wife, they were married in a church and there were no signs of Jewish tradition present in the ceremony. Maybe someone should reach out to long-time editor Steve Wacker, current ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ writer Dan Slott, or the Generalissimo himself Stan Lee to find the true answer to this mystery.

        Interesting. Those Jewish qualities(which are “antisemitic stereotypes” when noticed by the goyim) are definitely present in superheroes, but the Jewish authors really couldn’t sell explicitly Jewish characters for gentile consumption.

    2. Murican, how much do you hate Ethiopian Jews? They must make your head explode just thinking about them

      1. It is a logical contradiction of course because they aren’t real Jews. They aren’t really accepted as real Jews in Israel either and they earn less income even than Arabs:…..s-1.416551

        1. How the fuck is a group that converted to Judaism 2,000+ years ago “not really Jewish?”

          1. The Rabbinate didn’t origonally think they were Jewish as their religion is more akin to Kariatism or Samaritanism than Rabbinic Judaism. As I understand it was the Oriental Jewish rabbinate decided they were Jews.

            The Jews are an ethnic group, plain and simple, and the Negroid falasha ain’t part of it. Tell me, how many banks do the falasha control?

            1. I’m sorry, who is the Oriental Jewish rabbinate? What the hell makes you an expert on what constitutes Judaism?

              “The Jews are an ethnic group, plain and simple”

              The Jewish religion is clearly just a random coincidence of history.

              “and the Negroid falasha ain’t part of it.”

              Who the fuck says “Negroid” in 2014?

              DNA evidence indicates that many Jewish people are descended from Jewish males who married non-Jewish European women who converted to Judaism. So under your blood quantum ethnic purity shit, they aren’t Jews either. Studies have shown that Beta Israel is largely descended from native Ethiopians, but they do exhibit greater levels of Middle Eastern admixture, consistent with the theory that it was founded by Jews who migrated their and converted and intermarried with the locals.

              This is all completely beside the point that you’re a bigoted piece of shit.

              1. What makes you an expert? I obviously know more about the Jews than you do.

                Who the fuck says “Negroid” in 2014?

                OMG it’s like the 21st century, wow just wow.

                Tell me if the Falasha are Jews why don’t they control banks, why do they live in worse conditions than the Arabs. Why haven’t they assimilated into the Jewish Israeli population. They don’t look like the Jews, they look like Israel’s version of America’s Negroid population. If it doesn’t look like a duck, if it doesn’t act like a duck……

                1. What makes you an expert? I obviously know more about the Jews than you do.

                  Reading the Protocols of Zion doesn’t make you an expert, fuckstain.

  9. Your Very Body Belongs to the State

    “Louisiana lawmakers are considering a bill that would require doctors and hospitals to use life support to keep a brain-dead pregnant woman alive until the birth of her child, no matter her family’s wishes.”…..rylink=cpy

    And not just the family’s wishes, but the woman herself, as this legislative summary of the bill establishes:

    “Proposed law requires, notwithstanding a contrary direction contained in an advanced health care directive, the existence of a living will, a healthcare decision by a healthcare representative or healthcare agent, or any other direction to the contrary, life-sustaining procedures including but not limited to cardiopulmonary resuscitation, nutrition, and hydration to be provided to, and not withheld or withdrawn from, a pregnant woman who is incompetent and has an end-stage medical condition or who is permanently unconscious.”…..39&n=HB348 Original

    1. Well, this is what you get when you want big all powerful government to make sure you get everything you want.

      You do what that, right?

      1. Did you mean to say ‘you do want that, right?’

        Because I am a member of the LP. So no, I do not want that, not even a little.

        1. Yes, that. I don’t know, something about your post triggered that, and it seems like I know you from somewhere…

          1. So the question infra was for me, not Suthenboy. No, never posted on Politico, do not even read it.

            I have posted here about this topic before, during the case in Texas that was in the news.

            1. Sorry, then. Someone there had your exact same posting name when I posted there. Never mind, my apologies.

              1. No problems.

    2. This is what one party rule looks like.

      1. Or, should I say, one party rule where there is no alternative. Japan historically had one party rule without this problem.

        1. Because no Jews in Japan, amiright?

          1. Yep. Thanks the Jews, along with the yankee hypocrites, Louisiana has a situation whereby the white population has no choice but to vote republican because the alternative is Black rule. Japan has been so far resistant to Jewish influence although it still collaborates with the Jews in return for being left alone, for example the Japanese government collaborated with the Jews in promoting the “lost decade” hoax.

            1. I can’t decide if you are parodying an anti-Semite or not.

              Parodying an anti-Semite is much like parodying a progressive. There really isn’t anything you can do or so that is more ridiculous than the real thing.

              1. For example, is this parody or is this real:

                It wasn’t anything we legislatively did. It was ‘Will and Grace,’ it was the social media. Literally. That’s what changed peoples’ attitudes. That’s why I was so certain that the vast majority of people would embrace and rapidly embrace” gay marriage, Biden said, referring to an NBC show, which ended seven years ago, about a gay man and his female best friend.

                I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.

                The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good.

                1. Jesus Christ. Fuck off, Merkin.

                2. American, which image makes you angrier?



                  1. Do you celebrate the death of your race? What do you think of this:


                    I have no problem with the Jews being Jews I have a problem with their behavior and their subversion of my society.

                    1. “Do you celebrate the death of your race?”

                      I celebrate people dating and marrying whoever the fuck they want to, and personally, I think marrying someone because you share a slightly closer genetic relation to them is ridiculously stupid and doesn’t even register as something I even remotely care about when deciding to date someone. Most of the women I’ve dated or hooked up with haven’t been white, so I certainly don’t give a shit if other white people, male or female, do the same thing.

                      Apparently, you and whoever made that picture don’t know what the word “species” means, which isn’t surprising. Maybe if you spent some time off the Internet, you would find that there are attractive women of every race, not every white woman is a supermodel, and tossing aside millions of attractive women because of “race” is idiotic.

                    2. Most of the women I’ve dated or hooked up with haven’t been white.

                      So you are angry because you are too pathetic to get a White woman and because you don’t have access to it you see no value in preserving it. Or will you seriously say that you :”choose” to date non-Whites. You “fell in love with” seven Mestizos in a row?

                      Find me an attractive pureblooded abo.

                    3. “So you are angry”

                      Yes, clearly I was the angry one in this discussion.

                      “you are too pathetic to get a White woman”

                      I was unaware that white women were some monolith that all think alike, and if you could actually read, you would notice that I didn’t say that every woman I’ve been with is non-white. You also are operating under a fallacy where I must actually value white women above girls of other races, and only date non-white girls out of desperation. Not everyone is as pathetic as you are and thinks this way.

                      “because you don’t have access to it you see no value in preserving it.”

                      Preserving what? “Racial purity?” LMAO

                      “You “fell in love with” seven Mestizos in a row?”

                      First off, the word you’re looking for is mestizas, as I’m not gay or bi, and secondly, where did I say that every non-white girl I’ve been with was mestiza or Hispanic? A couple have been, the rest were South or East Asian.

                    4. I have no problem with the Jews being Jews I have a problem with their behavior and their subversion of my society.

                      You looking for some Lebensraum also?

                  2. If only you could combine the two images.

    3. I am not going to take a side on that, but I would point out that a fetus at some point, that point being debatable, becomes a person and is not part of a woman’s body.

      1. I do not think that is an easy question, but I think making the woman, in an incurable incompetent state, be the ‘incubator’ for even a child across that line is pretty horrible.

        Let’s say a woman dies and the child is viable, but for some reason it can only survive if it nurses from its mother’s brain dead body for a few months, and the woman has a properly executed living will saying she would not want to live in that situation. Can the state use force to keep her ‘alive’ so the baby could regularly feed? That strikes me as ghoulish.

        1. You have chosen a no-win situation. There is no choice here that would leave a person with any sense of moral satisfaction.

          I am trying to clarify some points, thats all.

          A. The child is not part of the woman’s body. It is an individual with it’s own distinct DNA.

          B. If the woman is brain dead, she is dead. She is not ‘living’ on in any condition. She’s dead.

      2. Anyone who has an open mind has to consider that angle, Suthenboy.

        I mean, how is it that you can kill a ‘fetus’ in the womb, but the minute it exits the womb, WTF, faeries come down and sprinkle some magical dust and IT’S A HUMAN!

        Gawd knows, I do NOT want to start another abortion pizzing contest, but there is a legitimate debate here.

        I don’t know what side I am on. I don’t think I even have one, but this issue is very disturbing for me.

        1. I actually agree it can be a difficult question in standard abortion cases, but I think this adds a new element to it. If the woman is brain dead and has clearly expressed her wish to not be artificially kept ‘alive’ it seems wrong for the state to ‘impress’ her body to sustain the fetus.

          1. that’s a tough one, but I’m going with the family, and not the state, by default.

        2. Well Hyperion, you are correct. There is no fairy dust. Actual birth seems to be an arbitrary point to choose.

          There is a developing brain. Somewhere between the formation of the first brain cell and birth it becomes a functioning brain whether the body can survive outside the womb or not. I would call that a person with all the rights that you and I have.

          Looking into fetal development I cannot find a satisfactory answer on where that point might be.

    4. Did you used to post on Politico, with a koala bear as your avatar?

      I know you from somewhere…

      1. Ok, ignore, you already answered that.

    5. life support to keep a brain-dead pregnant woman alive until the birth of her child, no matter her family’s wishes.”

      As I’m sure Bo knows, dead people have no property interests. If the woman is dead and has no further property interest in her own body, what does it matter how the state disposes of the corpse?

  10. Washington Post Headline: President Obama has granted clemency fewer times than any modern president…..4&hpid=z16

    Because something something empathy.

  11. Drinking some ‘Original Flag Porter’.

    Not bad. I typically don’t drink dark beers in spring, but it’s cold and rainy today.

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    1. Qingdao! Qingdao!

      1. Is that Chinese for “urinal cake”?

      2. You should totally click that link!

        1. not without a note from its doctor!

  13. Where’s everyone?

    Checking out abandoned military sites?

  14. So we are moving here now? Make up your minds, dammmit!


  15. Millionaire poker player playboy sued by porn star he threw off roof

    An adult film actress who fractured her foot after been hurled from a roof of a Hollywood mansion by a millionaire poker player is now intent on making him pay for what he did.

    A shocking video captured porn star Janice Griffith, 18, being tossed naked into a pool by Dan Blizerian, dubbed ‘Instagram’s Biggest Playboy,’ during a photo-shoot at his Hollywood Hills mansion Wednesday.

    But the stunt went awry when on her way down, Griffith seemingly grabbed onto Blizerian’s shirt and hit one of her feet on the side of the pool, breaking it.

    On Friday, Ms Griffith spoke with TMZ saying that she is upset that the accident had cost her several jobs, including a photo-shoot for the X-rated site She will likely remain sidelined for another two weeks.

    She tweeted to her 45,000 followers: ‘I just want to get back to work… that’s my only concern. Anyone trying to book a gal with a broken foot?’

    The footage shared on LiveLeak shows Blizerian scooping up the naked teen, lifting her above his shoulder and throwing her from the roof to a pool below.

    But she apparently grabbed on to his T-shirt at the last second and could be heard screaming as she fell into the water, Elite Daily noted.

    So does her agreeing to be thrown limit his liability?

    1. Depends on if he threw her correctly.

      There’s got to be some cripple porn she can work on.

    2. Are you really a playboy if you hang out with skanks who get paid to fuck?

      I always thought the playboy was the guy who got supermodel-quality trim without ever having to pay for it…

    3. On Friday, Ms Griffith spoke with TMZ saying that she is upset that the accident had cost her several jobs, including a photo-shoot for the X-rated site

      But which site?

  16. Whoa, I drove past this place today, no more than an hour before it happened:…

    1. “speed is not a factor”

      he crept up on them

      1. In the driver’s defense, it takes quite a while to get a Park Avenue up to 55.

    2. Moral of the story:
      Never wait in line for a restaurant.

      1. It apparently only recently opened up a few months ago. I remember driving past it and thinking that it reminded me of Howard Johnson’s one flavor ice cream parlor in Rockridge.

        1. Cham Soot Gol is in the same parking lot. It’s worth the wait.

          1. Noted. Although Koran BBQ seems like a group thing rather than something you do solo so I’ll have to wait.

        2. You’ve got a car now? Then why aren’t you on your way to Tucson at this very moment?

          1. I don’t. I borrow my dad’s to get to Irvine for my one class three nights a week.

            1. But you can’t borrow it to meet kibby? Dammit, man, Banjos and I can’t carry out the Libertarian Breeding Project on our own!

              1. I’m questioning his Hetero at this point.

                BTW, a downpour headed your way. Came out of nowhere.

                1. &, PM, he is being a gentleman & we are planning things like grown adults. Showing up at my door at this point would be detrimental to my final grades.

                  1. & we are planning things like grown adults.


                    1. I’d prefer to not fail a class in my final semester of school! So if that makes me boring, then I am terribly, terribly boring.

                    2. Look, kibby, you gotta grab life by the haunches and hump it into submission. Like Banjos and I did.

                    3. Plenty of us dropped out of college and are way more than boring.

                      (a little off-topic, not-boring — econtalk with Brian Caplan is quite good.)

              2. Yeah, I’m not planning on children for several years so you two are going to have to weather the storm alone for some time.

                1. if people only had planned babies we’d have 40 people on the planet.

              3. I’d rather fly. And now isn’t the best time for either of us. Likely not until middle of June. Memorial Day weekend was considered but is doubtful now.

                1. TRAAAAAINZ

                  Union Station to whatever train depot Tucson has is a ~10hr night train ride and if we include you taking the Surfliner from Irvine would set you back less than $130 round trip in coach.

          2. He’s an excellent driver.. he drives on saturdays.. today is monday

    3. Also, there is some outstanding Korean BBQ on that block.

  17. My daughter just fell and started crying immediately. I had to lick her tears because there were no liberals around.

    Now I know what the vamps in True Blood felt like when they had to drink the synthetic blood. It just wasn’t the same.

    1. You are going to have to clarify.

      1. What do you mean? Baby tears may sustain me, but they’re nowhere near as power-generating as those from liberals’ tears. This isn’t rocket science.

    1. You Canadians should be so proud.

    1. That was in the PM links d00d
      (by me)

      1. You get zero credit. Link fail.

        1. I fixed it

  18. A company in China has used giant 3D printers to make 10 full-sized, detached single-storey houses in a day, it appears.

    1. I wonder when DR Horton or Centex will take note and completely change the homebuilding industry.

      And I also wonder when malthusian libs will start proposing bills to put a stop to it.

    2. I read an article about that a few days ago which said that they were built in pieces and then assembled. While the pieces were built with an additive spraying method, I’m not sure you could call the house “3D printed.”

    1. Carnivals might be the last bastion of libertarianism in America.

    2. The bearded lady looks like a dude in drag.

      1. The kid with the pins looks straight out of an old Terry Gilliam cartoon on Monty Python.

      1. Link fail.

        I assume you’re talking about this one?

        1. That’s the one. Either Warty or jesse.

          1. Definitely Warty. That’s the Doom Cock of Doom in action…

            Little known fact: the barrel is actually a condom.

            1. The two men sitting on the barrel are Carradine brothers.

    3. I’d chant “one of us,” but the giant in one of the photos is more like 10 of us, lol

    4. I always thought it was the old site…../2229.html

      I thought that it had been sunsetted by gobs of Koch Bros. money to hide the truth about libertarians.

  19. What is everyone drinking tonight? I’m into my 6th (or 10th) Beam and Coke of the night.

    1. Tried a new brew out of Toronto called “amsterdam natural blonde” and it was the shit.

  20. Anybody have details on the YAL rally at USC tomorrow? We’re looking for something to do and wouldn’t mind going and do a quasi-meetup at the same time.

    1. Here ya go

      Can’t make it because I will be at work, but there will be a large turnout.

      1. Are you the white guy with the tie or the white guy with the button down?

  21. Well, Mr. Gin’s dad (let’s call him SweatingLabatt) is still horrified by bitcoin and the lack of control over that.

    On the plus side, I think he the lack of control part may have struck a chord.

    1. There’s quite a bit of coverage that goes “and it’s really effective for tax evasion! WHO WILL SAVE US?”.

      I don’t think that actually has the effect of scaring people.

      1. turns out it does have the effect of scaring progressives, even when presented as “you can drive over to Canada with a number memorized”

        Luddites gonna wooden shoe stuff.

  22. I’ve said it before, but watch Short Poppies on Netflix.

    1. I’m still catching up on Season 3 of “Bob’s Burgers”. Give me a fucking chance.

      1. that’s the one that starts off with the ISIS spy, right?

    2. Yes! I liked that a lot. My favorite episode was the one I had the lowest expectations for: Mary Ledbetter. I was afraid it would be just like Mrs. Doubtfire, but it’s actually a pretty incisive satire. (plus I noticed in the credits that Jemaine Clement directed that episode, which probably helps)

    1. Haircuts: 3 acceptable styles: High and Tight, Crew Cut & Buzz Cut.

      1. Are the scissors in your house broken, son?

      2. Are you Col. Frank Fitts?

        1. you should catch up on your Parks & Rec

          1. I tuned out after the pretty much discounted Offerman’s politics.

  23. Dude that sounds like a pretty solid plan to me, I like it.

    Anon-VPN dot Com

  24. I suppose RichJoMo’s comment officially marks the end of the thread, but I’ll just expand on some of the comments on the Hannity show:

    These 4/20 revellers are not exactly representative of pot users. The’re people who are willing to hang out in a public park on Easter Sunday puffing on ganja. It’s pretty much a showcase of some of the more eccentric potheads, and even they aren’t causing the horrors the prohibitionists talk about.

    The guys who come home from work, smoke a bowl instead of drinking off a bottle of booze, and then go to bed are probably under-represented here.

  25. Just as I predicted. Legalize pot and everyone just starts wondering about aimlessly. next they’ll be milling about and then they will start gamboling. Pot is a gateway drug to gamboling. This is the wild west I tell you.

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