Vladimir Putin

Ron Hart: What Putin and Obama Have in Common


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Humorist Ron Hart on similarities between Vlad Putin and Barack Obama:

Putin is seeking a fourth term in 2018 and doesn't want to be too closely associated with Obama, whose favorability poll numbers are in the 30s versus Putin's in the 70s – Putin has his career to consider.

Yep, ole Putin is running again in 2018. He said he looks forward to the voters of Russia being heard at the polls – then chuckled uncontrollably for a few minutes. I predict Putin will win first, second and third in that race.

Obama appears politically weaker each day. He is not going to use military force against Putin's march for Ukraine. It's not like there is a Nevada Tea Party rancher grazing cows on federal lands. Yet, he is serious, sending Joe Biden to Kiev. Dennis Rodman must have been on assignment.

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