Gun Control

Can 'Enemy of Freedom' Michael Bloomberg Buy a Stairway to Heaven by Targeting Guns?


James Bond supervillain Michael Bloomberg has sworn that he's getting a fastpass through the Pearly Gates because he's decided to amp up his lobbying against gun rights with another $50 million to create "grassroots" anti-gun lobbying.

Not necessarily, if the Lord who can counteth the fall of every sparrow and all the hairs of your head and all that has any sense of opportunity costs.

Because as data from Bloomberg's own news service (the creation of which is a far better boon to humanity than hectoring governments to restrict people's rights to armed self-defence) explained in a document called "How Americans Die" released this week, guns are not the first place a sensible, scientific person who understood the facts would aim his absurdly huge resources if he really wanted to save lives.

Why does he spend all this money and energy fighting against guns rather than, say, promoting motor vehicle safety? The data in that Bloomberg feature indicate that these days, motor accidents cause more than three times as many deaths for Americans (35,332) a year as do either murders or accidents involving firearms (together adding up to 11,684).

What do you want him to do? Ban cars? (Do not give this jerk any ideas.) Bloomberg doesn't want to admit that all sorts of deaths are in fact the results of mistakes made by people, bad choices that they wouldn't even admit were mistakes, or sheer crummy luck, and that the tool of the death does not make the tool inherently a sinister killer to be driven from society.

And also of course because the erstwhile mayor and eternal busybody hates our freedom. Reason dubbed Bloomberg a number one enemy of freedom last year.