Police Abuse

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Two University of Utah students are angry that police entered their apartment in Midvale one night, pulling them out of bed, handcuffing them and interrogating them. Cops say they had a right to enter the apartment without a warrant and check it out because someone reported the door was open and no one answered when they announced themselves. The students say the door is broken and they were waiting to get it fixed and they never heard the police until they were inside the apartment.

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  1. Many robberies end with the criminals sacking out in the occupants beds. Haven’t you people heard of Little Red Riding Hood?

    1. I thought that was goldilocks?

      1. The Big Bad Wolf robbed grandma of her life.

        But yeah, Goldilocks is a better example.

  2. One bit of important info left out of this story: Once the cops have reason to enter a residence and investigate anything their primary interest turns to looking for evidence of drugs. Once they see there is no immediate danger to themselves they are going to treat every case like this as a drug raid.

    1. It’s Utah, specifically Midvale and the University of Utah. Good luck finding drugs in that apartment. Maybe — MAYBE — might find some caffeinated soda in that apartment.

      1. Are you kidding? I lived in Midvale when I was a student at the U (back in the ’70s), and it would be a very rare day when there wasn’t pot and hash in the house.

    2. When I called the police after my apartment had been broken into, they asked if I would let them search the place for drugs. When I declined they left. After they ran me for warrants of course. They couldn’t give a shit about the crime that had occurred.

  3. Unified Police feel they had probable cause

    But do they think so?

    1. Silly Neoteny, Cops don’t think. They aren’t paid to think. They’re paid to instill fear.

      1. Reading the article, we see what the issure was:

        “Police said they only detained the two because they were belligerent.
        The officer was asking the individual in bed to show his hands were he could see him; he brought it out and flipped the officer off,” Hoyal said.

        The resident responded.
        “Well I’m asleep in my own house at 3 in the morning, I didn’t know it was a cop, I thought it was one of my friends playing a joke,” Aguirre said.”

        Respect thaar atoritah!
        Even if you don’t know they’re cops.
        REPECT IT!

  4. Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with the punches.

  5. “It’s pretty vulnerable to be in that position. You have nothing, you have no defense,” Mertlich said.

    The position of being handcuffed in your underwear for a few minutes, or the position of being subject to unaccountable violence at the hands of a priveleged class of uniform wearers for life?

  6. “You’d be surprised how many calls we get of people who’ve ended up at other people’s homes,” Lt Hoyal said.


    1. “I was kinda curious for a moment why my key didn’t fit the lock, and why I had so much trouble finding my door in the first place, but I figured hey i’ll just break in my door, it’s my door right?, and get to bed. The real surprise were the indignant people I woke when I slipped into what I assumed was my bed.”

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