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Tonight on The Independents: Virginia Postrel, Bjorn Lomborg, Cathy Reisenwitz…Eich Politics, Jeb Bush's Immigration, Jay-Z's Jewelry, Rape Culture; Plus Sexy After-Show!


Hi Virginia! |||

Tonight's live episode of The Independents (9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, on Fox Business Network, with repeats three hours later) will feature a Party Panel of beloved ex-Reasoners: Cathy "Sex and the State" Reisenwitz (Reason archive here), and former editor in chief Virginia Postrel. The unambiguously awesome duo are slated to discuss the Mozilla/Eich controversy, whether (in Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's words) college campuses have become "havens for rape" (or in Cathy Young's, "kangaroo courts"), and also whether we should inflate giant cartoon cats to protest men whistling at attractive ladies on the street.

Apparently a thing. |||

Did you hear the one about how "Social Media Expert Says Libertarians and Rand Paul Have a 'Tremendous Opportunity' in 2016"? Well, said "expert," John J. Cardillo of The Blaze, will be on to discuss his methodology. "Skeptical environmentalistBjorn Lomborg will talk about the recent report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Jeb Bush the other day described illegal immigration as an "act of love," so there'll be discussion about that. And Keepin it' Kmele will be about Jay-Zs controversial "Five Percent Nation" necklace.

Go to at 10 p.m. sharp for the online-only after-show, and click on this page for video of past segments. Join the fun on Facebook at, and on Twitter @ independentsFBN

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  1. “Doris Kearns Goodwin: Lincoln was sexy…

    “She sat in a hushed meeting room at the University of Chicago’s hushed Alumni House, where David Axelrod, asked her unhushed questions….

    “Whenever Goodwin speaks, the issue of whether Abraham Lincoln could get elected today comes up. Steven Spielberg’s 20212 movie, “Lincoln,” was based in part on Goodwin’s book, “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln” and it made Lincoln hot once again.
    “If I didn’t believe Abraham Lincoln could win today, I might as well give up,” Goodwin said and then added: “OK, shave the beard and get rid of the stovepipe hat. But I think he was actually sexy.””…..05447.html

  2. “A debate over regulation and the decades-old style of sagging pants has bubbled up in Louisiana amid new local-level bans against the style.

    “Jefferson Davis Parish, La. became the latest locale to spark debate after passing an ordinance last week that institutes a fine for individuals caught wearing their pants too low.

    “But civil liberties advocates warn the ban, and others like it, go too far.”…..QRIlALRpjQ

    1. There’s a Louisiana parish named after Jefferson Davis?

      1. It’s actually named after Wendy Davis’ husband.

      2. Why wouldn’t there be?

        He was the fucking President.

        1. Little known fact: Jeff Davis wore his pants very low. The slave who was supposed to pull his pants up escaped, and Davis couldn’t be bothered to pull them up himself.

        2. Maybe cause I don’t think being president of the Confederacy merits having a place named in your honor?

          I should clarify; I’m not surprised that there were places named after him. I’m slightly surprised that the name is still around in 2014. I guess I shouldn’t be, considering that the Confederate flag is part of the Mississippi state flag, and South Carolina still flies it on their state house.

          1. Them’s fightin’ words round these parts. Don’t you know the CSA was a libertarian paradise?

          2. Maybe cause I don’t think being president of the Confederacy merits having a place named in your honor?

            Well maybe it doesn’t in California.

            Texas and Georgia both have Jeff Davis Counties. Of course TX and GA each have more counties than the other 48 and it is important not to run out of names and start repeating. It gets confusing that way.

            1. “Well maybe it doesn’t in California.”

              And in spite of all the fucked up things about our state, I score that one as something solidly in our favor.

          3. Do you need some pearls to clutch? Perhaps a faintin couch? Be careful. A full case of the vapours is nothing to dismiss lightly. Try affirmatively ‘declarin’. That seems to help somehow, although the exact mechanism is sill unknown.

            1. I don’t really give a shit, I was just a little surprised that the name hadn’t been changed yet. I’m sure it will someday.

          4. The Confederate flag is no longer on the top of the state capital in SC. It was removed about a decade ago and is now displayed on a confederate memorial that’s on state house grounds.

      3. Don’t forget Jeff Davis County in west Texas.

        1. I’ve been in both Jeff Davis counties(TX and GA) and Jeff Davis Parish. I’ve been all over the parish. All work related.

    2. Jeff Davis Parish has a lot of rice cultivation, crawfish ponds (fallow, flooded rice fields), duck hunting and bird watching. I got chased out of a hotel there by European and Japanese bird watchers who had reservations years in advance. Getting chased out of Jennings is a good thing. You go stay in Lafayette or Lake Charles.

  3. So, does Miss Postrel love us yet? We’re so loveable, I don’t see how anyone can hold out for long.

    1. Does she agree with “In Praise of Vulgarity” and the coarsening of society? If so then isn’t she a hypocrite?

  4. On the societal disease that is “sexual harassment of Women in public”, and why we need Giant Inflatable Cats =

    Share Your Story
    You have the right to define yourself instead of being defined by some creep’s point of view. If you have ever been street harassed, tell us about your experience. –

    See more at:…..37OJA.dpuf

    “I am 16 years old from the UK…I had a man tell me I was going to be gorgeous when I’m older. I get stared at. I also had a man say to me the other day ‘hey how you doing, looking nice’…

    “I’m fat, right? Why is it that they always have to call me fat, and sexually harass me? Fuck that guy. I went to lunch afterwards with a male friend, and he said maybe I was making too big of a deal. He doesn’t get it.”

    “A local rapper yelling “I love you!” to every girl who walked past. This took place on Langdon.”

    ” A man approached me as I walked past him and a group of men and said “aye mamacita how you doing.””


    To their credit = there were 2 examples of crazy people jerking off in public, which is fucked up.

    I’m not sure said crazy people would have not been jerking off if there were only men around. It was NYC, you see.

    1. “2 examples of crazy people jerking off in public”

      Well, they *are* looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan, and MSNBC can always use new anchors.

    2. Funny thing is, that the only women who are worried about being harassed in public, are the ones who are always just ignored.

    3. more good stuff =


      “Join us for this year’s NYC Anti-Street Harassment Rally!

      Who: The event is co-hosted by 44 organizations including Hollaback!, an international movement working to end street harassment (, Arab American Association of New York, BABE, Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, bklyn boihood, Bronx AIDS Services (DBA-BOOM!) Health, Center Against Domestic Violence Center for Anti-Violence Education, Community Driven Solutions, CONNECT, Don’t Harass Me, Bro, Feminist Dialogue, GEMS, Girl Be Heard, Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio, Mount Sinai SAVI Program, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, Price of Silence, Sayfty, Soapbox, Inc: Speakers Who Speak Out, Sydnie L. Mosley Dances, The Feminist Society at NYU, Trans Women of Color Collective of Greater NY, Violence Intervention program, Women In Media & News, Young Feminists & Allies, Virtual NOW Chapter, YWCA of Brooklyn, STEPS to End Family Violence, New York City Anti-Violence Project, Brooklyn-Queens NOW, Gotham Girls Roller Derby, Safe Horizon, Councilmember Lander, Councilmember Palma, Girls for Gender Equity, Move the Fuck Over Bro, NOW-NYC, NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault, Stop Street Harassment, Stop Telling Women to Smile, Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press, The Applied Theatre Collective, and Councilmember Levin.”

      Also attending will be People Who Like To Join Clubs

      1. Co-hosted by 44 organizations, totaling almost 30 people.

        1. C’mon, any group called “Move the Fuck Over Bro” has to number in the hundreds of thousands to millions of members, I’d think.

          1. ROFL, “Move the Fuck Over Bro” is a Tumblr

      2. “Activities at the STOP STREET HARASSMENT RALLY will primarily include shouting things at pedestrians…”

        …The rally was followed by mini-workshops in self-defense, dance, theater, and story telling among other things”

        “yeah, you know, you could like, do this ju-jitsu move… or like, you know, I took modern dance too, so this is like an interpretive thing about the fetishization of the body… very mummenshantz….”

        1. They’re LARPers?

      3. Aka ethnic/gender studies majors.

      4. Stop Telling Women to Smile

        Oh boy, an association of frowning women! I am so glad I live in the future.

        1. I’ve gotten that comment a number of times and the truth is, it is annoying. If I’m frowning I probably am not in a great mood, and it’s not a great time for a stranger on the street to make demands regarding my facial expression. Men who are frowning get to frown without comment!

    4. “Pardon me, madam, but it has not escaped my attention that your knockers are simply enormous.”

      1. “I make note of this simply for your information, in case it had escaped your attention.”

      2. Did it hurt, when your massive yabows fell out of heaven?

  5. So I see the NewsMax widget has picked up Rob Lowe’s comments. Either he is going to have to double down or play contrition for stepping off the reservation. And I’m sure if the latter happens Gillespie will be happy, right?

  6. Cats against cat calls…. bunch of impotent retards. That is all.

  7. Remember that “libertarian cop” satire that was posted here before? Well Conor Friedersdorf has a “non-libertarian” police satire. Except it’s not a joke.

    N.L.P.D.: Non-Libertarian Police Department: I was just finishing up my shift by having sex with a prostitute when I got a call about an opportunity for overtime. A no-knock raid was going down across town.

    “You’re trying to have your salary spike this year to game the pension system, right?” my buddy told me. “Well, we’re raiding a house where an informant says there’s marijuana, and it’s going to be awesome?we’ve got a $283,ooo military-grade armored SWAT truck and the kind of flash grenades that literally scared that one guy to death.”

    “Don’t start without me,” I told him. “I just have to stop by this pawn shop. It’s run by some friends of mine from ATF. They paid this mentally disabled teenager $150 dollars to get a neck tattoo of a giant squid smoking a joint. Those guys are hilarious.”

    But when I got to the shop the guys weren’t in any mood to joke around?something about having lost their guns again. That meant I had extra time to get to the raid. En route, I headed through a black and Latino neighborhood, and who did I see on the street? A teenage male who made what I would describe as a furtive movement….

    1. This is one of the guys who are ‘keeping us safe’.

    2. I thought it was pretty epic/depressing. The progressive whining in the comments was nice too.

    3. LoneMoron is in the comments! Awesome!

      1. But the post wasn’t about Mexicans. He’s off message again.

        1. Yeah, but it was tangentially about libertarians and he’s the expert at asking the hard questions and putting them on Youtube.

          Also, if we’re going to talk about LoneDipshit, I have to link this. Make sure you read down, there’s a lot more.

          1. I have to admit, I laughed out loud at this line

            “You can’t press dos for espanol on a rotary phone.”

  8. Mark your calendars!

    “Perhaps no one has been able to bring American history alive in the way that documentary filmmaker Ken Burns has over the past several decades, with blockbusters such as The Civil War, Baseball, and The Dust Bowl.

    “Now the Emmy Award winner is breathing fresh life into another American icon: the Gettysburg Address. On Tuesday, April 15, PBS will air Burns’s documentary The Address.”


    1. “Over the course of nine hours the documentary will explore the etymology of each of the words used in the 2 minute speech…”

    2. The style of Ken Burns has always reminded me of being forced to watch someone’s boring vacation slides set to music while someone droned on and on about what they did there.

    3. How long before Ken Burns does a multi-part documentary about Ken Burns’ multi-part documentary The Civil War?

  9. Yglesias writes his first Yglesias Classic for Vox.

    Amtrak’s insane train boarding rules, explained

    Oh, God.

    1) How do you board a train?

    In general, once one knows on which track a train will arrive, one goes to the adjacent platform and waits. When the train arrives, the doors will open and people who need to disembark will get off. Then you go through the open door and hop on the train. This process is seen at train stations around the world, including intercity trains everywhere from Brussels to Shanghai and mass transit trains such as the 1, 2, 3, A, C, and E New York City Subway lines at Penn Station and WMATA’s Red Line at Union Station in Washington, DC.

    However, at larger stations, Amtrak chooses to ignore 150 years of accumulated human wisdom about boarding trains. So at Boston’s South Station, New York’s Penn Station, Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, and Washington’s Union Station, people wishing to board intercity trains must go through a more elaborate process. You wait for your track to be called and then need to queue up ? with each passenger presenting a ticket to an Amtrak staff member before you are allowed onto a platform. This is roughly how one boards an airplane in all countries, but it is not normally how one boards a train.

    Well this is tedious.

    1. What is that article even about? He doesn’t waiting in line to get on the train?

      1. Matthew Yglesias really likes finding the most boring conceivable topic and writing about it for 2,000 words.

        1. I can’t think of much more boring than train boarding procedures.

          1. Nazi train boarding procedures



    3. If you want to be a TOP MAN, you must demonstrate your capability for optimizing the human system. You start with train boarding procedures and work your way up to health care and even fiat currency management.

    4. Let me guess: he doesn’t understand why Amtrak handles it this way in those stations, so it’s obviously inefficient and they should go to Yglesias for advice?

      Or did he ‘investigate’ as to why the system is the way it is, and the above is what he imagines his readers think when they’re at Penn Station?

  10. Is “Cats against Catcalls” the new layer of libertarian thickness?

  11. “CATS AGAINST CATCALLS” were surprised to learn that their rally was being referred to as “Gritando Maricas”, or “Screaming Pussies” on local Spanish Radio…”

    1. You know, there are places in which an unaccompanied woman puts her safety in jeopardy just by walking in the street. Cairo’s Tahir Square is one, the slums of Mumbai is another. Yet, if one visits the Cat Ladies’ website, concern for these places is remarkably absent.

      1. Because they figure they can get the attention they crave here while not risking their petty lives, nor actually helping to prevent real harm.

      2. “Yet, if one visits the Cat Ladies’ website, concern for these places is remarkably absent.”


      3. Oh come on, I can not blame them for being more interested in something that affects them personally rather than the abstract plight of women in Egypt. It sounds like you are making a ‘there are starving people in Africa, so stop complaining about your sprouts’ argument.

        1. Abstract? Yes, Heavens forbid that they actually learn, and educate others, about the daily lives of the denizens of other countries. I mean it’s not like they can find Ooga-Boogaland or wherever the fuck these abstract women come from on a map or something.

          And yes, it is the height of self-involved ignorance to whinge about 30 seconds of social obnoxiousness when women and girls are being gang-raped and then set aflame in India on almost a weekly basis.

          But you already knew that, didn’t you, Bo?

          1. Really, HM? On a libertarian website we are going to berate people for being more concerned with what directly affects them than with the woes of someone half a world away? Again, you sound like ‘stop complaining about your peas, there are starving children in Africa!’

            1. On a libertarian website we are going to berate people for being more concerned with what directly affects them than with the woes of someone half a world away?

              I didn’t realize a sense of perspective was “anti-libertarian”…wait, it isn’t. That’s just your characterization of what liberty actually entails.

              Again, you sound like ‘stop complaining about your peas, there are starving children in Africa!’

              And again, the only person who would react negatively to that is the spoiled, petulant child who refuses to eat their peas. Don’t be that child, Bo.

    2. It’s Cats against Huskies.

    3. The grievance mongers are running out of things to be aggrieved about. Once upon a time they were fighting for the rights of women and blacks to vote, for an end to institutionalized racism, an end to impressment into military service…etc etc.

      Then it was the glass ceiling, reforms to the criminal justice system, to legalize abortion…etc.

      Righteous causes.

      Now they fight the nebulous patriarchy, attempt to dictate what vocabulary we can use, rape culture, and cat calls? Holy shit.

      Their causes are becoming increasingly petty and insignificant but their zealotry remains the same.

      1. One person’s grievance is another person’s cause.

      2. Because you can legislate equal rights.

        Legislating equality is a fool’s game that never ends well.

  12. Kirsten Gillibrand and Claire McCaskill just want you to check your Male Privilege (and your right to due process) outside of the hallowed gates of academia while incurring non-dischargeable debts to FedGov.

    Does that sum it up?

    also whether we should inflate giant cartoon cats to protest men whistling at attractive ladies on the street.

    Thoughtcrime: It doesn’t just entail death…it IS death.

    1. You sound rapey

      1. It’s never rape if they ask for it.

        1. I would get it in writing with a notary public present at this point.

          1. In California, you’re going to have to.

  13. Man sometimes you jsut have to roll with it.

  14. What do you do if a link is too long to post (over 50 characters)?

    1. Try shrinking it at

      1. Or there’s that HTML thing too

    2. Give it to Sugarfree, he’ll fix it for you.

  15. Elizabeth McGovern puts the “chick” in “Chickamauga,” narrating a new Civil War documentary.

    “Through five hours that never feel long, the show makes a persuasive case that Union successes at Shiloh and Vicksburg were as crucial to the course of the war as more oft-chronicled battles like Gettysburg….

    “The words come from a combination of contemporary letters and a compelling narrative read by Elizabeth McGovern ? several light-years removed from her “Downton Abbey” role.”…..-1.1745004

    1. I would like to see a crossover between Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire.

      They are set in the same time period.

      1. How about a crossover with Ragtime. She can play Evelyn Nesbit too! And add Ordinary People as well.

        1. As long as someone shoots that whiney Tom.

  16. Hope this works.

    Speaking of Eich/Mozilla:

    1. rocks!

      1. They pick up a CEO and they throw him back down
        And they get criticized all over town
        Oh, no, they say Eich’s got to go
        Go, go, Mozilla!

    1. They should do a b-version of Game of Thrones and call it Game of Drones. Or is that a documentary on Yemen and Pakistan.

    2. Great. All I need now is a Jacuzzi and naked Rose Leslie.

      1. And a nice mug of Old Bear’s Hot Spice Wine.

      2. Enjoy her while you can.

  17. “Preservationists [in Tampa] worry dock could impact Civil War-era shipwreck”…..-20140407/

    1. Ugh. Civil War aficionados want to memorialize everything.

      1. Are preservationists of the Civil War variety usually liberals or conservatives? It seems like conservatives would be for preserving history, especially of a military nature.

        1. Never thought of it that way. I’m just tired of the constant barrage of multiple memorials to the same thing along with historical tax credits, etc…

          1. Oh, I am not saying it is that way, just would make sense that way. But liberals and conservatives often do not make sense to me.

  18. Civil War tea party in upstate New York:

    “Kaitlyn Landers and Candice Bachorski model clothes of the period during the annual Civil War Tea Party and Fashion Show Saturday at Holland Land Office Museum in Batavia. (Rocco Laurienzo/Daily News)”…..f887a.html

  19. Also an election in Quebec. The separatists are being thrashed in early returns.

    1. Yes. Fucking beautiful.

      1. So how is Couillard? The CAQ? Or Solidaire?

        1. Couillard won in Roberval which fell to the PQ last election. So good there. The CAQ looks like lost seats to the Liberals – which is too bad because the CAQ are a pro-business, pro-private party that identified exactly all the problems ailing Quebec. Problem is, they refused to not take a referendum off the table because a good number of them are separatists.

          As for Quebec Solidaire, they are left of the PQ and are where hard separatist votes went along with Union Nationale. They are led by a girl who looks like Peppermint Patty. Needless to say, I can’t digest any of them.

          But Marois and her divisive, xenophobic crap taking it in the teeth is AWESOME.

    2. Worst part about separatists winning means the Liberals win and the free shit keeps flowing.

      1. Yeah. That’s the problem. The PQ is so awful we actually are happy with the Liberals who won’t take us closer to a ‘libertarian’ paradise.

        The Liberals are one mighty, well-oiled machine though.

        1. You know it would be nice if the separatists had some libertarian tinge since an independent Quebec that wasn’t a socialist basketcase would be pretty good.

          1. Yes, but not the case. Instead we get a bunch of stupid comments. Like saying we will use the currency and sit at the Bank of Canada (which would not happen) even though we bust up the country thus handing monetary policy over to Canada. We will use the passport and still expect transfer payments.

            Of course they NEVER talked about Native lands who want nothing to do with Quebec independence and the fact the St. Lawrence Seaway – the lifeline of our economy- is CROWN LAND. Which brings into discussion what would happen to Montreal?

  20. Get Cathy Reisenwitz to say some anti-liberty feminist nonsense. She does that now.

    1. And her comic strip sucks.

      1. Aaakkk!

  21. 16 Philly police, firefighters earned more than $400,000 in OT since ’09

    The top 25 OT earners citywide for that period were all police officers or firefighters, with homicide Detective Levi Morton’s $498,730 topping the list for the five-year period. Thirteen other police officers, as well as two firefighters, earned more than $400,000 in overtime alone in the past five years.

  22. They’re already projecting a Liberal win.


    48-18 seat lead.

    1. Since I hadn’t heard any panic about the separatists for a while I knew the PQ were in trouble.

  23. Aronofsky’s Noah Based on Kabbalah, not Genesis

    “In Darren Aronofsky’s new star-gilt silver screen epic, Noah, Adam and Eve are luminescent and fleshless, right up until the moment they eat the forbidden fruit.

    Such a notion isn’t found in the Bible, of course. This, among the multitude of Aronofsky’s other imaginative details like giant Lava Monsters, has caused many a reviewer’s head to be scratched. Conservative-minded evangelicals write off the film because of the “liberties” taken with the text of Genesis, while a more liberal-minded group stands in favor of cutting the director some slack.

    Both groups have missed the mark entirely. Aronofsky hasn’t “taken liberties” with anything. The Bible is not his text.

    The world of Aronofsky’s Noah is a thoroughly Gnostic one: a graded universe of “higher” and “lower.” The “spiritual” is good, and way, way, way “up there” where the ineffable, unspeaking god dwells, and the “material” is bad, and way, way down here where our spirits are encased in material flesh. This is not only true of the fallen sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, but of fallen angels, who are explicitly depicted as being spirits trapped inside a material “body” of cooled molten lava.”…..-the-devil

    1. Gnostic as they wanna be

      Alternate Joke: We are spirits in a material world

      1. You are on (spiritual) fire tonight.

    2. Aronofsky’s Noah Based on Kabbalah

      Well….duh. His first film could have told you that.

      1. That’s discussed in the article.

        Interestingly, reading that made me slightly more sympathetic to the film. Before I thought it was just some feverish anti-progress, anti-technology Gaia worship propaganda going on. But if we was trying to adhere to Kabbalah traditions that is more defensible and interesting.

        1. Midrash is always more entertaining that the original text.

  24. OK Independents, if you are having Postrel on you MUST have the two minutes of hate. We can use it to grind on y’all and make our apologies to Postrel so that maybe she will love us again. I was stunned at what she said, that she can barely read the articles anymore knowing that we are ‘down there’. Good grief.

    1. She prefers to rain wisdom down from her ivory tower without getting dirty.

    2. Better to be feared than loved.

    3. Some people may have taken Ms. Postrel’s comments as prompting some self reflection.

    4. That wasn’t her, that was just some dude piling on.

  25. Right now, I’m drinking a Ritual:Extra Red. It’s pretty delicious. Like a hoppy Newcastle.

    1. I’m drinking a Tecate and some Evan Williams bourbon.

    2. Corona Familiar. I have to drink light beer when it is in the triple digits and I’ve been out at the pool all day.

      1. That carne asada recipe that you gave me was great, btw.

        1. Glad to hear it. Made with skirt steak?

          1. Yeah, on the charcoal grill.

      2. Don’t even try and say it was in the triple digits today in Manhattan Beach. Unless…you relocated to the IE. In which case, may God have mercy on your soul.

        1. Hmm, I think the correct term would’ve been “In that case”, in any case…

        2. I’m in Palm Desert for the week.

    3. Peg leg Imperial Stout

  26. Official Liberal majority.


    Back to normal.

    Bring on TI.

    1. So no values charter I recon

      1. /rolls eyes. That wasn’t a ‘values’ charter. It was a ‘know your place’ charter.

        1. Well that’s the last we should be hearing of it.

        2. They’re talking historic victory for the Liberals. Wow. The PQ really over played their divisive card.

          1. Does this change the chances of the Nordiques returning to the NHL?

            1. Fuck the Nordiques. Hated them.

          2. Sacre bleu!

            1. We must wait until the absentee ballots come in from the exiled Acacians!

              1. The Acadians were expelled from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

                1. So basically you’re saying my joke is silly?

                  Yes, I knew they weren’t from Quebec.

                2. Ragun Cajuns!

          3. Surprised that the CAQ has kept most of their seats. I know it is a bad result for them but they appear to have done better than the ADQ in 2008 and haven’t been wiped out as they could have been.

            1. Well, the problem is people like me who are waiting when it’s safe to vote for them couldn’t this time with the PQ agenda on the table. That’s what happened. People united under the Liberals to squash the PQ. Hopefully, the CAQ keeps official status and gets rid of the possibility of a referendum. I believe we need a party like the CAQ – I’m a business owner so I want them as a second option.

          4. I’m just wondering, how is it historic? They have about the same amount of seats as in 2003. And their vote isn’t that high. Is it just being back in power after little a year-and-a-half.

            1. There’s a possibility of winning 79 maybe 80 seats. More than 76 in 2003.

              1. Oh yes. Getting more than 77 seats would be the biggest majority in 20 years.

  27. I am not running back and forth tonight. I am going to hop in the jacuzzi, pour up a vodka and watch The Independents through the window. y’all have fun.

    1. Don’t have a laptop to watch it from?

    2. Can’t you shout the comments to your wife ?

      1. Is that sort of thing an option at your house?

        1. Sadly, no. The only thing that my wife knows about Reason is that I occasionally have brunch with people I met here.

      2. I could but she would probably complain about me shouting in her ear. She is in the hot tub with me.

        And no, no laptop. My jack russell hiked his leg on it. I replaced it with a desktop.

  28. Predictions for the game please!

    I’m saying UK 68 – 61 UConn.

    1. 1998 called, they want their dream championship back.

    2. I predict that I am going to have a good time.

    3. We were staying in a hotel in midtown Manhattan a week ago, and the UConn Mens’ team was actually staying on our floor. They were there for the regionals at Madison Sq Garden. We didn’t really interact with most of them, but my 12-year-old son did have a brief exchange with a huge young guy who turned out to be DeAndre Daniels. One day we stood by as they got on their charter bus to go to the game — just accidentally out there at the same time.

      All the players were very polite, low-key and well-behaved, and appeared to have their whole families with them at the hotel. Lots of younger siblings, hanging out in the hallways. Really an interesting “backstage” look at the tournament.

      1. That’s a cool story. In sure they’re all just as excited as they could be reaching this level of greatness.

        I can only imagine this level of athletic achievement…some due to injury and some due to lack of dedication to my sport.*. I’m mildly jealous.

        *i could have been a D1 champion/or close calibre runner but fell short due to what I said above.

    4. If Ken’s betting on Kentucky then UConn is a lock for the win.

      1. Zing!

      2. That’s why I came in fourth in the H&R tourney pick em and you came in worse than last, you greasy, dirty Wop.

        1. “I only gamble with chumps.”

          1. You can’t win of all your bets are made in a mirror.

        2. I think Ken’s just still pissed about MSU winning the football championship.

          1. I’ll always be pissed about that. But at least we beat TSUN, like we do virtually every year anymore.

  29. Aw, no live stream tonight (so far as I can tell). Reckon I’ll just have to figure out what’s happening from the insanity here.

    1. Are you at the baqiworld site?

      1. Yup. All I’m getting is the spinny circle.

        1. Same here…I’ll just have to wing it with the comments.

          Those clowns in Congress, am I right?

    2. Right now, Cavuto is still under the false impression that he is fucking hilarious!

      1. Maybe you’re living in a Twilight Zone episode & he ACTUALLY IS.


    1. Prediction: Hoppy

  31. I’ll probably skip the catcall segment to make myself some carnitas from the slow cooker. I already know what Virginia feels is an appropriate response to men who make comments about women’s appearance.

  32. lol, you gotta love those bought and paid for politicians!

    1. You may be a trying a wee bit too hard to look “with it”.

  33. The Hostess with the mostess!

  34. wow, Smoov Daddy MoJo isn’t going to like this one bit!

  35. Stop making watch Maher’s show.

  36. Yikes! Notorious help! Link to TI not working! Any others?…..ness-live/

    1. I’m in the same boat…

      1. Poor Rufus, I’ve let you down, but this will be the last time…let me rephrase that…

  37. Kennedy is going to have her hands full flirting with both of these lovely ladies.

  38. I’m not the only one looks like.

  39. dude that makes a whole lotta sense, I admit

    1. that jsut makes a whole lotta sense

  40. California and around the country. Both places.

  41. Let’s find a 2008 presidential candidate who was against Gay Marriage to boycott.

  42. My summation on Eich:

    1. He was treated unfairly for having a position that has already lost and in no way affected his ability to run the company

    2. It’s going overboard to call the grievance mongers “thugs” since they are actually playing by the rules we libertarians think should be used to address perceived injustices.

    It’s a perfect rejoinder for whenever a left-winger scoffs at the idea that markets and private companies can address social concerns.

    1. They are free to push him out, but it was an extraordinarily jerk thing to do.

    2. Sorry, no. It amounted to a secondary boycott: Mozilla was not doing anything wrong except promoting a guy who made a campaign donation six years ago and refuses to publicly approve of something that he doesn’t personally approve of. It was an uncivil targeting of an individual. Eich was not violating Mozilla policy, and in fact it contradicts their policy of “inclusion” and “diversity.” The issue of gay marriage is settled in California, so this is just revenge on the losing side to send an intimidating message to others. In effect, it means CEOs cannot be Catholics, Mormons, or Muslims, violating California anti-discrimination law.

      1. “Sorry, no. It amounted to a secondary boycott”

        Your point is?

        I agree with most of the rest in that I don’t think he deserved to get fired over this.

        “In effect, it means CEOs cannot be Catholics, Mormons, or Muslims, violating California anti-discrimination law.”

        Since when are libertarians in favor of anti-discrimination laws?

        1. Yu don’t have to be in favor of anti-discrimination laws to object to what amount to mob actions that prevent people with common religious or political views from being hired.

  43. Can we poke fun at Postrel or are we going to get scolded again?

    1. No. That’s why the comment system is borked.

      1. Postrel: Queen of Squirrels.

    2. I think Virginia is getting to talk for longer than any guest ever.

    3. The scolding is the main reason (drink!) one would poke fun.

      Yes mistress, I am a bad boy.

  44. They like what Obama says and don’t care what he does? Yeah, that’s his voters in a nutshell.

  45. Carney admits that it is an AGGREGATE data set that is used to get to the “women make 70% of what men make” fallacy?

  46. Can I haz comment?

    1. Obviously not.

    2. Not if you’re going to use that type of language, young man.

      1. Lulz, myob.

    3. I’m pretty sure one of your comments was printed in a paper version of Reason once, btw.

  47. For what it’s worth, Kentucky.

    I bought into the ‘it’s a team full of freshman’ crap and didn’t pick them to go far given the deep field. Kentucky probably more than offsets that with the cash they pour into the program. Eight seed was a bit misleading.

    Mai piu. Never again.

  48. Jeb Bush doesn’t really seem to care where the country is headed so long as he’s the one who is at the helm.

  49. The other guest is one of those weird women who is really pretty from one angle and looks like she’s taken a punch from another.

    1. & let’s say it all together, everyone! This is why….

      1. Oooh, fill in the blank:

        This is why….

        kibby has an inflatable cat in the thread.

        1. I think the correct answer might be ….why I drink.

          1. not to stop the shakes?

            1. I was hoping we weren’t going all the way there – guess I forgot where I was.

            2. Is that why you do it?

              1. contrary to the name, I rarely have gin coming out of my pores these days.

                Hooray! Not physically dependent!

              2. I’ll check the list. It could be there somewhere.

        2. This is why…I feel slightly guilty for my boner?

          Actually, I meant to add a disclaimer. But it’s a discussion that needs to be had: what’s the deal with hot chicks with unpleasant faces?

            1. The brunette on the swing solves her problem by having a nice rack. I don’t even have to notice her BRFS.

    2. The trick is to know what angle to punch them from.

    3. There’s a term for this: ‘Drew Barrymore’-hot

  50. “Coming up?” They’re advertising The Independents during The Independents?

  51. Send in the border drones!

  52. My moat company disagrees. SECURE THE BORDER! tm

  53. My family came here on a boat. THE MAYFLOWER.

    1. Mine too, the Kon Tiki.

    2. My family beat your family by 11 years on the Don de Dieu.

    3. Anyone here’s family walk here across Pangaea?

      1. I think White Indian’s family gamboled across. But that’s another story…

  54. The Independents Attire Review, 7 April 2014

    Ask Me About My Maneki-Neko Collection Sometime-Edition

    – Kennedy: Meeeyoow? Bitch you stole my whole shtick!? We liked the “Earth and Fire” deal the first time around, and still dig* on it, particularly when the rest of the team plays wing-men and balances out the color spectrum. Do they? We cast our eyes on…

    – Matt: Screech of terror! Holy Social Conservative, Batman = Welch is wearing a *white shirt*? The boldness of this otherwise banal and conservative formula States its Presence With Authority. I’m ready to jump on the campaign = “Welch 2014: Because America“.

    – Kmele: Purr. Kmelinator dropped the same general program on us last Friday and has done little to change a Good Thing other than to drop the white shirt and go Gingham Style. Did I mention everyone should own a Khaki blazer? Learn, you fools!!

    – The Veep: The Glamorously-Forgettable Postrel seems to fade in and out of The Independents universe like Good-Witch Glinda amongst the munchkins, providing utterly-useless-but-sage-sounding observations which help no one. The blue dress provides some helpful form to her otherwise transparent, melanin-deprived visage.

    Yeah, I said that.

    Thank You

    1. Bonus:

      – Catty..I mean *Cathy* = Yeah, I’d hit that *thruply*. You like spotted dresses? We can do that.

  55. “My Mom came on a boat”?

    A cigarette boat full of cocaine?

    1. I didn’t know boats were a fetish.

      1. It’s a pirate thing. You wouldn’t understand. Argh!

        1. +1 eye-patch

  56. If you make illegal immigration legal, boom, problem solved? I think that’s true about much crime.

  57. Hey Rufus, the late returns have been good for the CAQ. They have lost only a handful of seats and have about 23% of the vote. Since they won’t be in a minority legislature they will have four years to breathe.

    Also the PQ might have their lowest vote since 1970.

    1. Yeah, noticed a nice comeback.

      It was a PQ backlash. The only thing that would have added a cherry to all this was that kook Peladeau losing but he won in the riding north of me.


      /snaps finger.

      1. Marois is in tough.

        1. Four parties with seats. A ‘natural governing’ party with a majority is one, while two parties represent the left in the PQ/QS and the CAQ that represents business interests. Interesting.

  58. His BS detector in implanted in his head??? Is he Bjorn or Bjorg?

    1. Bjork?

      Funky o makes reas?n say it isn’t in English.


  60. You know, that’s the thing about swedes – they all look hot when they’re in their 20s and 30s, and then POOF = they all turn into Dag Hammarskjold in their 40s.

  61. Next, global warming will be a problem because Stoned Drivers

  62. Uh, wind power kills birds and solar blinds pilots. WHY CAN’T WE COME UP WITH SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T HAVE CONSEQUENCES?

    1. I got it = COMMUNISM!

  63. Lomborg is wrong. Best models show the temps will be going down for the next 50 years, or longer. They are connected to sunspots (solar flares) and the multi-decadal ocean oscillations. IT IS A NON-PROBLEM. We will be begging for more CO2 and more heat in a decade or so.

    1. Ugh, reading this hurts my eyes.

        1. Always with the negative vibes…

  64. Uh, fracking competes with green energy, so no matter how green it will never be green enough and in fact be worse than Hitler.

  65. More about Paltrow? It really does become TMZ when we’re not looking.

  66. I think Matt and Kmele should wear the same outfit just to screw with the fashion critiques.

    1. Only if Kmele chooses said outfit.

  67. What happened to Peaches Geldof?

    1. Don’t bet against “drugs.”

  68. OT: Fighting the gentrification battle on all fronts……..13508.html

  69. This is what’s wrong with hockey? This is what’s great about hockey.

  70. By they way, I don’t know if anyone saw it, but the best comment on the “Non-Libertarian Police Force” piece? was ‘Typical libertarian bullshit = having to *fantasize* about police abuse and invent a fictional world where their worst fears are imagined’

    He didn’t realize the links were to actual incidents.

  71. Brawling cops and firemen.


  72. I liked that the goalies just kind of hung out talking at center ice while the brawl was going on.

  73. It’s great that kids were watching, Matt, they need to get that “public hero” mythology deflated.

  74. “This is what’s wrong with hockey”??? Welch can’t talk about hockey until he watches a game or two.

    1. What he say?

      1. “This is what’s wrong with hockey.” About hockey melees.

  75. Ken Burns: Everything That’s Happened so Far

    The most comprehensive documentary ever

    1. ‘and now it can be yours.’

      For how much?

  76. At least someone on the Cubs can hit.

  77. Nearly looks like Ukraine.

  78. Also – I now realize Matt’s shirt is *grey*, and I want to release the photos of his childhood drug-abuse to destroy his nascent political career. Really, throw me a bone already….

  79. A lot of triggers were pulled that night in Isla Vista.

      1. The Pah Wraiths made her talk shit about working mothers.

        1. Kmele will eventually shave his head and push her into a pit of lava.

  80. Ha! All you people who loooooooooooove wedding ceremonies hate that they did this.

  81. Kmele just lost a little in my mind.

  82. Fox Biz should send Kennedy a cease and desist order to stop her from representing Fox Biz for an hour, four nights a week.

    1. Seriously. I love this show.

  83. Matt’s ‘Mock Air-Drumming’ is in fact a vast improvement over his prior, ‘serious air-drumming’

  84. Man, those are some nice clear plastic pouches and totes, and stadium and airport safe as well! Ordering now!

    Makeup bags to ammo boxes!

  85. Episiarch is like the Porkins of reason commenters. Let that sink in for a minute.

    1. He has some trouble and then blows up for no reason?

      Poor Porkins. At least the other cannon fodder actually got shot.

  86. John Hart Design products?

    Who do they think they are advertizing to?

  87. If they gave Obama money they ain’t that savvy.

  88. Putting a jacket over a t-shirt doesn’t make you look professional, it makes you look like a douche bag.

    1. You are correct sir.

      1. Some people like to look like douche bags.

        1. It’s nice of them to do so, because you can spot them from a mile away & plan your avoidance route accordingly.

        2. I think it smacks of latent suicidal tendencies since anybody like that caught in a mass shooting is definitely going to be a bullet sponge. I mean, who is so crazy that they would pass up a chance to pull that out of the gene pool?

    2. But you know what? if it were black jacket, a black shirt, and he had a gold chain and a bracelet, and said, ‘ey, fuckin’ fughetaboutit’, he’d be That Guy, and therefore beyond criticism.

  89. Guy with V-neck isn’t gay enough to pull this off

    1. I almost never wear a tie, but if I am ever on TV, I will wear a friggin’ tie.

      1. it’ll look pretty weird with a t-shirt.

  90. This guy is the love child of Nathan Lane and Harvey Fierstein.


  91. Better TV commercial voice: Sam Elliot or Donald Sutherland? Discuss.

    1. Trick question. The answer is Ajay Mehta.

    2. “Some days you eat the bar…”

      1. “And some times the bar drives a Chevy truck.”

  92. It’s Too Early To Tell isn’t even running 2016.

  93. Next time stick your head through a necktie, guy.

  94. I highly doubt people with a camera crew will die trying anything.

  95. Why is it called Game of Thrones? There’s only one throne they’re fighting over. Does it refer to the rival kingdoms?

    Game of Kings? Game of Swords? Ivanhoe 2: Electric Boogaloo?

    1. Cersei: When you play the Game of Thrones you either win or you die. There is no middle ground.

      Ron Howard, off-screen: Hey, that’s the name of the show!

    2. Good question but only the first book was GOT. Clash of Kings, Storm of Swords, Feast of Crows, Dance with Dragons….

    3. According to my cover sleeve, the series is called “A Song of Ice and Fire”

  96. What doesn’t lead to rape?

    1. Matt’s gay cowboy outfit from last week?

      1. Like you weren’t raping him with your eyes, just like the rest of us.

        1. The eye raping in that particular scenario was definitely the other way around.

      2. Jesse and Iris proceeded to male-gay-gaze a lot of dudes on the web during that episode.

        So naturally Jesse is currently in Ireland trying to get some Irish dudes to wear a gay cowboy outfit. Or something like that.

      3. Apearently you’ve never been to Bangkok.

        1. Uhuhhuhhuhuhuh…you said bang cock.

          1. I get my kicks above the waist, sunshine

          2. So you guys have never heard of Soy Cowboy? Really?

            1. I have a Soi Cowboy story, but we’re in mixed company.

      4. How much pudding do you think he ate during that taping?

  97. That anybody likes that song hurts me.

  98. Is Postrel advocating we go back to mountain brides?

  99. So compared to this, has messaging on these issues gotten better or worse?



  102. Show us your tits, Foster.

  103. Postrel was cat-called at the old folks home.

  104. Inflatable pussy? What message is being sent?

  105. “Bitches be all over my shit”

    1. You’re watching a championship basketball game instead of a second-rate political talk show?

      I’m going to need your man-card, sir.

    2. Just think: in 5 minutes you’ll all have nothing to talk about but the game…or Dobbs. Well see who the real men are then b

      1. aftershow.

        It’s usually *buffering* something *buffering*

    3. They are young and inexperienced. Once they get used to the pace of the game they will roll.

  106. These ladies should walk around in Italy…

  107. Old woman says “Booty”. People laugh.

    Next: I hear you kids smoked a marijuana once.

    1. She did more than say booty, she insinuated that some thirsty-ass brothas wanted her to back dat ass up.

      It was worthy of mention.

  108. You could take it as a compliment?

    1. You could take it as a compliment?

      Preposterous! If you take it as a compliment you can’t be hip and cool by being a perpetual victim of “teh war on wominz”.

  109. Just scream masher and go on your way.

  110. Kennedy asks obvious question.

    Women hate obvious questions.

    Need to suddenly complicate the situation arises.

    1. Which I find humorous = when you ask the “constantly oppressed women” what the ideal society would actually be, there’s kind of a pause and silence, and they immediately start denying that they really want some kind of society where women are treated as precious and inviolable artifacts which cant be looked at or criticized or touched or anything… like some kind of *medieval era where women were treated like property*… because there’s a slight realization that what they’re complaining about is part and parcel of the very ‘equality’ that the modern world has brought them.

      Speaking of which, I was once told by some very enlightened feminists that if I “over-reacted” to a gay guy squeezing my ass it was because I was “homophobic”. And if a woman did it I would “probably love it”, but they *never would* because that was the sort of thing only men did.

      1. Women like this seem to believe that men never have their asses grabbed anywhere. Living in Tokyo I’ve had it happen to me more than a couple times.

        1. No = I’ve seen women *encourage* their gay friends to grab other guys asses.

          Which is when I said to them, “uh, hey – Im not sure that’s like, a good idea; or particularly consistent with your perpetual complaints about being objectified.”

          I’ve had my ass grabbed by gay guys who I then explained to that they were risking their teeth over it.

          One guy gave me shit for complaining, like it was *my problem*. So I kicked his knee inside out, bent his wrist backward and torqued it to breaking point and explained why it wasn’t my problem anymore. Because you see, god just made me that way.

          1. Actually, the cases I was refering to were women grabbing my butt. The last time was about a month ago.

            I’m pretty sure a few gay men have brushed my ass on some of the packed trains here but in those cases you can’t help but get jammed up against complete strangers.

  111. I have probably committed at least a few written-word-crimes against females on The Independents. Who shall remain nameless. Do we need an Inflatable Cat Now?

    have I told you about my Maneki Neko collection? It is large and diverse.

      1. yes, but you have to feed *those*

        Oh, don’t tell me what you plan to feed them. I got the idea.

  112. I’m not sure what to think of that Kmele animated graphic.

  113. A little smaller and a timepiece, he could be Flavor Flav.

  114. New documentary narrated by Captain Janeway claims that the universe revolves around the Earth.

    It contains some pretty wonderful quotes:

    “Science says you have to stay in this category over here, and not go into the God category, because that’s going to destroy our science.”

    “We have to ask mother nature ‘how do you work?'”

    1. I really liked her in Christopher Strong. And how was it in the Giant Salamander Sack with Locarno?

  115. Re FOE above:

    Hockey has a lot of problems. Melees aren’t one of them, Welch.

    Ogglethorpe, Stan Jonathan, John Ferguson, Bob Probert, Chris Nilan and Bobby Clarke want a word with you.


    2. Melees are probably the best part of hockey.

      By the way, isn’t Welch a baseball fan? Given the propensity for charging the mound in that sport, I don’t know that he has room to talk.

      1. Ah, charging the mound is just a guy going out to ask ‘how’s the wife and kids?’

      2. Baseball brawls are embarrassing.

        1. Not as embarrassing as 70 year old managers wearing baseball uniforms in the dugout.

          Come at me, Welch!

      3. Welch always dreamed of winning a Lady Byng trophy.

      4. Melees are like markets that self-regulate.

        Better that than have them take it out with a vicious elbow to the head or something.

  116. The Confederate Battle Flag =/= Racism. That is all.

  117. “If you disagree with me, you must be racist.” Simple as that.

  118. There looks like cigarette smoke rising from between Kennedy and Matt on the aftershow

  119. Why Rand Paul is a formidable candidate:

    Deal & you have to wear 1 of my ties. Don’t worry I have great style MT”@SenBlumenthal: add to the bet? If UConn wins u wear my Huskies tie”

    ? Senator Rand Paul (@SenRandPaul) April 8, 2014


    God forbid the GOP elect a candidate with a personality and sense of humor this time.

  120. I was leaning towards Jayz being a racist piece of cheese given the medallion and Obo’s affinity for him.

    Kmele changed my mind.


  122. So Rufus, it looks like the CAQ might get 19 seats again. I imagine that’s a setback but it wasn’t a huge catastrophe like the ADQ in 2008. And they only lost about three percentage points.

    And Quebec Solidaire has picked up a third seat. What is that area of Montreal like that elects those guys?

    1. Poor and hipster parts of town.

      The CAQ got as many votes as the PQ; just calculated less in seats. I see 21 seats though on my screen. So…we’ll see.

      Too bad Lisee got to keep his seat. Marois still fighting.

      1. Too bad Lisee got to keep his seat. Marois still fighting.

        Come on. Those aren’t real people.

      2. I’m not sure the USA even has an equivalent to the QS or NDP for that matter. I guess they have such left-wing socialists in the Democrat party?

          1. We have a Communist party too!

            Fucking commies.

          2. Want to know something disturbing? Here’s a blog run by the CPUSA.

            Look at that blog. Every single post could come from Rawstory or Think Progress. There is literally not a post on that page that would be out of place on the average left-wing blog.

            What’s it say that American leftists are now functionally indistinguishable from actual Communists?

            1. I know it is quite disturbing how statist the mainstream left has gone. It seems like fading memories of the USSR combined with the recession and 9/11 has caused them to really lose it.

              And it’s not just the American Left either. I mean isn’t the Guardian writing articles about how video games can kill capitalism? And and the cbc forums will have some nasty people on there.

            2. Yeah, what Winston said. is so left that McQuaig when she ran for office wanted to tax 70% of income and the NDP called it confiscatory – the NDP!

              I’m afraid to look at CPUSA.

              1. I’m slogging though this:
                “A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution: 1891-1924”

                Figes writes ‘from the left’ compared to Pipes’ treatment of the same issues (and Figes goes to lengths to disassociate himself from ‘right wng’ historians).
                But even he can’t help it; if you have a modicum of ethics as an historian, you cannot avoid the fact that the Bolshies were a pack of thugs from beginning to end.
                *No one* can construct an honest defense for those bastards; mass murder to support their position of power was the only avenue open to them. They murdered, starved, shot and worked to death random millions for the pleasure of holding power and jiving western “intellectuals” (suckers) for 70 years.
                And more; see the twit “american socialist” who posts here, along with Tony and turd.

            3. Communists in the US have always tried to pass themselves off as progressives.

        1. Despite not having explicitly left wing parties, we’ve actually managed to become drastically more statist than you guys.

          I remember when I used to think Canada was left-wing. I would love to have a government like Canada’s after the grotesque regulatory expansion of the Bush and Obama administrations.

      3. Well it was 19 on my screen when I posted. Now it is up to 20.

        Not sure what people’s expectation were of the CAQ tonight. Looks like a good night for them, isn’t it? And they have four years to really consolidate and challenge the Liberals and PQ.

        And in terms of popular vote this a catastrophe for the PQ. Could be their second lowest ever, ahead of 1970.

        1. Yeah a disaster for the PQ. What the heck were they thinking? Drainville and Lisee (frick and frack thinking they’re Thomas Jefferson) were just plain dumb.

          People were unsure what was going to happen with the CAQ because, like I said, it came down to getting rid of the PQ agenda so the Liberals won cuz of it. The only question was where were votes going to migrate and it looks like the PQ lost votes to the CAQ; not the Liberals.

          1. Looks like Marois could lose her seat. Very tight race. In any case I imagine the PQ will have a new leader soon. Who are they expecting? Is Duceppe still around?

            1. Duceppe is a panelist on a show here at the moment.

              We’re keeping our fingers crossed about Marois but The Hobbit has the edge.

              1. I’m seeing Marois’ opponent pulling ahead with the last few polls left.

                Also I’m seeing PQ 30 and CAQ 22. If that holds up along with Marois losing than man, what a disaster for the PQ and quite good for the CAQ.

                1. I know! Last I saw 890 votes. Also, the student protestors who insanely got elected last time were not elected this time.

                  1. With two polls left Marois is trailing by 902 votes. Not looking good for her.

                    Interesting how this will be the second Quebec election in a row that the Premier has been defeated. The only other times that happened were to Godbout in 1936 and to Bourassa in 1976.

                    Oh and what was up with Bourassa losing in 1985? The Quebec Liberals won a huge victory yet he himself was defeated. As far as I can tell it looks like he won a PQ safe seat due to the PQ having incredibly low popularity at the time (it had recovered somewhat at election time) and running against the Mayor and he did lose very narrowly.

                    1. And the CBC has called it for Simard.

                    2. Well, the old ‘Quebec votes strategically’ angle. They’re not afraid to swing vote. I think there’s a vicious individualism in Quebec that needs to be tapped into.

                    3. That “vicious individualism” is I think the result of Quebeckers being a distinct minority. They think the Anglos should pay for conquering them. This manifests itself with transfer payments and corruption since why shouldn’t the politicians get some free shit as well?

                      Not to mention this leads to the nationalist/soverignist debate which is really a debate as to wether or not Quebec will get more free shit from the ROC either in Canada or out of it.

                    4. I mean *federalist*/sovereigntist debate

                    5. And Marois has resigned as PQ leader. Who will succeed her?

                    6. Fuck ’em.

      4. Poor and hipster parts of town.

        Why am I not surprised?

        1. Serious people don’t vote QS or UN or even PQ if I can stretch it. Though I know one guy – an outstanding individual, I mean really smart, nice, bilingual, intelligent guy. Up to date with all the American stuff etc. – who is PQ.

          1. UN? I thought they were dissolved in 1989?

            1. They came back in the last election.

              Are you here in Quebec?

              1. I think it was the last election anyway.

              2. No I’m in Toronto.

                Huh I see you must be referring to Parti Unit? Nationale. It used to the Christian Democrats. Wasn’t aware of that.

                1. Union Nationale. I don’t believe they’re of that lineage. I would have to look that up. Not that I care either way.

                  1. Ah. Rob Ford. Randy Carlyle. You have your own problems.

                    1. Legault spoke in English. Big points to him.

                      PQ twitter account closed.

                      Man, I’m LOVING this.

                      Marois 1000 votes behind. Three polls to go. Go, Simard!

  123. Foster just parroted Rush Limbaugh’s sentiment right before he resigned from ESPN.

  124. Ugh, Kmele. You are SO AWESOME.

  125. Also, it is ironic that Postrel complains about others being obnoxious in a voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

    Still love ya Virginia!

    1. Did she call us cretins again?

  126. Is Virginia related to Patty and/or Selma Bouvier?

    1. Needs a little more smoking.

    2. Actually, this show went a long way towards me thinking better of her. Since her insensitive othering of the commentariat.

  127. “White guys remember history like this, but black guys remember history like this…”

    1. Its funny because its true

    2. “It’s funny because it’s true!”
      /Homer S.

    3. If by ‘remember history’ you mean remember what I read in a book, then we should all be remembering it the same-ish, as none of us were actually there. We can’t remember it remember it.

      1. That assumes we’re all reading from the same books.

        1. Maybe not. I’ve read comments on “Post War” and I’d have sworn they read a book I didn’t.


    5. This may be my favorite comment ever.

  128. Soft racism of low expectations… OF KMELE!

  129. Speaking of Kmele, I have been cat called and harassed and had my ass grabbed more than a few times in my years. I never took offense. I was always flattered. But then, there was never any kind of implicit threat.

    I have seen men doing it to women where there was definitely an element of threat present. I understand their discomfort.

  130. Last year about this time, my car was in the shop for about a month. I had to get up at 3:45 AM to walk to the Belmon Blue line stop. Then I walked to Millenium Station and took the 5:30 train to South Holland, IL. Then I walked about 2 miles to get to my job.

    One day, the grass was wet, and my shoes got completed soaked on the walk back. When I got to the platform, I took of my shoes to let them dry a little. 5 minutes later, a transit cop walked by, pointed at me, and asked me if those were my shoes.

    “Yes,” I said in the most tired voice possible.

    1. I’ll bet there’s more to this story!

      1. I really hope so, otherwise someone needs to take a refresher course in storytelling.

        1. It was a slice of life in the best social realist tradition.

          1. “It was a slice of life in the best social realist tradition.”

            Or he’s face-down on the keyboard now.

            1. Let’s just say I am enormously thankful that I now have a 10-minute commute by foot.

      2. No, that’s the end of that tale. But here’s another one:

        There was a diner I would stop at to eat breakfast about half a mile from the factory. One morning when I walked in, I saw 3 cops and a couple of young women in handcuffs. They led them away. I presume they were whores. Great job, you brave boys in blue. Thank you, thank you for keeping South Holland, IL safe from the terrible scourge of affordable handjobs.

        South Holland, IL- Come for the soul food, then leave as soon as possible.

    2. It was like a John Cassevetes movie

    3. I like it.

      If I weren’t so lazy I’d go find a youtube link for a slow clap.

  131. Last comment for me tonight.

    Matt and Kmele. You are very watchable and offer great insights and perspectives. You tell a funny now and then. Stay on the Kennedy show, we like you.

    Kennedy. You make the show babe. Awesome.

  132. “Two Broke Girls” is the worst thing to happen to television since “The Star Wars Christmas Special”, except it happens once a fucking week.

    1. And its HUGELY popular in China

      1. Are you serious? Is that like really a thing over there?

        Those yellow bastards!

        1. Maybe they’re really into the dark haired Christina Hendricks who stars in the show.

          1. ^^This^^is why the Chinese can’t be taken seriously as an economic superpower.

        2. its like the #1 American show in China. 46m viewers or something.

          Which is funny because western critics have called the show ‘racist’ against Asians because of some character on the show.

          The Chinese apparently have never commented on any ‘racism’ at all… which one critic notes is, “Probably because they think the character is Korean”

          (which is another way of saying, “Uhm, Chinese people are ‘racist’ too!?”)



          The show’s first season appeared on Youku, China’s YouTube, in August 2012, and has risen to become the most popular U.S. sitcom on the site, with over 81 million views.

      2. In the Chinese version, the season finale has the two of them jumping off the roof of the factory together.

    2. You are incorrect, but only due to the existence of Kat Denning’s boobs.

    3. Jesus, that show is terrible.

      Chuck Lorre is the most powerful producer on the backs of unfunny shows like Big Bang and Two 1/2 Men.

      I don’t get it.

      1. It is like that Danny DeVito made-for-tv movie where he’s a “trucking industry exec” (think mob-related) who wants to be a TV sitcom star. He dates his real-life (now ex) squeeze Rhea Perlman who plays a gal who works for the Nielson company, and gets her to tell him the addresses of every “Nielson family” who determines the TV ratings. He somehow gets a terrible tv sitcom pilot filmed where he is a middle-aged slob who goes to college and has two super-hot female roommates in the dorm, and he just leers at them and says innuendos, accompanied by a laugh track. The TV network is obligated to run his pilot, but runs it against the World Series figuring no one will watch. But he has given every Nielson family an all-expenses paid cruise in the middle of the ocean, moves his truckers into their houses, and they turn the TV to his show.

        So his pilot turns into the highest-rated tv show in history. Soon the network allows him to do three more stupid shows, and they too all have enormous ratings.

        The show goes from there, with sort of predictable results, but ends with him going to jail, but only after winning a People’s Choice award voted by real tv viewers. Apparently, because the show had high ratings, everyone starts watching his show and are convinced it is funny.

        Isn’t that Chuck Lorre to a T?

        1. That explains it!

  133. New Battlestar Galactica movie in the works, confirmed to be a complete reboot unrelated to either TV series

    Universal is preparing to start work on a Battlestar Galactica movie. Variety says the studio is planning to completely reimagine the sci-fi story ? in which space-bound humans fend off the attacks of nefarious cybernetic Cylons as they try to find a new home ? just five years after the four-season Syfy TV show set in the same universe drew to a close. The planned film would mark the second time Battlestar Galactica has been rebooted after the original show aired in 1978.

    Jack Paglen, the writer of the upcoming Transcendence, has agreed to write the reboot’s screenplay. Paglen is hot property for studios wanting to create sci-fi at the moment: he’s also slated to write Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel. Glen Larson, who worked on the 1970s TV series, will produce the film, but there’s no confirmation yet on who’ll take on the role of director. Bryan Singer was originally attached to a Battlestar Galactica movie project in 2011, but the production was put on hold in 2013 after the director committed to working on new X-Men movies. Having agreed to direct 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, Singer is unlikely to have time to work on developing a new Battlestar.

    So will they Michael Bay-it or give it the JJ Abrams LENZ FLAREZ and loud explosions treatment?

    1. Who gives a fuck about these Battlestar movies? Singer is back making X-Men films! There might be an X-Man movie that isn’t completely fucking terrible!

      1. There might be an X-Man movie that isn’t completely fucking terrible!

        [citation required]

        1. Days of Future Past looks like it’s going to be good.

          Don’t tread on my dreams, Sloopy. I, being poor, have only my dreams.

    2. Will Nick Gillespie play Twiki and The Jacket play Dr. Theopolis in a crossover? If so, I’ll watch.

    3. I have very mixed feelings about this.

    4. I hope to christ Starbuck isn’t a transvestite this time.

  134. Ok, you all need to talk me out of my latest hair-brained scheme to leave my academic career behind and open a tiki bar.

    1. Talk you out? Damn, I’ll invest!

    2. I’ll work as a waiter if you let me wear a coconut bra.

    3. Can I have a job there?

      1. Absolutely. And you’d get to wear a fresh purple orchid in your hair everyday.

    4. Ok, you all need to talk me out of my latest hair-brained scheme to leave my academic career behind and open a tiki tittie bar.


      1. Well I can’t work at a place like that, so way to sell my potential job down the river, kid.

        1. Why not? Have you been selling A Serious Man a bill of goods this whole time?


          1. There’s a lot I could say here but won’t because I don’t want her to kill me.

            1. I need to sit down and explain to you how to get a Reasonoid woman.

              Because, you know, I got one with my sweet-ass wit and charm.

              1. He needs no lessons, let me assure you.

                1. See, ^^this^^ is why we all come here.

                  1. Everyone go “d’awwwwww!” Group hug!

              2. Because, you know, I got one with my sweet-ass wit and charm.

                “It’s twue, it’s twue!”

                1. I can’t help but wonder if there is any significance to the fact that you and kibby have the same first name and have ties to Arizona.

                  Just an odd coincidence.

                  1. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

                    *pulls out a sword*

                    1. Banjos wrote this, sloopy logged in on her computer again.

                    2. I’m really confused because this means either one of you is referring to themselves in the third person.

                    3. YOU CAN HAVE IT! *hides*

      2. When I was 18, it was my dream to open a topless juice bar “Juicy Lucy’s” near my university’s campus. I asked my mom for a loan to get some capital to start it up.

        She said no.

        1. Did you tell her it was topless?

          I would have left that part out.

          1. Well, I had to show her my full business plan. She had her own mortgage banking business and she needed to decided if I was a good candidate for a business loan.

            1. Your mother fucked you over. You could have put dozens of girls through school a year.

            2. Damn, she deemed you unfit.


              I’m bugging.

        2. Hell, bring it to Guam and you can cash in on the confused Japanese tourists who think it’s some offshoot of the Disney franchise. I can help explain how to angle that.

    5. Where will this tiki bar be located? If it is anywhere where the diving/fishing/girl watching is good I could definitely be an investor.

    6. Tiki bars are good just watch for the liability on serving drinks with 6 or more ozs of liquor. Is your wife a good cook? Every authentic (not retro-hipster) Tiki bar I’ve ever been in was essentially a Chinese and/or Thai restaurant. One was a Tiki bar/Chinese restaurant/bowling alley.

  135. I worked in a tiki bar. Lei Bar, under Niagara in the East Village.

    I DJ’d. I wore my best guayabera and Hawaiian shirts.

    The manager came up to me like on the 4th week going, “Hey… uh. Yeah, uh, stop dressing like that.”

    It was a hipster tiki bar, to be fair. I was totally in the spirit of the thing though. I drank Zombies and played dick dale and nancy sinantra and the Ronettes and shit. Then they were like, “uh, yeah, uh, cant you play like the hiphop and stuff?”. So then I did that.

    1. Aw man! In my vision, all people would wear would be guayaberas and Hawaiian shirts. And the tunes would be all Les Baxter and Esquivel with a little Mohammed El Bakkar thrown in for good measure.

      1. That’s nice.

        There was a lot of Mongo Santamaria, Willie Bobo, and Perez Prado in the mix, because I was more heavy into the latinish jazz-R&B thing at the time (I.e. I had more of that than any proper “lounge” music)… I also had the Brazilian stuff as well = Sergio Mendez 69-’72 or so, Gilberto Gil, etc. I liked the gig because I could play stuff I actually *listened* to for fun rather than just doing 2-3 hours of a ‘club’ set.

        Arab-chic (sheik? har) I never had handy but it would have definitely worked.

        I like Tiki bars. I found a citation of the place I used to work @ a “WikiTiki” thing…


    2. Thanks for sharing and channeling Charles Bukowski.

      1. Thank you for fucking off and dying in a fire

    3. Ha! I wished I saw the hipster Tiki thing coming when I went to a mid 90s estate sale in a Hawaiian-themed subdivision called “Diamond Head”. The house was full of 1950s/early 60s Polynesian tourist shit, a Polynesian wood home bar and a Chinese-styled Canadian console hi-fi. All I bought was half the records and a pineapple ashtray. Everything was cheap too. The mid-century modern antique dealers in Atlanta weren’t stocking kitsch yet.
      Hell, it isn’t even kitsch anymore.

  136. I’ve thought about moving to Montana or Wyoming to be a fur trapper or a bison rancher. Think I need to save some more money though. The Dick Proenneke option is also a possibility:

  137. I’ve thought about moving to Montana

    Why not become a dental floss rancher? You could become a dental floss tycoon.

    Raising that lonely dental floss…..

    1. Or lichen! It grows well in sub-arctic climates!

    2. I had to google that one.

      “America is a nation of laws- badly written and randomly enforced.”

      -Frank Zappa

    3. It’s either too late or too early for Zappa references

  138. Man, the PQ are on shabby looking bunch.

    1. e

  139. That poor kid with that tattoo came so close.

  140. So UConn won,



  142. You’re traveling into an area that’s adjacent to a region that’s beside a location. The sort of place that looks interesting from far away but turns out to be really lame when you actually get there. At the sign post up ahead, your next stop: THE DERPLIGHT ZONE!

    Today, I used a high speed camera to record a machine. But first I had to wait 3 hours for the battery to charge.

    It’s not fair! It’s not fair at all!

    1. Sorry my comment below was a reply to this…

  143. Game of Thrones Theme – The “Smooth” Version ft. Dave Koz

  144. Whoa! That’s fucked up. My mom did her master’s degree thesis on this place and the accents here and their similarities with certain Appalachia regions that were similarly isolated.

  145. Ilya Bryzgalov hears the Jets fans taunting, wants more

  146. So Quebec. Final Results: Liberals 70, PQ 30, CAQ 22, QS 3 though the third QS seat could still go Liberal. Ouch for the PQ losing almost half of their seats and their leader with their second lowest vote ever. Seems the CAQ has avoided a 2008 ADQ-style collapse so it will interesting to see what happens in 2016

    1. Beautiful.

      The CAQ have a more consistent and clear message than the ADQ did.

      Fuck Marois and the PQ. Let ’em rot. Nothing like watching xenophobes cry after a defeat.

      1. So who will lead the PQ next? Will Duceppe come out of retirement?

        1. Duceppe?


          Hope not.

          Doubt it.

          1. Looks like it’ll be between Frick (Drainville), Frack (Lisee) and Kook (Peladeau).

  147. Good talking politics with one and all tonight – kiss Toronto good night for me winston.


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