Police Abuse

Brickbat: Come and Knock on Our Door


David Johnson and his family are suing the cities of Caldwell and Nampa, Idaho, after cops kicked in the door of their apartment and pulled them out at gunpoint. The lawsuit says a woman told police that a neighbor had threatened her and cops who responded to the report kicked in the wrong door. Officials say the Johnsons' rights weren't violated and police had sufficient reason to conduct a "no-knock, no warrant-welfare check" at their apartment.

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  1. The city says the officers had true information and with that had reason to attempt to find the potential suspect and victim by conducting “a no-knock, no-warrant welfare check”. The department says procedures and policies are proper.

    They literally said procedures were followed.

    1. They’re cruising H&R for their best lines. Can’t wait for them to name-check Warty Hugeman’s Doomcock of Doom.

      1. Phew, another comment. I was starting to wonder if I was in some H&R Left Behind scenario.

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              1. Jeez all I wanted was a picture first, what am I STEVE SMITH?

      2. They’re cruising H&R? Somebody tell Jesse and Tonio! 😉

    2. At least no officers were hurt.

  2. “no-knock…welfare check”
    They’re really making it hard to imagine the next insane step when they keep raising the bar like this.

    1. You need the element of surprise to conduct a proper welfare check. The family pets must also be dispatched, lest they conceal the true state of the family’s welfare.

  3. Officials say the X’ rights weren’t violated and police had sufficient reason to conduct a “no-knock, no warrant-welfare check” in their neighborhood.

    Officials say the X’ rights weren’t violated and police had sufficient reason to conduct a “no-knock, no warrant-welfare check” in their city.

  4. Its reasons like this I REJOICE everytime some stupid cop gets clipped in the line of duty.


  5. When cops.say your rights are not.violated, they really.mean that

    1) you have.no.rights to.violate
    2) you have.no.rights against police doing whatever they want

    Basically, cops believe.the.only.right you have.is.the right to.remain.silent, and that.they can get most people.to.waive that one anyway through the right.interrogation.tactics.

  6. We need unlimited civil and criminal laibility for police. Next time it’s a wrong door raid, they get home invasion charges and are sent up the river…. but I’m dreaming again.

    1. At least Civil.

      There’s no criminal intent on knocking down the wrong door. At the end of the day, all people, including the Keystone cops, can make mistakes.

      1. There’s depraved indifference in most of their itneractions with the public, so I can’t rule out unlimited criminal liability for actions such as breaking and entering, unlawful imprisonment, assault and battery, manslaughter, murder, reckless endangerment, animal cruelty, grand theft, extortion, witness intimidation, jury tampering, and so on. And these are just the crimes they commit as a routine.

      2. There is a thing called criminal and/or gross negligence.

      3. There’s no criminal intent on knocking down the wrong door.

        after cops kicked in the door of their apartment and pulled them out at gunpoint.

        If I knock down your door with a weapon drawn and pull you out of your house, what do you think would happen? I seriously doubt the cops would simply let me go on my way with an “oops, my bad.”

  7. “Addresses? We don’ need no stinking addresses!”

    1. “Addresses? We don’ need can’t read no stinking addresses!”

  8. Officials say the Johnsons’ rights weren’t violated

    Show me in any constitution – federal or state – that says citizens have the “right to not have their door kicked in by Peace Officers”.




    *moar crickets*

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. STFU, “reason”!!11

    1. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

      1. But this was reasonable. Duh.

  9. Some institution of supposed education is training law enforcement on how to be the best Gestapo ever.

  10. I think one point that me and my libertarian friends can agree on is calling the Police can make the matter exponentially worst.

    If you call the cops over a fire in one building of a six building cul de sac, the cops will, thru incompentence, machismo, small-man syndrome, etc. will see to it that the entire community burns down and claim it’s not their fault.

    1. Well, that’s why you call the Fire Department.

    2. and claim it’s not their fault.

      Nah, that’s not even good enough. They would claim it was your fault and find an excuse to haul you to jail after you’re released from the burn center.

  11. “no-knock, no warrant-welfare check”

    What a perfect handle. Also a succinct description of why I’m a libertarian (minus the economic reasons).

  12. They really do want a panopticon.

    What the fuck is a welfare check anyway?

    1. What the fuck is a welfare check anyway?

      According to the people in my old neighborhood, it’s the money the government send sthem every month. But I doubt that’s what’s meant in this context.

    2. They were attempting to deliver one AFAICT. Apparently you don’t need to go down to the SS office anymore.

  13. “no-knock, no warrant-welfare check”

    Lines like that would make a pro wrestler blush. Think of the iron fortitude that one must possess to be a police spokesman.

  14. How ANY police department in a free country has qualified immunity at all just staggers my constitutional sensibilities. What in the living fuck is going through the porridge of law enforcement’s minuscule brain to have devised such a tyrannical legal position to justify invading the wrong address?

    It only stands to reason within a rational construct that if police have qualified immunity there is absolutely no check or balance forcing them to explore ONLY avenues that will not violate citizen rights.

  15. Wait, no knock AND no warrant? Bzuh?

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