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Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Want the US to Stay Out of Ukraine


As tensions rise between Ukraine and Russia, America's foreign policy hawks argue the US needs to do more. However, Reason-Rupe finds war-weary Americans are reluctant to get involved in yet another conflict abroad. My college Zenon Evans writes more about this here.

Conservative hawks like Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol and US Sen. John McCain say we need to do more. Kristol argued that the US is partly responsible for what's happening today because we didn't get involved after the Orange Revolution in 2004, and therefore "we now need to help them." John McCain wants the US to push for moving Ukraine into NATO, which would obligate the US to intervene in conflicts like these.

President Obama has urged caution saying that Ukraine is not "some Cold War chessboard in which we're in competition with Russia." Sen. Rand Paul happened to agree contending "some on our side are so stuck in the Cold War era that they want to tweak Russia all the time, and I don't think that is a good idea."

Americans tend to agree the US should not get involved. In fact, when asked what they'd like to do regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine, 58 percent would prefer the US stay out of it completely. Thirty-one percent would prefer the US continue imposing economic sanctions and only 8 percent want the US to send troops. 

If Russia attempts to invade additional parts of Ukraine, Americans continue to overwhelmingly oppose the US sending troops, with 76 percent opposed and 20 percent in favor, and even oppose sending military aid and weapons to Ukraine, with 62 percent opposed and 33 percent in favor. However, only 32 percent would oppose imposing stricter economic sanctions on Russia, while 61 percent favor that approach. This is not because Americans necessarily believe sanctions will solve the problem, but rather they view it as a symbolic gesture to communicate to Russia that they don't condone its actions.

Opposition to military intervention or interference in Ukraine extends beyond partisanship, although Republicans are more likely to support involvement than Democrats. For instance, while a majority (53 percent) of Republicans oppose sending military aid, this number jumps to 68 percent among Democrats. When it comes to imposing stricter economic sanctions if Russia sends in more troops, Democrats and Republicans are equally in favor with roughly 6 in 10 in support. However, political independents are the most skeptical of further involvement only 41 percent favor and 48 percent opposed.

Millennials, many of whom came of political age during the Bush administration and two unpopular wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, are the most opposed to US involvement in Ukraine. Young people's skepticism is not reserved for military intervention; they are the most likely group to oppose imposing further economic sanctions on Russia as well.

While many Americans lost confidence in President Bush's foreign policy approach, only a third think President Obama's is any better, and a third think it's worse. Regarding Ukraine specifically, nearly a quarter of Americans don't now enough about the situation to evaluate Obama's performance, while 37 approve and 40 disapprove.

Opposition to US intervention in Ukraine plays a more important role than partisanship in explaining Americans' evaluation of President Obama's handling of the situation. Among those who disapprove of Obama's handling of Ukraine, only 26 percent want the US to continue imposing economic sanctions and 61 percent want the US to stay out of it. However, among those who approve, roughly half support the administration's policy while the other half want to stay out of it. Nevertheless, partisans are equally likely to support sanctions (31%) or staying out of  it (58%).

Nationwide telephone poll conducted March 26-30 2014 interviewed 1003 adults on both mobile (503) and landline (500) phones, with a margin of error +/- 3.6%. Princeton Survey Research Associates International executed the nationwide Reason-Rupe survey. Columns may not add up to 100% due to rounding. Full poll results, detailed tables, and methodology found here. Sign up for notifications of new releases of the Reason-Rupe poll here.       

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  1. The only thing dumber than invading Afghanistan and trying to maintain a force there would be sending troops to Ukraine. Who the fuck are the idiots who want that? Are they going themselves?

    Now I have to ask, you know who else was dumb enough to send troops to Russia?

    1. You ever hear of our clusterfuck in Iraq?

      1. Yeah, your master loves it. That’s why we are still there and our young men continue to die for no reason, besides your masters Boosh syndrome.

      2. Hey shreek, give us some details about what vital interests are being served by our military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan right now.

        Actually don’t. Fuck you. I won’t waste my time.

    2. Are they going themselves?

      Can we kill this line of argument? Like beat it bloody and senseless and piss on its twitching carcass?

      I’m completely opposed to War in Ukraine as well. And as a general rule of thumb I think war is something best avoided at all costs. Having said that, there may be a time in my life where a war is justified, and it may occur well after I am of any usefulness as a soldier in the field. My argument for why we should engage in war at that time will be neither weakened nor strengthened by my inability or ability to fight in said conflict. Hell, there’s a reason we put civilians in charge of the decision of when to wage war.

      1. Tis just ‘Suthenboy’. Attacking Al Qaeda in Afghanistan is no doubt the only justified war in my half century here.

        Suthenboy is probably just on a meth trip.

        1. I like Suthenboy and he’s usually pretty spot on in his analysis (can’t say that about everyone here). Its just that the chickenhawk charge has always been an absurdity to me.

        2. Tis just ‘Suthenboy’.

          Why you put Suthenboy is quotes?!?!

          No one puts baby in the corner!!

      2. Sorry for the long wait for a reply….the wife just got home as I was posting that.

        Sudden, you are correct and I oversimplified. What galls me are people who have never and will never have their lives upended and be exposed to the horror that war is urging others into war for trivial reasons. Political expedience, to bolster our reputation, empire building, etc etc are not defense of our country.

        Asking other people to give their lives so that one of our half-wit presidents doesn’t look like the weenie they really are is unacceptable.

        If we, our vital interests, or the actual country is in danger I will gladly lead the charge.

        1. Okay, so now you are making sense again.

          Not too impressed though…

    3. But they do want to invade Uranus.

  2. Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Want the US to Stay Out of Ukraine

    “I can’t believe these people would support such an awful dictator like Vladimir Putin!”


  3. Yes – but 7% of people STILL prefer a poll question about aliens and are now wondering why you are avoiding the difficult stuff

  4. Completely besides the question of whether sanctions are a good idea, I almost wonder what, exactly, it is that we’re supposed to be buying from Russia. AFAIK, we don’t buy much oil from them, and we definitely aren’t clamoring for their shit goods.

    Is Russia purely a grounds for us to dump our goods in?

  5. That 58% number is way, way, way too low. Every time I start feeling just a leeeeetle bit optimistic about our citizens, I see a poll like this and despair.

    1. These polls on major topics are usually so close. Really, only 58% of people want to avoid a shooting war with Russia? I don’t know what to make of that number. Perhaps Tony is right, and the libertarians are completely out of touch with reality. It’s the liars, warmongers, culture warriors and statists are the ones who have the most accurate grasp of reality.

      1. To be fair the 58% is the number that wants to completely stay out of it. The remaining 42% primarily consists of people who support sanctions (31)%, with support for sending troops at just 8%

      2. To be fair, only 20% favor sending actual troops.

        And yet, 20% is a fucking lot. The thought that one in five people I walk past every day has a raging war boner for a major war against the only other nuclear superpower and conventional military giant on the planet does not give me much comfort.

        1. Thanks for the clarification, and yes, 20% is about 19% too high.

        2. The 20% and 58% are from different sets of questions. The 20% is if Russia further invades (still stupid idea to send troops), the 58% is how many want to do nothing given the current situation

        3. “….a major war against the only other nuclear superpower and conventional military giant on the planet ….”

          Oh, it is worse than that. It would be war on their turf. It would be a bloodbath and we would lose, lose, lose.

  6. “Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Want the US to Stay Out of Ukraine”

    That’s good, because it won’t fit.

    1. I blame Bush fast food

  7. I’m a little disappointed with the 58%, but I can guarantee you that will get a lot higher if Obama and Lurch start drawing red lines and actively calling for military action.

    Of course, that’s not going to happen. If you have nukes, it’s a 100% guarantee no fuck with you policy.

    Not to mention that Obama is already Putin’s bitch and he don’t want further embarrassment.



      1. Putin is a total asshole. But he’s not oppressing me, at all.

        Yeah, shreeky, everyone one here wants a REDNECK GOP FIGHTIN MAN in charge, so keep typing in all caps and someone might believe you. Idiot.

        1. What would your Paul boys do?

          (pretending you are a libertarian and not the Team Red hack that you are)

          1. Exactly what Obama is doing, nothing.

            Only we would tell the truth about the reason why and stop lying, like your master.

            Team Red hack. Haahhaaahahhaa!!!

            I like this shreeky, he is one funny guy!

    2. “Of course, that’s not going to happen. If you have nukes, it’s a 100% guarantee no fuck with you policy.”

      This is exactly right, yet the talking heads, either sincerely or disingenuously, can’t figure out why any other country would want an A-bomb unless it’s to attack Israel or the U.S.

  8. It would be more than 58% but the wingnut media has convinced the idiocracy that Obama is “weak and feckless” for not going in Guns-a-Blazin’ Cowboy Christian style.

    1. He is weak and feckless. That doesn’t mean we should start WW3, but it’s not inaccurate, in any way, fan boy.

      I know, Putin making your idol a biaatch, is embarrassing, but you’ll get over it.

      Nothing to do with cowboys and Christians, dummy. Putin knows that your boy is an effeminate and clueless loser, and he’s having some fun with it. That’s all.

      So, we avoid WW3, we get to laugh at the jug eared loser some more. What’s not to like?

      1. You’re an idiot.

        Odds are greater that Putin takes a Special Ops bullet in the head like bin Laden did before Russia extracts a penny from the USA.


          That is one of the stupidest things you have ever said here, and that’s a hell of an accomplishment!

          Wait…. where was the part that I talked about Putin extracting money from the US? Are you drunk again?

          BTW, if it were possible for your big eared clown to kill someone in Russia, if he had the balls, which he has not even one, Snowden would be dead already.

          1. Snowden is not worth a single wadcutter to his cranium.

            1. So, you’ve finally admitted that you are nothing more than a Bushbama, NeoCon loving statist scum.

              Thanks, for the admission, loser. We all knew it all of the time, but nice for you to finally fess up.

              1. You jump to wrong conclusions.

                Snowden did us a favor so why kill him? No sane person would want to off him.

                1. Your master dreams of offing him, 24×7.

                  What conclusion should I not have jumped to?

                  What you wrote was a clear insult to Snowden, in defense of your master.

                  Stop trying to take it back.

        2. Putin takes a Special Ops bullet in the head

          Bullshit. Putin would disrobe his upper body, deliver a kick to the primary assassin’s head, jump on a horse, let loose several arrows at the others, get into a Hind chopper and use the Yak-B Gatling gun to strafe the attackers, just to make sure that they’re all dead.

        3. Putin has spent the last five years butt fucking Obama on the international stage. Things are so dangerous now because Putin might be embolden to do something like go into the ablative that even a feckless idiot like Obama would have to do something about. And that would mean war

          Obama is almost as stupid as you are and we will lucky to get him out of office before something terrible happens.

          1. See Shreekey’s admission to the world, above, that he’s an authoritarian boot licker, lover of Bushbama.

            He’s freaking out, dude, he’s freaking out.

            I always knew that one day, I would unmask the statist book licking retard for all the world to see.

            It was the image of Putin futtbucking his master that made him snap.

          2. Red Tony pipes in.

            Hey, John, let me know when Obama folds his cards in Iraq like your Bushpig Idol did!

            1. Hey, John, let me know when Obama folds his cards in Iraq like your Bushpig Idol did!

              Hey shrieeky, how many Americans have come home from Afghanistan in body bags since Bin Laden was killed?

        4. The US is not gonna assassinate the president of Russia.

    2. Obama is “weak and feckless” for not going in Guns-a-Blazin’ Cowboy Christian style.

      Leaving aside your racist stab at the Scotch-Irish, Obama is a proven weakling when it comes to foreign policy. Let’s review:

      Supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to the detriment of…everyone in Egypt not backing the Muslim Brotherhood

      Gave Putin the START Treaty.

      Had a war in Libya without Congress’ consent, or even notifying Congress.

      Tried to have a war in Syria, but when the American people stood up against it, he first scolded America, then tucked his tail between his legs.

      Loaned out the drone strike/assassination drones to the Yemeni government to get rid of political opposition.

      Assassinated at least two American citizens without due process or even just cause.

      Signed the START Treaty with Russia (which they will abide by as closely as they do their other nuclear disarmament agreements)

      Launched the “surge” in Afghanistan resulting in more American soldiers deaths in Afghanistan than in Dubya’s entire term.

      Tried to pressure China into stopping its currency manipulation, got punked.

      Tried to pressure Israel to stop building settlements, got punked.

      Sends troops into Africa to “advise” in civil wars.

    3. I am curious shreek. What criteria do your handlers use for sending you out? Why all the excitement over this particular article?

      Is this a sore spot for you or for all Organizing for Action people?

      I guess watching Putin punk your twink fairy idol over and over really got to you.

  9. Poll: 54% of Americans disagree with the other 45%. 1% still undecided.

  10. Shreekey is freaking out, man, he’s freaking out.

    1. Stock market is tanking.

      That always upsets Shrike as he worships it like it is God.

      1. He gets especially frustrated in that it’s extremely difficult to get your mouth around something so tiny as the micro-penis on his Warren Buffet statue.

  11. Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Want the US to Stay Out of Ukraine


    More than 50% of the people voted for Obama in 2012.

    1. Not to mention that four out of five dentists surveyed recommend sugarless gum for their patients that chew gum.

    2. More than 50% of people *who voted* voted for Obama

      1. And, 58% of Americans that that were counted in this pole want the US to Stay Out of Ukraine.

      2. NEVER FORGET THIS! Out of the roughly 240 million adults in the country, only 66 million voted for Obama. This should be a source of pride for an-caps, libertarians, etc. and they should harp on it much more often — regardless of which Party is in the White House.

  12. Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me dude.

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