Coexist *This*, Mofo! Dartmouth Student Literally Runs Over Free Speech!


The short (90 seconds) video above tells funny but appalling story that illustrates what happens when the thug's veto gets a car.

Dartmouth's Robert Smith and a bunch of anti-abortion activists put together a display that used small American flags to denote the number of abortions performed in America since Roe v. Wade made the procedure legal. Another student who disagreed with the display then proceeded to run over the flags.

The kicker? The car of the thug sported a "COEXIST" bumper sticker.

Watch above. And read this article by Greg Lukianoff, the head of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) and author of Unlearning Liberty:

Incidents like this are part of the reason that the title of my book is Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate. By "unlearning liberty," we at FIRE generally mean that colleges and the campus environments they have established are teaching students all the wrong lessons about what it means to live in a free society. For instance, this March, we are once again seeing the opening of what FIRE has dubbed "disinvitation season": a now-yearly ritual in which students and faculty members band together to try to deny a place at their colleges to commencement speakers whose opinions they dislike.

Americans should be alarmed that students and even faculty members (who should know better) are turning away from critical thinking and reasoned debate, and instead learning to think like censors. It's bad enough that 59% of universities maintain unconstitutional speech codes; it's also unacceptable that so many students meekly accept when they are told they need to limit their protests to the tiny free speech zone on campus. But it's far, far worse when students come to believe that censorship is what good and noble people just do.

Full story here.

Bonus video: A year ago, FIRE released this interview with me in which I talk about the contemporary university as "the incubator of the nanny state" and discuss three of my intellectual heroes: Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, and Leslie Fiedler. The latter may not be as well known to Reason readers as the first two. Fiedler, one of the very most influential literary and cultural critics of post-war America, exemplifies the passion for free speech and serious engagement within and without the academy. Read about him here.

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  1. The kicker? The car of the thug sported a “COEXIST” bumper sticker.


  2. The presence of the COEXIST bumper sticker doesn’t really tell us anything about the guy’s beliefs or political affiliations, just that he’s definitely a complete douchebag.

    1. this

    2. Just that he used his girl-friend’s car.

    3. Smug douchebag. Very most smug douchebag, even.

      1. I can’t be the only one expecting the car to be a Prius?

        1. My money would be on Subaru.

          1. I just paid off my Subaru this month! Yay!

            Volvo. I’ve never met a Volvo driver who wasn’t a liberal douche.

            1. I drive a Volvo.

              But I hate every moment of it.

              Volvos are the worst cars ever made. Never drive one.

              Not even if you win a free one on a game show.

              It will cost you more in repairs per month on average than it will cost you to lease a Honda.

              1. I dated a girl who drove a Volvo. I called it the Vulva.

              2. The worst money pit of a car I ever had was a Jeep. Never again will I purchase a vehicle with a UAW sticker.

                1. Never again will I purchase a vehicle with a UAW sticker.

                  Me, neither. Between the quality, the bailout, and my simple desire not to fund criminal organizations, I’m out of the market for any kind of “American” car.

            2. Volvos got so expensive that the progs who can afford them buy BMW*, Audi, or Mercedes.

              *BMW is the marque in the US with the highest percentage of self-identified Democrat drivers.

              1. I like my BMW and will not stand by as you libel my Sylvia!

              2. As a BMW driver I’m offended by this revelation. How did you get this statistic?

                1. 90% of all statistics on the Internet are made up . . . ..

            3. I’ve never met a Volvo driver who wasn’t a liberal douche.

              The one friend of mine who trusted government even less than I do drove a SAAB. Not a Volvo, but another Swedish car.


              1. I drove my friends “Vulva” wagon. I was conflicted.

              2. You almost have to be a contrarian individualist to drive a car with the ignition lock in the console.

            4. My parents owned two Volvo’s back to back – the wagons that were ‘styled’ to look like shipping containers with windshields. Those things were tanks. I seriously believe that some where in the Swedish government’s secret files are plans for attaching gun turrets to the things.

              My father died two years ago. The second Volvo was still running ?. and had a Libertarian bumper sticker on it. The car was a quarter-century old. I don’t remember how long the previous one had lasted, but the car before THAT had bee a Rambler.

              I will admit that a lot of comfortable Liberal twits drive Volvos, though.

          2. I drive a Subaru.

            I don’t remember seeing a coexist sticker on any car that was remotely close to new.

            1. I second this observation.

            2. Every rusty Subaru in Asheville, NC sports one.

              1. Every rusty Subaru vehicle in Asheville, NC sports one.

              2. chick vehicles I suppose.

          3. My money would be on Subaru.

            *Hangs head in shame*

            At least mine’s not a Forrester, which is the Subie of choice for all the granola crunching hipster fucks.

            1. As well as middle-aged engineers that have to drive 30 miles to work through snow and ice from Thanksgiving to St Pat’s day (and sometimes beyond).

              1. 30 miles to work through snow and ice from Thanksgiving to St Pat’s day

                Get an FJ Cruiser. The last word in snow-capable vehicles, IMO. Between the mitten-friendly controls, the clearance, the 4WD, and the blow-torch heater, I don’t see how you can do better.

                This is the last year they’ll make them, BTW.

              2. As well as middle-aged engineers that have to drive 30 miles to work through snow and ice from Thanksgiving to St Pat’s day (and sometimes beyond).

                …Chicago? You aren’t the guy with the Ruger logo on the back window, are you?

            2. The new Forester is pretty damn nice and practical in every way. It’s stupid to buy a car for image rather than utility. And there is utility to sports cars, you just need the right driver and roads for it.

            3. My wife still hasn’t forgiven me for buying her a Forester. I liked the thing.

        2. “College activists” of this type cannot afford Priuses.

          1. No. But their parents can.

            1. Oh yeah, good point.

            2. I thought of that after I clicked “submit”.

        3. Unpossible it was a Prius. He did donuts with it

      2. Definitely shops as Whole Foods.

    4. Anyone with more than two bumper stickers is pretty much guaranteed to be an asshole, no matter the content.

      I honestly sort of like the Coexist one. Who can argue with the basic idea behind it that the various religions of the world should accept that the others exist and are going to continue to do so and you just have to be OK with that.

      1. OK, hold it. I’ve seen plenty of cars with two stickers that were apparently driven by decent sorts (signal to merge, stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, pull over to talk on the phone, that kind of thing). My father had two (I Brake For People, Repeal The 16th Amendment).I would also venture to say that most cars sporting an “I Am Dread Pirate Roberts #72377, Ask About Franchise Opportunities In Your Area” seem to be owned by nice folk.

        I will also assert that, with a single exception, every single car I ever saw sporting a “Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Republican” sticker was driven by a swine.

        1. Two is OK. More than two is a warning sign. I suppose there are always exceptions, but it seems to be a good rule of thumb.

        2. But what would you think of the person who had a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac?

    5. …douchebag that’s never left the country.

    6. That’s not true – those stickers mean people believe in cultural relativism – that all cultures are equal, regardless of their beliefs or actions.


    Natives of a college campus defend themselves against strange non-conforming creatures which are offending them one by one.

    Starring Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon

  4. one of the very most influential literary and cultural critics of post-war America


    1. Oh, very well.

      “One of the very most *unique* literary ….”

      1. You’re triggering my inner grammar Nazi.

        1. “Co-exist”, then.

  5. Have you guys seen the CAPITALIST version of the COEXIST bumper sticker? I saw one a few weeks ago. The L, I think, was a gun. Something was a gun at least. I had a laugh.

    1. I’m partial to this one.

      1. That one is funnier.

      2. Beautiful. Thanks!

      1. Yes, that one! Thanks.

      2. Not bad, though I’m not sure what the Star of David has to do with capitalism.

        If it’s because for the most of history Jews in Europe operated outside of church approved commerce, fine. I Have a hard time thinking it has anything to do with
        the socialist State of Israel and the fact that most American Jews are flaming liberals if not actual communists.

        1. Same thing the cross has to do with capitalism.


        2. I’m not sure what the Star of David has to do with capitalism

          What are Rand, Rothbard, Friedman, von Mises, et al.? Chopped liver?

          1. Sorry, for every one of those you have about a thousand “red diaper babies”.

            Rand, Rothbard, Friedman, von Mises, et al are the equivalent of the “Jews in Europe [who] operated outside of church approved commerce”. They are not representative of Jews in America today.

        3. It’s AGAINST capitalism. It was put out by “The Vast Conspiracy”.

    2. A quick google yielded this. That part about ‘people cooperating freely’ would cause progressive heads to explode, since they view capitalism as slavery to teh core pour ray shuns.

      1. I’m getting it. It will fit nicely next to my “I AM JOHN GALT” sticker on my 3/4 ton Chevy diesel.

        1. I generally don’t put stickers on my vehicles. Though I have seriously considered a TANSTAAFL sticker as of late. Not that many people would really get it.

  6. Mister Coexist was only being tolerant by not tolerating intolerant pro-lifers.

    1. You should post these as “Marcusmic.”

  7. Shouldn’t be hard to track down the driver and charge it with several coexisting offenses.

  8. Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, and Leslie Fiedler.

    Fiedler is the only one of the three I ever met. He was speaking on Gone With the Wind and in the Q&A after I asked him about another author we both liked.

    Leslie A. Fiedler Notes on Phillip Jose Farmer

    1. _Riders of the Purple Wage_ FTW!

  9. I heart this.

  10. I was a little buzzed and feeling ornery a few weeks ago. I walked past a girl loading the trunk of her car which was displaying the Coexist sticker. As I passed, I pointed to her sticker and I casually remarked, “One of those symbols wants to murder all the other symbols.” She looked pretty freaked out.

    1. I doubt she knows what a crescent is a symbol of.

      1. I figure she probably thought he meant the cross. SOCONZZZZ!1!!

        1. KKKRISHTUN TALLIBANZ!@!!!1!!!!!!11!!

    2. Which one? Prince? That’s Prince, right?

  11. Does he have the license plate? Did the Administration do anything?

    Or can anyone do donuts on the Dartmouth quad?

    1. Of course not, everyone knows that Donuts have been found to contain far too many saturated fats and carbohydrates, they were regulated as a controled substance on campus years ago and only police officers have the proper training to use them safely

    2. Did the Administration do anything?

      I’m sure they’ll track the driver down so they can him a fucking medal for ruining that EVUL SOCON’Z display.

  12. I think I’d like to visit some of these universities with a petition that says “Speech code, my ass. I will say what I want, when I want, and where I want, and if the university attempts to stop me, I will litigate.” Get a couple hundred signatures on that, and what’s a leftard university apparatchik going to do about it?


    1. The same thing they always do whenever their beloved democracy doesn’t give them the desired result: appeal to authority.

  13. The car of the thug sported a “COEXIST” bumper sticker.

    People who have that idiotic bumper sticker don’t actually have any interest in actual peacefull coexistence with icky people with whom they disagree on political and social issues. They especially have no interest in coexisting with conservatives and christians, despite the cross being used as the “t”.

    Or maybe the person just put the bumper sticker on their car to be ironic? More likely exlanation is that they’re completely devoid of self awareness or any capacity for original thought. Their brians are literally empty vessels for their proggie professors to fill with nonsense.

  14. Next time put a bunch of caltrops down around the flags to, uh, represent the pain the aborted fetuses may have suffered.

    1. Threadwinner.

  15. I haven’t been able to post here on my desktop PC for like a week. I have no idea WTF was going on. I couldn’t login, I would get a 500 error(all browsers). I tried literally everything and no luck.

    And just today, it started working again. Very strange.

    Anyway, talk about tolerant liberals on campuses:

    More tolerant liberal behavior

    I especially love this paragraph:

    Even though she injured the teenager, Miller-Young defended her actions and told police she felt morally justified. She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did, and that she felt she had set a good example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator.

    What to do about these assholes? Much like the warm mongers and enviro-nazis, just get some popcorn and beer, sit back and watch them self destruct for your entertainment.

    1. They’ve been having problems with the comment system.

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