Reason TV Documentary Brings Change to Cleveland Public Schools


Cleveland, Ohio, Mayor Frank Jackson and school CEO Eric Gordon proposed changes to the school district in The Cleveland Plan (Approved by the state legislature in HB525 in 2012.) Several of the proposals in The Cleveland Plan came from a Reason Foundation policy brief called, Ten Ideas to Fix Cleveland Schools. The reform plan was also influenced by the 2010 Reason TV documentary Reason Saves Cleveland, part of which highlighted strong results in charter schools in Cleveland. The effects of HB525 will be implemented into the 2014-2015 school year.

Watch the "Fix the Schools" episode of Reason Saves Cleveland above and read the original post below:

Cleveland's public schools are failing to prepare students for their futures and as a result, all parents who can afford to have been fleeing to the suburbs for decades.

Yet some urban schools, like Think College Now in Oakland, California are finding out that a combination of administrative autonomy and accountability can lead to amazing results. Within Cleveland's own boundaries, charter schools are booming and delivering quality education at a fraction of the cost of traditional public schools.

Does Cleveland have what it takes to fundamentally reform its K-12 education system and become a leader in 21st-century education?

Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey is written and produced by Paul Feine; camera and editing by Roger Richards and Alex Manning; narrated by Nick Gillespie; music by the Cleveland band Cats on Holiday. This is the second of six episodes that will air March 15-19, 2010.

Approximately 10 minutes long.

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