David Cameron Wants Fan of 'Rules-Based Anarchy' Back in Parliament


Credit: BackBoris2012 / Foter / CC BY-ND/

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he would like to see London Mayor Boris Johnson back in parliament.

Johnson, who once described his ideal society as something similar to "rules-based anarchy," has been discussed as a possible future prime minister, although Johnson rejected such talk in 2012, saying that the chances of him becoming prime minister are thin:

My realistic chances of becoming Prime Minister are only slightly better than my chances of being decapitated by a Frisbee, blinded by a champagne cork, locked in a disused fridge, or reincarnated as a olive.

However, last year Johnson used a rugby analogy to point out that he wouldn't be opposed to the idea of pursuing Cameron's job under the right circumstances.

Last year, an article in the Economist suggested than Johnson was a mainstream British politician that could "tap into" the "passive libertarian sentiment among the disengaged." The same article had the following to say about young Britons:

Young Britons are classical liberals: as well as prizing social freedom, they believe in low taxes, limited welfare and personal responsibility. In America they would be called libertarians.

The self-described fan of "rules-based anarchy" may indeed be able to speak to a young classically liberal generation, but assuming Johnson is open to the idea of one day living in 10 Downing Street he still needs to re-enter parliament and win the leadership of the Conservative Party before that can become a realistic prospect.

Watch Channel 4's docudrama, "When Boris Met Dave," below. It is an interesting and entertaining look at the Johnson-Cameron relationship, which began when they were both students at Oxford University.