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Psycho Door-Kicking Cop Embodies Strong Argument Against Gun Registration


Facebook crazy
Freedom Outpost/John Cinque

Gun rights circles are buzzing over Facebook gloating by a Branford, Connecticut, police officer over the power the state's new gun (and magazine) registration law gives him to kick in doors and snatch firearms. The comments seem to have earned Officer Joseph Peterson a little time out of the office. They also wonderfully illustrate the dangers of letting politicians turn every bugaboo and pet peeve into an excuse for officials great and small to use their power against citizens. Because even if some restrictive laws are good ideas (and most are not), they'll inevitably be enforced by people who will abuse their authority.

Most arguments against government policies turn on their moral and practical failings, assuming that they're implemented with unified intentions, good or bad. Arguments against gun laws generally hinge on the disempowerment of individuals relative to the state. But laws are enforced by individuals with varying competence and agendas that may have nothing to do with the bigger picture. In the case of the Branford, Connecticut, Police Department's Officer Joseph Peterson, the law apparently represents an opportunity to wield a raging hard-on for power and to lord it over the little people.

In a heated Facebook conversation about Connecticut's gun registration law, enforcement, and defiance thereof, supplied by activist John Cinque to Freedom Outpost, Peterson remarked at one point, "I give my left nut to bang down your door and come for your gun…you idiot grow up."

Peterson isn't the first person to lose his cool in a social media conversation, but that's the point. Many people blow their stacks in public and private in ways that reveal their inner asshole, but most of them aren't authorized to handcuff people, kick in doors, and potentially kill in the enforcement of laws. That power demands self control and a hell of a lot of integrity. The more laws you have on the books, the more interactions between citizens and enforcers that will put that integrity and self control to the test.

Once Peterson's Facebook comments became public, the Branford Police Department issued a press release (below) announcing that an unnamed officer is under investigation for Facebook comments. The department didn't return a call by press time, so it's not entirely certain that the officer in question is Peterson (though if not, the department has a bigger problem than appears at first glance), and it's not clear whether the Workers' Compensation Leave is a response to the incident, or a pre-existing condition.

But here's the thing: For every person who says something stupid in public, an unknown number of other people think the same thing but have the wisdom to leave it unspoken. That Peterson wishes publicly for an opportunity to "bang down your door and come for your gun" is a good sign that other cops want to do exactly that, but don't post the sentiment on Facebook.

Lord Acton's comment that "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" isn't just a trite throw-away line—it's a recognition of reality. Human beings abuse any authority given to them. Offer them a license to kick in doors and they'll covet and misuse that, too. That's a great reason to keep the excuses for using such coercive power to an absolute minimum.

Peterson's Facebook comments aren't remarkable because his sentiments are unusual, but because they're not at all out of the ordinary. And so are the dangers they represent.

Officer Joseph Peterson press release
Branford Police Department

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  1. So the cop was already on an extended vacation, eh?

    I might ask that, if you are able to spend time on the computer arguing on the internet, you are able to spend time on the computer doing work, so why is this cop getting paid to sit at home?

    1. It’s safer than letting him interact with the public directly.

      1. Hey, man, WORDS CAN HURT.

  2. Lord Acton’s comment that “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” isn’t just a trite throw-away line?it’s a recognition of reality.

    I prefer this quote:

    “All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible. Such people have a tendency to become drunk on violence, a condition to which they are quickly addicted.”

    – Frank Herbert Dune

    1. Nietzsche from The Will to Power

      “You haven’t, any of you, the courage either to kill or to flog a man. But the huge machinery of the State quells the individual and makes him decline to be answerable for his own deed (obedience, loyalty, etc.).

      Everything that a man does in the service of the State is against his own nature. Similarly, everything he learns in view of future service of the State. This result is obtained through division of labour (so the responsibility is subdivided too):
      The legislator – and he who fulfills the law
      The teacher of discipline – and those who have grown hard and severe under discipline.”

  3. He may not be the psychopath we want, but he’s the psychopath we need.

    1. You enforce the law with the psychopath you have at the time, not the psychopath you wish you had.

      1. You dance with the psychopath that brought you.

    2. When you sup with a psychopath you had best bring a long spoon.


    1. Stop it, Warty. Everyone can have their turn with Tucille if we cooperate.

      1. Ewwww.

    2. which of the seventeen is the left one?

    3. So when he kicks in my door he prefers to be shot in the nuts. Noted.

      1. Well he already sacrificed his soul and his brain, his nuts are all he has left.

        Either that or he values his nuts higher than his other organs, including brain, heart, liver, etc.

      2. Only the left one.

  5. I assume the “Mental Health Registry” mob are full-throatedly baying for this guy to lose his ability to possess any firearms in perpetuity.

  6. Interesting how the rebuttal from these bright lights is usually, “Duuuhh, whydoncha grow up.”

    1. Followed soon after by an assertion that you can’t fight a tank with a rifle. I always enjoy that one.

      1. It really depends on how big your rifle is…

      2. Got to get out of your tank to piss every once in a while.

        1. It Depends.

    2. He is the man and everyone else around him is the child. This is the mindset the state perpetuates within the law enforcement community which is managed by religious zealots and socialists both of which stringently agree that the citizenry as a whole remains in constant need of therapy, guidance, and leadership.

  7. In the case of the Branford, Connecticut, Police Department’s Officer Joseph Peterson, the law apparently represents an opportunity to wield a raging hard-on for power and to lord it over the little people.

    That’s the rule, not the exception.

  8. an unnamed officer is under investigation for Facebook comments.

    We wouldn’t want this man’s privacy to be invaded by the people who pay his fucking salary, would we?

    That would be hurtful.

    1. But I was told that if you post stuff on Facebook, you forfeited your right to privacy. Guess that only applies to Proles and not Party Members or the King’s Men.

  9. What is this, nut-punch Wednesday?

    Last three stories were bad cop stories. We have an EPIDEMIC!

    1. I think we passed out of epidemic into status quo a long time ago.

  10. “I give my left nut to bang down your door and come for your gun…you idiot grow up.”


    1. At least he ought to learn how to talk some good FB smack talk

      “I give my left nut to bang down your door with my left nut and come for smash your gun with my right nut…you idiot grow up some balls like these.

  11. I give my left nut to bang down your door and come for your gun

    With any luck, it will cost him a lot more than that.

  12. Workers comp for a missing testicle?

  13. Too bad you couldn’t pass the firefighter exam…and had to be a cop


    1. “Sorry about your height.”

  14. Is he admitting that it would be alright to shoot him in the nuts if he bangs down your door?

  15. “I give my left nut…”

    You know who else had only one ball?

    1. That odd guy I dated in college?

  16. soliciting organ trading is a felony. prosecute.

  17. Maybe Governor Malloy will, in a show of appreciation for this fine public servant’s enthusiasm and devotion to duty, appoint Officer Peterson to his personal security detail.

  18. Dude’s clearly not an Oathkeeper?

    1. Wonder what happened to those guys; hadn’t heard a peep in years

      1. Assume they’re still out there. Most of the publicity they got was from hysterical proggies. That backfired on them since it’s hard to generate outrage over people who promise NOT to herd the public into FEMA camps. The worst charge that could stick to them, even in Proggie-land, was that they were paranoid.

      2. Still active as of August!

        From the Wikipedia article on Oath Keepers:

        In addition to maintaining a web site, Oath Keepers has taken various actions. It placed a billboard at the D.C. Metro White House Station on August 12, 2013, directed toward White House employees, stating, “Snowden honored his oath. Honor yours! Stop Big Brother! Expose unconstitutional actions.”

        Also, an attempted SPLC smear-job against them backfired badly when they tried to paint OK as racist – founder Stewart Rhodes is one-quarter Mexican.

        So, yeah, the proggies are still licking their wounds from that one.

      3. Threats of prosecution and court martial. They’re quieter now.

        1. Yeah, around but quiet. I should have joined them while I was still in, dammit.

  19. That power demands self control and a hell of a lot of integrity.

    Ok. I laughed.

    1. Since this does not exist can we all just agree law enforcement is best left to mallum en se crimes and quit with the whole mallum phrohibitas bullshit?

  20. Wonder what happened to those guys

    I suspect they have been systematically expunged from as many police forces as possible.

  21. Jesus people, loose the tin foil hats, nobody’s coming for you guns

    1. Come back when you learn to spell and punctuate correctly.

    2. OK…
      *opens cage*
      “Fly, foil hats, be free!!”

    3. nobody’s coming for you guns

      Unless you live in California. Or Connecticut.

      1. Or Maryland , Or New York

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