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Sick: NYC's Bill de Blasio Puts Politics Before Poor Kids


"Sick: NYC's Bill de Blasio Puts Politics Before Poor Kids," produced, written, and edited by Jim Epstein. 

This video originally aired Mar 6, 2014  Original writeup is below:

About 11,000 charter-school students and their parents descended on the state capitol building in Albany on Tuesday to protest New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's decision to block two new charter schools from opening next year and to halt the expansion of a third.

De Blasio will allow 16 other charter schools to move forward with their plans to open next year. So what does he have against these three schools in particular? The answer: He's settling an old political score on behalf of his cronies in the teachers union.

The three schools sunk by the mayor are part of Success Academy, a charter network that posts exceptional test scores and had five applicants for every opening last year. "You're stopping one of the best charter schools with the highest grades," says Dyreeta Donahue, whose child attends a Success Academy school. "That just doesn't make sense. If the school was failing, then I would understand."

But Success Academy happens to be run by a former politician named Eva Moskowitz, who made enemies with the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) during her tenure as chair of New York City Council's education committee.

In November 2003, Moskowitz held a multi-day hearing on how union contracts imposed inane work rules on public schools and made it nearly impossible for principals to fire bad teachers. At the hearings she went toe to toe with one of the most powerful political figures in the city, UFT President Randi Weingarten.

During her testimony, Weingarten was flanked by the head of New York City's Central Labor Council,Brian McLaughlin, who would later go to prison for embezzlement. McLaughlin told New York's Daily News that he showed up because he "wanted to remind the city council members that the entire labor movement in the city is watching them."

They got the message. Bill de Blasio, at the time a member of the city council, did what he could to distance himself from Moskowitz during the hearing. When a group of witnesses spoke about how the UFT contract made it difficult to remove bad teachers, de Blasio was dismissive. "I served in the Clinton administration, so I know what spin looks like when I see it," de Blasio said. "And this is spin."

Two years later, when Moskowitz ran for Manhattan borough president, Weingarten and the teachers unioncampaigned against her. Moskowitz lost the election, which (for the time being at least) ended her career in politics.

During a public forum held on May 11, 2013, which was hosted by the UFT, de Blasio told the audience: "It's time for Eva Moskowitz to stop having the run of the place…. She has to stop being tolerated, enabled, supported."

Now that he's the mayor, de Blasio is doing what he can to please the teachers union and undermine Eva Moskowitz's schools—even if it means taking away the opportunities for thousands of kids to get a better education.

But at Tuesday's rally, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) and several state lawmakers from both sides of the aisle threw their support behind Eva Moskowitz and the kids she serves. Because many of the rules and funds governing charters are set at the state level, Cuomo in many ways has more control over the issue than de Blasio—and he may intervene and provide the funding that Moskowitz' schools need to open after all.

New York's battle over school choice is just getting started—and nobody has more at stake than the parents and kids who may be forced to return to their failing district schools next fall.

About 5 minutes.

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    1. Hah! 20ish cops in a town of 500. My local police force has 20 cops – and they serve a town with 15,000ish people.

      Oh and it turns out at least 5 of them are Police1 members (according to Police1’s info on the department anyway).

    2. I read the entire article and it didn’t seem consistent with CNN’s typical brand of journalism. This story was lengthy, detailed, and apparently researched with rigor. CNN has always functioned as the de facto Ministry of Truth for all levels of gubmint in the U.S., from the local to the federal, so this story must have slid past the editor.

      Though these abuses are absolutely appalling, my blood pressure really shot up after reading the goddamned partisan-fueled comments. What a bunch of fucking slaves.

      Here’s one from an apparent research fellow with the Institute for Advanced Study:

      I love Florida. The weather has been totally beautiful and I fish, play tennis and golf here and love it. Even now I am looking out over the most beautiful teal blue water. Much better then the back biting lib states that are all full of PC BS and gays protesting and unfriendly people everywhere. So fk you.

    3. tl;dr

      But, for the record, my town has 606 peeps. ZERO cops.

      Heaven on earth.

      1. It’s worth the read if you want to experience some righteous anger.

        What do you have, a sheriff?

        1. County sheriff.

          State police.

          1. That’s not really “no cops” then.

            Place I grew up in had 4000 people but wasn’t incorporated, so we only had the county sheriff and highway patrol. But the town was the county seat, so the sheriff and jail were headquartered there, and the HP had a little office as well. Between the two of them, we had plenty of cops running around.

            1. FdA, you just got Bo’ed.

            2. The sheriff’s office and state police barracks are 30 miles away.

              It’s as no cops as you can get. Other than on Rodeo Days, for crowd control, I haven’t seen a cop in town in the three years I’ve lived here.

              1. I live in a similar situation.

                And it’s amazing, too, we have maybe 2 murders a year in the entire country of 200,000 people.

                Meanwhile, in the metro area, with 300,000, there are 120+ murders a year.

                It’s amazing how a difference in culture (rural vs innercity) can produce such different results despite huge amounts of guns and drugs in both…

  1. “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”

    “Apocryphally” attributed to Albert Shanker

  2. Socialist is corrupt. News at 11.

    1. Dont worren, Brennan will take of them.

      1. We’re going to have to nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  3. de Blasio is just that deep bottom of the scuzzbucket, where a level of evil and nasty that might be impervious to nuclear incineration lives.

  4. I remember this girl in one of my classes who said that if parent’s are stupid and gullible enough to believe that charter schools will help their children, then they deserved to be duped. That was one of the few times I went off. I got pretty pissed because considering that many parents in Chicago don’t much of an option to take their children out of shitty schools, charter schools while imperfect on some levels, does offer parent’s a choice. She responded that the parent’s can’t decide which schools they send their children to because they don’t know if they are being tricked or not and that there are qualified people to make those decisions.

    Progressives make the same arguments that slave owners made when asked about giving blacks the freedom to make their own choices: We are doing it for their own good.

    1. Progressives make the same arguments that slave owners

      That’s because Progressives are slave owners. Why do you think they dole out housing, food, education, and now, healthcare? Why do you think they seek government monopoly in these areas? Control.

      1. Absolutely. Control is the name of the game. It’s also pure arrogance. If you gourd a progressive long enough, they will admit that certain people shouldn’t be able to make decisions and thus a certain group of people should be the ones making the decisions. Oddly enough, they always imagine themselves being the decision makers.

  5. So De Blasio for president in 2016? We seem to love electing people who behave this way.

    1. Nahhh! That’s the face of a guy who drives a van with no windows….”free candy” spray painted on both sides. He’ll stir too much primal loathing to ever be considered……but hey if you New Yorkers like him ……?!

    2. Warren/de Blasio 2016: Because the End Can’t Come Quick Enough!

    3. Hell yeah. Get him out of my city.

      1. Onloy if you take Pelosi in return! Hell, the hag started in NJ.

      2. Your city?

        I think you may be in his city

        NY really doesn’t need another racist, women-hating teabagger who wants to make uteri illegal and hates gays but sucks koch.

      3. I second your motion.

        I never thought NYC would meet a progressive socialist they didn’t love, but on the plus side his star seems to be fading pretty fast:

        Ending the worst week of his mayoralty ? his next good week will be his first ? de Blasio got poll-whacked, with his job-approval rating sinking to 39 percent. Only black New Yorkers give him even 50 percent, and he’s under a majority in each of the five boroughs, according to the Wall Street Journal/WNBC/Marist survey.…..amas-twin/

        Of course that will probably all change as soon as he promises some free stuff and hops back on the class warfare train, but it’s nice for now.

        1. The fact he would become more popular and be rewarded by hopping “back on the class warfare train”, would imply that majority of New York City residents do not share your view that we should be sucking CEO “job creator” c*ck…

          Guess I’m with the majority, but you should have fun on your knees like the slave and class traitor you are.

  6. OT: Eminent domain abuse?

    In the town of Missoula, MT, the mayor wants to spend over $1 million of taxpayer money to use ED litigation to condemn the private water utility so the city can control it. Because only government-controlled water is safe and clean, or something.…..963f4.html

    1. *Note: The $1 million is how much the private group estimates will cost it in legal defense; the city, should it lose in a suit, would cost $800k.

    2. Can’t we just give Missoula to California? God what a progressive shithole.

      1. It’s only getting worse. The city council wants to create a Health and Public Safety district…

  7. When we have same sex marriage threads here a fair amount of paleos show up and say the problem is not the government discriminating against gays in handing our marriage licenses, it is that government is handing out marriage licenses at all, and therefore they oppose SSM recognition.

    By that logic, should not the same people come onto discussions of school voucher and choice programs and say the problem is not the lack of choice, but that government is funding schools at all, and therefore they oppose school voucher and choice programs?

    1. Government does not (yet) force people to get married. They certainly don’t threaten to take away their children and place them in the care of strangers if you don’t get hitched.

      The problem isn’t government funding schools, it’s government making schooling compulsory.

      1. The government does force everyone, whether they have school aged children or not, to pay for schools (and this applies under choice programs too).

      2. “Government does not (yet) force people to get married.”

        For what it is worth, government used to ‘force’ people to get married, there were laws against cohabitation and such until those pesky liberal activist judges created the privacy right that so many were lamenting in the abortion thread earlier today…

    2. It’s a compromise. Actually suggesting the removal of all funding for schools is a nonstarter. At least vouchers bring back some (most) free market mechanisms.

      1. This, thank you.

      2. “Actually suggesting the removal of all funding for schools is a nonstarter.”

        And the removal of all government recognition of marriage is not?

        1. “And the removal of all government recognition of marriage is not?”

          I’d say that has a heck of a lot better chance…

    3. When we have same sex marriage threads here

      which we’re not having on this particular story, so why in the hell are you bringing it up? Yet again.

      But to your question, no, people don’t have to say they oppose govt in schools because most have already done so. Charters are a ray of hope in the pile of shit that is public schools, and look how they’re being fought, ironically by the very people who claim to care for kids and the poorz. Fight the damn battle at hand and is winnable instead of the war that is not, at least not right now.

      1. which we’re not having on this particular story, so why in the hell are you bringing it up? Yet again.

        Well, for starters,……..hey! Look over there!

      2. And everything you say could be said about government involvement in marriage, right?

    4. Ahem…

      Who here is in favor of publically funded schools?

      1. Tony, shreek, uh….

    5. This is why Cato (hardly paleo) researchers and fellows have been more supportive of scholarship fund tax credits.

  8. In court on Wednesday, a federal prosecutor, Daniel A. Braun, formally asked for leniency for Mr. McLaughlin, saying he had provided “substantial assistance” to the government, though he did not offer details in open court.

    Even the prosecutor thought a corrupt union leader ought to have leniency. The judge disagreed and gave him 10 years.

    1. “Even the prosecutor thought a corrupt union leader ought to have leniency. The judge disagreed and gave him 10 years.”

      Surprising. Gratifying.

  9. My thoughts on DiBlasio a. He was the only mayoral candidate that would possibly give me a raise.
    b. the amount of fires in NY will go up which means more fun for me.
    c. There is no c.
    d. I still wish he would die a horrible death.

  10. Jim Epstein and Peggy Noonan should go bowling. They’d hit it off great!

    “What a small and politically vicious man New York’s new mayor is. Bill de Blasio doesn’t like charter schools. They are too successful to be tolerated.


    Ideologues will sacrifice anything to their ideology. Even children.”

    Peggy Noonan, March 6, 2014…..2327569982

    Noonan cites this stat:

    “Their teachers are not unionized. Their students usually outscore their counterparts at conventional public schools on state tests. Success Academy does particularly well. Last year 82% of its students passed citywide math exams. Citywide the figure was 30%.”

    Those are impressive results! Without unionized teachers. AND it saves the taxpayers’ money?

    Of course the progressives want to get rid of it!

    1. De Blasio is still riding the wave of that 15% “landslide” he got… I have a pleasant feeling that he’s already reaching too far here – his approval ratings are in the tank.

    1. Man, what are the odds of a person with sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation ending up with a cat that is also sensitive?

      I kind of want to take apart an old wireless router, remove the guts, and put in and LED or two. Put it in a room with these kooks, controlled from a switch on the other side of a wall. Have them hit a chess timer or something when they get affected by the thing.

      And then have a massive, high power one in the ceiling.


        As an electrical engineer, who specializes in electromagnetics, these people amuse me.

        For all of you wondering still, the airport scanners can’t hurt you either.

        1. Although I do understand other reasons for not wanting to go through…

        2. Woohoo! I’m not alone anymore. Being a RF and microwave specialist is no fun at parties.

          1. “Oh so you’re responsible for those machines?”

            Then I have to play it off, “well the technology that I work on can be used for medical purposes.”

      2. This test has been done under controlled conditions. Unsurprisingly, their reactions corresponded to the false visual and auditory cues and not to the EM field levels.

    2. “Deborah added: ‘Mimi went from being a typical house cat to one that would never stay home and eventually she ran away and never came back.”

      I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

    3. I recall reading about this woman who had horrible toxic reactions to common household things like plastic telephones and Formica(tm). At the time I wondered why it was that these people who had these horrible reactions to modern substances were invariably hardcore Greenies.

      Bonus points: To protect her from these horrible toxins, this woman had her whole house interior sheathed with plastic sheeting! Good thing it was organic plastic!

      … Hobbit

  11. “wanted to remind the city council members that the entire labor movement in the city is watching them.”

    I’m pretty sure you should have a good supply of toilet tissue to deal with a “labor movement”.

    1. Yeah, the kind with the puppy on the wrapper.

      1. Pretty sure you’d need the one with the bears for that.

  12. The other 16 charter schools will have long term lane closures near them.

  13. Which one of you crashed the HBOgo server?

  14. So the time change still hasn’t sunk in for me: I thought True Detective would come on now at 6 but it’s really 7.

    And I was punished by flipping over to ‘Girls’ and seeing undressed Lena Dunham.

    1. I signed up for HBO, but there’s something wrong with the cable card in my Tivo. I have to use HBOGo. Which somebody here crashed.

    2. Wife is saving the WoW. Probably going to have to wait until tomorrow to see it.


  15. Anyone see this caddy ad?

    I guess the proggies are pissed because it glorifies exploitation, or like totally makes fun of Europe who is much more like enlightened than us and stuff which is fucked up because people should not have to work the whole year just to eat cheap mcdonalds and watch reality shows, man, they should like live in walkable communities and not be like close-minded and have a livable wage to support their family and time off to advocate and spend with their family and stuff…

    Seriously, google “cadillac ad (insert proggie site here)” and you’ll uncover a vast network of butthurt. Not that I’m a fan of cadillac, or even the ad, but dang some salty ham tears endow this box wine with the earthy flavor of sophisticated gloating.

    1. as we know most rich people owe their good fortune to luck and good connections

      Oh FFS…. Now I want to see the ad.

      1. Watch it. It’s pretty good, except that it’s for cadillacs. The ad should be for bitcoins,or monocles, or… anything else.

        1. Apparently hipsters are ruining monocles.

      2. I think that dude was on Desperate Housewives.

      3. That wink at the end must have fired off a thousand comments at HuffPo alone.

        1. I think that wink qualifies as sexual harassment.

    2. What they’re pissed off about is that they know they could never afford to buy that car, and Cadillac knows they could never afford to buy that car.

      Cadillac says it’s meant to appeal to self-made entrepreneurs who makes [sic] $200,000 a year or more, and are willing to treat themselves to a luxurious $80K car.

      So the envious little toddlers are going to throw a temper-tantrum until Obama “does something about inequality”. The term “inequality” meaning “something that reminds me that I can’t afford that something, so I feel bad when I think about it”.

      1. That’s probably it, though, I can’t afford one and it doesn’t piss me off. Probably because I’d rather eat a microwaved dog turd than drop $40k on a cadillac.

        It’s interesting to go to the different sites and enjoy the various flavors of butthurt. The ad really does slay every sacred proggie cow.

        1. Yes, God forbid the quintessential American cultural values of “hard work” and “material wealth” are celebrated, or even acknowledged, in any way.

        2. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it doesn’t piss you off for any combination of the following reason:

          a) you don’t derive your self-worth by comparing yourself to others
          b) you appreciate rather than envy talent and success
          c) you aren’t trapped in us vs them class warfare dichotomy
          d) you appreciate an asshole-based sense of humor

        3. I can afford it, but I’ll be damned before I’d ever buy a car from a company that should be out of business. I don’t support corporate welfare queens.


          1. Share the wealth, citizen.

        4. I’d much rather drive a 6 speed manual556HP CTSv coupe than eat microwaved dog turds.

          The ELR would be fun just to park in those electric/hybrid/alternative fuel parking spots. Or give as a gift to the trophy wife who wanted a Prius.

          As much as I hate Government Motors, Cadillacs and Corvettes are really nice cars for the money.

        5. The CTS-V is a nice ride for $70k. It looks better , runs stronger and is just as luxurious as the Euro competition for a lot less.

  16. Well, that was an unsatisfying end to True Detective. Not nearly fucked up enough for my tastes.

    1. Epi,
      Brisco County Junior ain’t coming back and it was the last show worth watching.


      2. Speaking of that Legend never really got the run it deserved.

      3. Jack of All Trades was good.

    2. The show was always more of an existential tome than anything else.

      I liked that it didn’t try to wrap everything up in a nice little bow.

    3. Really? If nothing else, it’s offered the gross incest counterpoint to the hawt incest action of 90% of HBO’s original programming.

  17. Well, some of you Peanuts were right about ‘Cosmos’ – not that I doubted you in this case. It was all pro-sciency liberal with attacks on the Church (via Bruno’s burning at the stake), pro-evolution timelines, and even a mention of the planet in “peril” due to current fossil fuel consumption.

    I forgot which two said they were boycotting it but you two called it.

    1. who persecutes who?

      1. Ximinez: Now, old woman — you are accused of heresy on three counts — heresy by thought, heresy by word, heresy by deed, and heresy by action — *four* counts. Do you confess?
        Wilde: I don’t understand what I’m accused of.
        Ximinez: Ha! Then we’ll make you understand! Biggles! Fetch…THE CUSHIONS!


        [Biggles holds out two ordinary modern household cushions]

        Biggles: Here they are, lord.
        Ximinez: Now, old lady — you have one last chance. Confess the heinous sin of heresy, reject the works of the ungodly — *two* last chances. And you shall be free — *three* last chances. You have three last chances, the nature of which I have divulged in my previous utterance.
        Wilde: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
        Ximinez: Right! If that’s the way you want it — Cardinal! Poke her with the soft cushions!

        [Biggles carries out this rather pathetic torture]

        Ximinez: Confess! Confess! Confess!
        Biggles: It doesn’t seem to be hurting her, lord.
        Ximinez: Have you got all the stuffing up one end?
        Biggles: Yes, lord.
        Ximinez [angrily hurling away the cushions]: Hm! She is made of harder stuff! Cardinal Fang! Fetch…THE COMFY CHAIR!


        [Zoom into Fang’s horrified face]

        Fang [terrified]: The…Comfy Chair?

        [Biggles pushes in a comfy chair — a really plush one]

        Ximinez: So you think you are strong because you can survive the soft cushions. Well, we shall see. Biggles! Put her in the Comfy Chair!

        [They roughly push her into the Comfy Chair]

    2. That is because Neil deGrasse Tyson is an asshole.

      1. I wouldn’t go that far. He has worked hard to become one of the best science communicators out there and he seems to be a fairly decent fellow. Unfortunately, his involvement with the skeptic movement has lead him to confound his atheism with his science advocacy. And his political affiliation to the progressives has further clouded his judgment as to how best to utilize his skills as a science communicator.

        His cadre are fully convinced that all of the political opponents of the left are scientifically illiterate and if only they could be properly educated they would see the true light of progressivism.

        Although I have a judgement as to the veracity of this idea, that isn’t my criticism. The problem is that he pollutes his message and squanders his opportunity to get people excited about science and the scientific method by injecting atheism and collectivist politics into nearly every science discussion.

        If you want to use science to convert the unwashed to atheism, you’d best be served by simply educating them on the scientific method and solid, skeptical reasoning skills – leaving any mention of God out of it. Telling a believer that they only believe in God because they are ignorant heathens is probably not a good opener.

        1. You summed it up perfectly, but you also described someone who sounds to me like an asshole. And he does put down and belittle people who’s politics or religious beliefs he disagrees with.

    3. Palin’s Buttplug|3.9.14 @ 10:18PM|#
      “Well, some of you Peanut…”

      Go fuck your daddy, asshole. I don’t care if you’re right twice a day; you’re a slimy turd.

  18. Someone was complaining about Walmart the other day. Saying how it was good that they were prevented from opening stores in Ny. I asked the person how they would feel if someone said their business was getting to big, and said they couldn’t open up because they would close down the mom and pop stores? What if they used violence against them? How would they feel?

    “If you couldn’t utilize politicians whom stand behind the police and standing armies, how many people are you willing to kill, and how many walmarts are you going to burn down? ” Utter silence, and no comment from that person.

    The only reason folks advocate violence is because they face no consequences for their actions. It is the same reason why Keynesian economics survive. These policies are fueled by other people’s money,individuals being shielded from facing consequences, and the notion that violence, force, and theft are ok so long as their masters the politicians engage in these acts of aggression.

    Oh heaven help us. School choice. It’s the devil!!! Competition? Teachers and students alike being held accountable? Blasphemy!!!

    1. “The only reason folks advocate violence is because they face no consequences for their actions.”

      The shitpile named Tony who posts here claims he is against violence and certainly opposed to guns.
      Unless his hired thugs in the gov’t are using them, and that fact is always justified as ‘they are doing good!’

      1. Go on …

        Sevo|3.7.14 @ 6:34PM|#

        Sidd Finch|3.7.14 @ 6:18PM|#
        “Yes, torque is a function of power and rpm.”

        Torque is independent of time.

        1. Sidd Finch|3.9.14 @ 11:43PM|#
          “Go on …”

          What is your question?
          Have you ever used a torque wrench? You pull the fastener to a value indicated by the tool. Time is irrelevant.

          1. Think of the linear analogue: F=P/V

      2. It would be funny…. If it weren’t so sad when folks call themselves compassionate, while advocating violence.

        Bill DB of ny wouldn’t like someone telling him he couldn’t open up a business, and he damn sure wouldn’t like someone threatening him or his family with violence. What Bill advocates must come by way of force. Him, nor his posse don’t even need to go door to door. Surely some folks would kick the shit out of him and his clan for attempting to extort, or use violence against them.

      3. Not speaking for Tony.

        I’m opposed to the government owning guns, and private individuals owning guns. Firearms is amplifier of violence, and anyone who is against violence would certainly be against the implement that amplifies violence.

        So are you for violence or against violence? If you for violence, it would be best for all those that want remain leading peaceful lives for you to be sequestered from us; if you are against violence then you shouldn’t care whether or not you are allowed to own a gun because the object is abhorrent to opposition to violence.

  19. Obama/CBO: The highly lucrative Obamacare-insurance business will be so unprofitable next year it will need $5.5 billion in taxpayer money

    This program that, we are told, is going to net us $8 billion in the first 3 years is also, we are told, going to cost us $5.5 billion in year 1 ….

    So as you can see, apparently Obama is telling us that 80%+ of Obamacare insurers will lose money next year, and that insurers will lose an average of 25%. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. Since (obviously) we all believe the CBO number, this means insurers are due for a massive turnaround in the following 2 years: they’ll make so much that we will net $13.5 billion, more than making up for this year-1 $5.5 billion loss (and at the end of the day we will, again, have made 2x from gainers as paid out to losers) ….

    So now you can see that by year 2 (once we have given insurers $5.5 billion), they will turn around and become a business that makes 12-13% in profits on every dollar of premiums they collect. Now that’s more like it, that’s a business model I can get interested in! …..

    1. Jeebus, this thing is just going to crash in slow motion for years….

      1. I think the risk corridors are supposed to go away after three years.

        This cracked me up:

        Obamacare-related health-insurance synthetic CDOs “risk corridors” your Congressmen have committed your tax money to

        If the GOP weren’t so stupid they’d have hammered the bill for having all this fancy financial shit that nobody in government understands and has a previous record of collapsing the world economy.

    2. Well, yeah. It would only work if young healthy people who didn’t need healthcare would sign up for insurance they didn’t need, to subsidize the people who do need health care.

      It does nothing to address the real problem – why health care costs so much in this country compared to other ones.

  20. Well, McConaughey is going to win an Emmy based on that last scene alone.

    Absolutely solid season of TV. The finale didn’t need to be big and shocking, it just needed to take the story to where it needed to go and it worked.

    1. Agreed. I really liked the finale. The whole season was perhaps not as explosive or game-changing as some hyped it to be, but it was a very solid story. I’m not going to complain about a solid 8 hours of television.

      And he’s definitely getting an Emmy if it’s submitted as a miniseries.

  21. Charter schools are supposed to discover educational innovations, so what has the charter schools discovered that could be implemented across all the NYC schools?

    Oh wait, they have not innovated at all, they simply cherry picked a student body from parents that sought out to participate in the lottery to attend the charter schools that are funded by private concerns that want to bust unions. There is the Public School Fund that those private concerns could have contributed to, to improve all the schools, but they would rather decimate a democratic institution within an educational work place known as a labor union. Eva Moskowitz could have sought out a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) for each school year and then demonstrated how a unionized education workforce could improve education within her Success Academy (Finland has a strong teachers’ union and is able to excel so it’s not impossible), but she chose to give her self a half million dollar salary and be union-busting stooge for interests that want to privatize public education.

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