Police Abuse

Brickbat: Seek and Ye Shall Find


Lakewood, Washington, police called Dan Neary and told him they were looking for Duane Samms. Neary told him Samms had been living with a woman he was renting a house to, but he said he'd evicted both of them. Still, he agreed to meet police at the house and let them search it. The cops, however, didn't keep their part of the agreement. The SWAT team showed up two hours early, tore the garage door off, broke all the windows and generally wrecked the place. They didn't find Samms.

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  1. Thug training exercise?

    1. so no dogs were shot in the completion of this hazardous mission?

  2. “The potential that there was this person there that has a violent history, had committed this violent assault, and our number one objective is for everyone to go home safe,” explained Zaro.

    It’s like the thugs don’t even try to avoid sounding like a parody anymore.

    1. Thought you were goofing…but I rtfa, and that’s a genuine quote.

    2. So they had to break everything. It’s like the cartoons where the firemen are throwing furniture out the window, it lands intact, and other firemen are chopping it up on the sidewalk.

      In an earlier time, they’d’ve been punk rockers trashing a hotel room.

  3. Procedures were followed, got home safe, etc etc

  4. Good luck trying to get insurance to pay for the.damages. next, he’ll receive.a.letter from the.zoning board informing him of their.intention.to condemn the place based.on.its blighted condition. Of course, the letter will be postmarked one.day ahead.of.the condemnation.order–plenty of time for.him to respond.

    1. Oh, so.I see the.insurance.company is.going to pay out. Lucky for.him-many policies do not cover damage caused by government agents.during their.duties.

  5. It’s clear at this point that no department needs a SWAT team, or qualified immunity.

  6. How is breaking all the windows even slightly consistent with their “mission?”

    1. Their mission is to terrorize the helots, so it is entirely consistant.

      1. THIS IS SPARTA! (SWAT member kicks Uncivil Servant in Ron Paul shirt into pit in slow motion. Audience in theaters cheer loudly. George Washington and Sam Adams who are standing in the back of the theater voluntarily cleaning up litter shed a single tear each.)

    2. local stimulus project.

  7. “Swat team showed up two hours early, tore the garage door off, broke all the windows and generally wrecked the place.”

    Whats the problem? This is part of the governments new stimulus plan. Police break your stuff, you pay a little out of pocket and bam, new stuff. You didnt like that doir and window combination anyways. More doors and windows need to be made, which gets people back to work, also the cops can check your home for badguys while they’re there. Its a win win for everybody. Plus they were on time, who can beat that service.

    1. I’m surprised they didn’t bring a followup wave of.code.enforcement agents to issue citations to the.owner.

      1. They will if he keeps making noise.

  8. Hey at least they didn’t pee on the carpet.

    1. The author had a 2,500 word limit for this article.

  9. I assume the flash bang grenades broke the windows… and not simply “boys will be boys”.


    1. Unless you have evidence showing it wasn’t a rifle butt, I’m not going to accept that this wasn’t just an additonal fuck you to the landlord for evicting the suspects (requiring real police work to locate them later)

  10. If he’d provided a dog for them to shoot none of this would have been necessary.

    1. no, no, no, thias was definitly a three dog night.

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