Rand Paul

Rand Paul Urges Kentucky Lawmakers To Restore Voting Rights For Felons

Testified before a Kentucky Legislature committee


Sen. Rand Paul took his push for restoring felon's voting rights to the state level on Wednesday, testifying before a Kentucky Legislature committee urging his home state to lead the way.

The Kentucky Republican was testifying before the state's Senate State and Local Government Committee midday on Wednesday to urge passage of a bill that would give felons back the right to vote at the end of their sentence, parole or probation through a constitutional amendment.

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  1. I gotta say, I agree with him. If you’re served your time, including parole and probation, then you should get all of your rights back as a citizen. I guess that makes me a crazy.

    1. Yes, he’s urging it at the state (KY) level, and some of the worst crimes are excluded.

      But it seems he tweeted that “I also will push for changes at federal level.” What is the basis for federal authority here?

      1. The rules governing federal voting are set by the federal government? Just a guess.

  2. By all means. If Rand thinks that the slugs of our society are worthy of these rights then the great man must be right. ( No pun intended on the last word. ) The Year 2016 is going to be “sadly hilarious” when the U.S. public gets to watch all these career, habitual power-broker politicians dancing around all over the place alternately stabbing each other in the back and kissing each others asses. LET THE GAMES BEGIN! I guess Rand is pushing for this so all the ex cons will vote for him. Just another warning that our country has now entered the sunset years of its history where the masses elect whoever can promise them “bread and circuses” in some form. Rand Paul is no exception.

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