Federal Judge Strikes Down Kentucky Anti-Competitive Moving Company Law

Gave existing companies ability to veto newcomers


A federal judge on Monday struck down part of a state law that essentially gave existing moving companies a veto over new competition.

The ruling was a victory for Raleigh Bruner, who successfully challenged the constitutionality of the law that was used in an attempt to keep his Wildcat Moving LLC from operating in the Lexington area.

"I could not be happier with the ruling. I think justice has been served," Bruner said.

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  1. Hooray for Raleigh Bruner! And strike one for the free market.

    I saw this on John Stossel a month or so ago. It is absurd!! You have these laws called “certificate of need” whereby in order to get a license to be a mover in Kentucky part of that is obtaining approval from other moving companies!!

    The only “certificate of need” should be a person who wants to start a business and is willing to do so.

    These are also prevalent in the hospital industry. This is one reason why hospital costs are so high, no competition.

  2. If my chifferobe gets scratched because of this so help me…

  3. Look at this quote:

    “One of the points that Judge Reeves made in the opinion ? that I thought was a really good point and that I didn’t even make in the brief that we filed ? is this: The proof that the government is not considering consumer need is that there are illegal movers. The fact that people can run an illegal, unlicensed moving company and still make money proves that there is demand out there that is not being met,” Sandefur said.

    Imagine how many other activities that could apply to ….

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