Drug War

Corrections Officers Filed Complaint About Cop Who Physically Dragged Woman into Jail

In Florida


the hogtying was sop though
surveillance video

Today in "the drug war is stupid," via the Tampa Tribune:

[Officer Scott] Van Treese spotted Sonja Mimmenger, 36, sitting on the porch [of a "known crackhouse," according to the Tribune], and the officer had previously issued a trespass warning on her to stay off the property. She was arrested on trespassing charges and possession of cocaine, and began to fight with the officers. She was restrained by a method known as the "total appendage restraint position, to protect her from potential injury," the disposition said.

At the jail, Van Treese got out of the patrol car and put his weapons in the trunk, which is standard procedure, and opened the rear door to talk to Mimmenger "in hopes of gaining new cooperation," the disposition said, but she continued to be uncooperative.

He dragged her out of the car and placed her face down on the concrete, with her hands shackled behind her back, her legs chained to her hands. Van Treese released the leg restraints to allow her to walk…

Van Treese lifted her by holding her left biceps and dragged her into booking, which was captured on a jail surveillance camera

Dragging Mimmenger into the jail was against jail policy, and a complaint against Van Treese was actually filed by corrections officers. The department "reprimanded" Van Teese by entering a strongly-worded letter into his file, and said it would revise its policy on handling detainees. As for Mimmenger, she plead guilty to a misdemeanor paraphernalia charge and was sentenced to time served.

All that for hanging out on a porch with a little bit of coke.

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  1. Rudy Giuliani and broken windows. First they sittin’ on da porch wif a joint, next thing you know they Carlos the Jackal.

    Looks like a good apprehension to me. Procedures were followed [whether they are correct ones, or necessary and proper, or BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT’S WHY or not is immaterial – there were procedures, and they were followed]. At least this officer got to go home to his family. This time.

    hth SMOOCHES.


    1. “[T]otal appendage restraint” and “new cooperation” are interesting terms of art.

      1. peace officer FTW

      2. I believe that was the technique unsuccessfully deployed on Kelly Thomas.

  2. Who owned the property? And I wouldn’t want to be any of those corrections officers next time they leave a bar after hoisting a few or try to roll through a stop sign.

    1. Probably abandoned by the actual owners and not foreclosed upon yet by the bank, five years after abandonment.

      1. So add in stimulus, some bailouts… carry the one… ah, you and I own the property.

  3. Considering that he didn’t beat her for being resistant, this almost seems like sort of a win. You know it’s bad when this sort of story is the good one, because no one was beaten to death or shot.

    1. Yeah, there was no beating of someone who was actively resisting. This seems like small potatoes, sad to say.

      1. I thought the most interesting part was the CO’s filing the complaint. Also that she got “time served.” Why bother picking her up in the first place? No one called to complain about trespassing, the “no trespassing” order came from the cop not the property owner, or even a “concerned neighbor”

        1. Maybe the cop himself was concerned for her well-being. People OD in crack houses so I can see him thinking bringing her in for the night was doing her a favor.

        2. We don’t know what situation led to the original trespassing order. It’s quite possible that was initiated by the property owner or a neighbor.

          As stated below, it’s likely that the jailers are featherbedding here.

    2. I actually agree with this. At this point, the disturbing and seemingly barbaric act of the caveman cop dragging a woman by her hair into the cave pales in comparison to what we already know cops are usually capable of. I say this is a win for restraint.

      1. He didn’t drag her by her hair, even in Krayewski’s selectively honest version of events.

        1. *head in hands*

          It was a euphemism. You did note that in addition it wasn’t a cave, but a municipal jail facility?

          1. Hmm, looked like a metaphor to me.

            1. Yes, thank you, metaphor. When I typed euphemism, I stopped and said, that’s not the right word. But I’m working on half an hour’s sleep over the last 72 hours.

              1. Somebody’s been doing crack on the porch again…

                1. Tulpa is a female trespassing crack addict?

                  That makes perfect sense, actually.

                  1. It was in reference to Paul.’s 72 hour bender, but if the shoe fits….

                    1. Oh how I wish it had been a bender. How I wish…

        2. And that he isn’t an actual caveman.

        3. And that despite how hollywood and comics have depicted it, cavemen were not around during the time of the dinosaurs?

          1. Are you implying that the photographs of Jesus riding dinosaurs are fakes?

            1. No, but I am implying that Kenny Loggins might be Jesus.

              Danga zone!!!

          2. Don’t try to tell me that the Alley Oop comic strip wasn’t based on science.

  4. Given that both trespassing and cocaine use are illegal, what was the cop supposed to do, Ed? Stay out in the parking lot with her and beg and plead for her to be nice and come into the jail already?

    1. How about “keep driving and find some more-important shit to deal with”.

      Oh, I forgot – this isn’t Detroit, and harassing the crack chick sitting on a porch harming no one is the most-serious crime happening.

      Never mind – great use of resources…

  5. Haha, and look what Ed the Editor cut out of his excerpt from the article:

    “He tried to stand her up,” the disposition said, “but she remained deliberately limp and slid to the ground.”

    So she had the opportunity to walk like a person but chose to be dragged.

    I know the usual suspects will accuse me of fellating cops and say that this bit doesn’t matter, but in that case I must ask why Ed edited it out?

    1. Yes, and cops always drag victims citizens perps, like Ghandi exercising passive resistance.

      Couldn’t have gotten another cop to grab her other arm – best to drag her dumb ass across the parking lot b/c SHOW THAT BLACK BITCH WHO’S BOSS, amirite?

    2. While I agree that this particular story doesn’t really inflame my passions, assuming Ed isn’t flat out lying to us, it appears that the jail has a policy on this very act:

      Dragging Mimmenger into the jail was against jail policy,

      So, for once… for fucking once, policies and procedures weren’t followed.

      I’m guessing that when Ms. Crackhead did that passive-go-limp thing my niece used to do when she was a toddler, he was probably supposed to secure help from inside the facility, have another officer present etc. to aid in the movement of the prisoner into the jail.

      What I suspect happened is Officer friendly was at the end of his patience and simply did the easier thing.

      Maybe a slap on the wrist, a talking to and something put into his permanent file and we can all call it even?

      1. Dollars to donuts that policy was instituted for featherbedding reasons more than concern for the safety of suspects. Which would explain the jailers’ “concern”.

        1. Sure. Fine. I’ll beg that question with you. It’s a policy, and it was violated.

          1. It appears so. But we both know that Ed isn’t posting bloody murder about every policy violation (for example, letting a person with a trespassing order against her do coke on the porch of a crackhouse would be a policy violation too).

    3. I thought it was pretty obvious she was passively resisting. Otherwise it wouldn’t even be possible to drag her? From the quoted text, you already know her feet were freed.

      1. It’s also obvious that she was dragged, yet you quote that from the article and put it in the title.

        The difference? That supports your Evil Abusive Cop spin on the story.

    4. must ask why Ed edited it out?

      People with functioning brains can see from the picture that she’s not using her feet, most likely because she is refusing to.

  6. Sorry, sorry, sorry – TFT – my bad. Won’t happen again.

    My apologies. Sorry.

    1. LOL. Blacklists are a great indicator of a healthy marketplace of ideas.

      1. There’s a clique of loonies here who used to respond to my arguments that they disagreed with by insulting me, but after it was made clear that they were dolts for doing so, have switched to militantly ignoring me like I’m a troll. Presumably the apologies were directed toward the ringleaders and he’s been assigned 100 Hail Snowdens as penance.

        1. Ah, I had forgotten about Troll Free Thursdays.

          And on that note, fuck off, Tulpa.

  7. I hate to agree with Tulpa of all people, but I’m also having a hard time getting worked up about this. He had already warned her before not to trespass on the property where it’s obvious that drug users congregate so he hardly sounds like Robocop.

    And when she was actively resisting he didn’t tazer her or beat her, which is a ridiculously low bar but that’s how it is. The fact that he was reprimanded sounds about right.

    1. **eh, passively resisting. In any case, this is where he made the mistake of dragging her instead of getting assistance which is why a reprimand is in order.

      But this isn’t even close to nutpunch on the Balko-Meter of bad cop stories.

    2. Yeah, this cop wasn’t so bad… but Tulpa’s still an asshole.

  8. Correction, please. The last line of the article is missing a space:
    “All that for hanging out ona porch ….”
    should be
    “All that for hanging out on a porch ….”

    1. I thought it was a play on Ebonics.

      1. Guess not.

  9. well he could have shot and killed her so I guess things are getting better

  10. Was just going through the P.M. Links and saw the article that Ontario is raising the minimum wage to “save” the economy. Jesus fuck. This article has me close to posting something on facebook in disgust. Ontario is truly fucked.

    Lets see, industry is fleeing Ontario because of high cost to operate here. So let’s increase the cost to operate here by increasing the minimum wage to “save” the economy. Fucking magical idea.

    1. A higher minimum wage means workers will have more money to spend!

      It’s…. magic!

      1. One day I will leave this place. I don’t want to give any of my money to these clowns anymore. I just wish there was somewhere that I could find refuge.

        1. I just wish there was somewhere that I could find refuge.

          That guy on the hundred dollar bill (why are they called “dead presidents” when the guy on the largest circulated denomination was never president?) said something about death and taxes…

          1. I try to keep hope that that is not the only escape, but it seems like he was probably right.

            Antarctica may be the only alternative. Nuclear would probably work great down there, if it could be done anything like this.

              1. I wish that interested me because it looks quite interesting to someone who is interested in such things.

                Here’s a video of a song my wife happens to like at the moment. It’s kinda catchy. I don’t generally like pop but I do like this song. I figure my wife likes it mostly because of a line about getting thinner. She’s obsessed with her weight, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen my taste in women from my Daily Fails.

              2. I saw a video of this song, not the same video, on cable and it just left an impression. Took a while to figure out what it was. Anyway, you can’t un-hear it. Try if you dare.

                1. I’m dancing in my chair. Can’t help it. Love this song. Dance Yrself Clean that is. Lily Allen can fuck herself.

                  1. Another random pick from LCD Soundsystem.

                    I like these guys. Think I may have to purchase a compact disk.

  11. Pretty sad when you pat a cop on the back for not killing someone.

  12. Oh, and Tulpatard?

    This one was filed under “the drug war is stupid” not “police brutality.”

    Nice straw man though. I like the overalls. Nice touch.

    1. The title has nothing to do with the drug war.

      The picture has nothing to do with the drug war.

      The custodial policy violation that Krayewski is complaining about has nothing to do with the drug war.

      1. Today in “the drug war is stupid,”
        All that for hanging out on a porch with a little bit of coke.

        Try being honest for once. Dipshit.

  13. That’s what she gets for not shooting the cop on site. I mean. Isn’t that what SOP should be when some asshole attacks you for no good reason while you are minding your own business. But hey yeah. We don’t have enough public sector union members I mean cops.

  14. lol looks like your average cop to me dude.


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