Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Democratic Frontrunner Again

Didn't work out for her so well last time


It's as if the last seven years never happened: Hillary Clinton is the prohibitive early Democratic favorite in the White House race.

A Washington Post poll Thursday had Clinton obliterating the potential Democratic field and showed she would handily dispatch scandal-dented Republican hopeful Chris Christie in a 2016 general election.

Still, the fact that Clinton is leading polls at this early stage hardly means she'll burst through the glass ceiling in which she said she made 18 million cracks in the 2008 White House race.

Clinton was the heavy early favorite for the Democratic nomination in 2008 -- until the phenom known as Barack Obama exploded into life just before voting started and snatched away the prize.

While there appear to be no rock star candidates hiding in the wings this time around, the lesson of 2008 is that apparent "inevitability" does not guarantee victory.