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A German court has ordered Google to block any search results on its German site that might lead to photos of a sadomasochistic orgy involving former Formula One chief Max Mosley. A French court had earlier blocked Google from providing any links to those images to French users.

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  1. Now this...this I like.

    1. "Vee hoff vays off making you--"

      "Pillow talk! I'll tell you anything if it's pillow talk."

    2. This picture really could use some alt text too....

  2. Have they blocked Warty selfies too?

    1. They tried. What do you think caused the worldwide Gmail crash last Friday?

  3. I guess it runs in the family.

    His father, Sir Oswald Mosley was a Labour minister, and a Member of Parliament for both the Conservative and Labour parties in the 1920s. By the 1930s, he had left mainstream politics and become the leader of the British Union of Fascists (BUF). His first wife died in 1933, and in 1936 Sir Oswald married Diana Mitford, in a ceremony in Germany attended by Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler.

    1. The Fast and the Fuhr-ious?

      1. huh? I do nazi what you did there...

    2. A few months back, the UK poliitcal and media establishment was apoplectic that anybody would be discussing the love of totalitarian collectivism had by the father of political figure Ed Milliband. And yet, for as long as I can remember having heard about Max Mosley it's been perfectly normal to denigrating him by mentioning his father's love of totalitarian collectivism.

      Of course, the totalitarian collectivism loved by Milliband's father was called Communism, so that's somehow forgivable.

      1. Because the progs did a great snow job convincing people fascim was a disease of the right, even though it was socialism, and thus, more of the same. The only distinction between communism and socialism is in the attitude towards them. They are both tyranical collectivist systems.

        1. Communism is on the extreme left. Fascism is on the extreme right. Therefore, they are exact opposites. This is what many shallow thinkers actually believe.

    1. Uh, when something's been banned, that means you can't have it.


        1. here I sit, I'm just a bearin'
          feels as though my ass was tearin'
          didn't know, but now I'm wiser
          just gave birth to a supervisor

    2. Holy shit that show was prescient.

  4. But remember: America goes overboard on protecting freedom of speech and should adopted a more nuanced European view.

    1. *adopt

      German and French courts have ordered that the edit button be blocked.

    2. But remember: America goes overboard on protecting freedom of speech and should adopted a more nuanced European view.

      Most of the Europeans I've met think the US is a den of prudish censorship because of the MPAA.

      Talking to a Frenchman about freedom of speech is truly bizarre. If speech isn't state financed it obviously isn't "free." Conversations about Langlois' sacking and reinstatement are truly illuminating on what the French consider "free speech."


      1. Most of the Europeans I've met think the US is a den of prudish censorship because of the MPAA.

        Hell, half the Americans I talk to think that. I keep pointing out that we don't have a government board of film censorship, unlike Canada, Australia, and almost all of Europe. I honestly do not know what people are basing their opinions on.

        1. The problem is that most Americans think it's the government role. See Reason's article about the FCC recieving a slew of complaints about MTV's Miley Cyrus. And in fact, the MPAA and ESRB originated from government. It was a threat of formal regulation if industry does not "self-regulate". The government also keeps tabs on how compliant is the industry with this government-approved regulation every year:

          (then there is the case of obscenity prosecutions)

          1. The problem is that most Americans think it's the government role.

            So do most (read: all) Europeans.

            And I don't think FCC complaints can legitimately be made into an indication of popularity, much less indicating a majority.

            (then there is the case of obscenity prosecutions)

            Which exist in Europe, as much as Europeans like to deny (or are thoroughly ignorant of). Just two months ago UK effectively banned internet porn FFS. There are films made 50 years ago that are mainstream that are still banned in France for "obscenity."

            Prosecutions for political speech don't occur here with anywhere near the frequency that they do in Europe.

            I'm not claiming the US is without its problem regarding free speech, but we have always been, and continue to be, the shining light to the rest of the world on this issue.

            Comparing Europe favorably to the US in this regard, whether it is regulation of porn, or (more importantly) political speech is something only the woefully ignorant or maniacally stupid would do.

        2. Apparently this is what the flap is:

          The pic of Ilsa at the top of the article is way more provocative. I'm coming to the conclusion that Europe is getting as weird as Japan in it's morality and expression.

  5. Those are beautiful.


  6. This is like suing AT&T for allowing people to gossip over the phone about someone who feels their privacy has been invaded.

    I think a national "Post pictures of Max Mosely getting it on" on our personal webpages, facebook pages, myspace pages (is anyone still on there besides 12 year old twilight fans and pedos?) etc. would go a long way to demonstrating the ridiculousness and futility of such court orders.

    Of course, you have to have a critical mass of participation or else it ends with myself and just 12 other people going broke trying to defend against this rich nazi and libel charge in court.

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