Tonight on The Independents: Health Care on Life Support, Featuring Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Jeffrey Singer, Dr. Keith Smith, and Stories About My Wife the Drug Mule!


Friday night's theme episode of Fox Business Network's The Independents (9 pm ET, 6 pm PT, repeats at midnight) is an attempt to sketch out what American health care will look like in 2014 and beyond. Kicking off the show is a fascinating interview with Dr. Ron Paul, who describes why he got into medicine (hint: to avoid killing people!), how government intervention has altered the health-care market, what parts of your body you should be able to sell, and whether he'd do it all again. You won't want to miss it.

Speaking of Ron Paul, here he is on Tuesday's Independents, talking NSA and Edward Snowden:

Also on the program will be a couple of doctors familiar to Reason readers. First is Jeffrey A. Singer, the good doctor for liberty, talking about themes he explored in a classic 2013 magazine piece, "How Government Killed the Medical Profession: As health care gets more bureaucratic, will doctors go Galt?" Then Keith Smith, subject of Reason.tv's 2012 feature "Oklahoma Doctors vs. Obamacare," will explain how his insurance-free, transparently priced clinic works in Obamacare America.

Tonight's Party Panel wears lab coats: Dermatologist Elizabeth Rosenthal and Cardiologist Steven Reisman talk about their similar experiences with—but different conclusions about—the Affordable Care Act. Another Mr. MD, Cedars-Sinai liver/pancreas specialist Nick Nissen, explains how the molecular revolution and advances in surgical techniques are ushering forth a more promising future in treating the worst cancers.

Finally, there will be some personal segments about how the co-hosts' various brushes with the health care industry have informed their weird opinions about it. A certain French lady is implicated.

Speaking of inappropriate personal comments, here is the "Two Minutes Hate" segment from Wednesday's show: 

Yes, that will be a regular feature, so keep 'em coming, both in the comments thread and on Twitter @IndependentsFBN.