Minimum Wage

Bill Introduced to Raise Wash. Minimum Wage to $12

Say hello to your robot replacements


State Rep. Jessyn Farrell, D-Seattle, introduced a bill Thursday that would raise the statewide minimum wage to $12 an hour over three years.

The bill would increase the minimum wage from the current $9.32 an hour to $10 in 2015, $11 in 2016, and finally to $12 in 2017. After that, the wage would again be tied to the consumer price index.

"We know our economy is stronger when an honest day's work is rewarded with a fair wage," Farrell said. "During the recovery, top earners have done quite well, the stock market has seen record highs, and corporate profits have never been better. This bill rewards work, moves the economy forward, and promotes fundamental economic fairness."

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  1. …”We know our economy is stronger when an honest day’s work is rewarded with a fair wage,”…

    Total bullshit.

  2. Utter bullshit.

  3. I’m sure this will work out well for them.

  4. Washington will become NuCalifornia

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  6. We know our economy is stronger when an honest day’s work is rewarded with a fair wage.

    What did the Roman Empire consider to be a “fair wage,” again?

    We intellectuals–and you’re an intellectual if you’re reading this comment–spend a lot of time debating Austrianism vs. Keynsianism vs. Monetarism, but the reality is that politics is based on the populist rabble who determine elections, with the rest of us as a side show of semi-educated geeks who know the difference between the second and the seventh amendments of the Bill of Rights.

  7. Why not raise the minimum wage to $25 an hour? Heck, I think $50 per hour would be even better. No reason to stop at $12/hour if this line of thinking is sound.

    It is interesting to me the fact it is so seldom mentioned that those who most strongly advocate “a fair, living wage” in the form of minimum wage hikes are generally the same people advocating inflationary monetary policy and support for under-the-table labor (so long as the workers fall into demographic groups ordained “special” by some political party or other.)

    Further, the last time I was in the States I saw for the first time the whole computer cashier setup. You’ve probably seen it already. Customers walk up to a computer screen, scroll through a menu, place their order, pay with a card, and wait with exactly zero human interaction until someone comes out from the back with a greasy sack of food or whatever. Idiocracy. Welcome to Carl’s Junior. There you have it. The future is now. Let’s just hike the minimum wage up to $50/hour and get it over with in one fell swoop.

    1. You’re such an optimist.

      1. No, I’m not optimistic as I am no longer surprised how easily politicians can garner substantial support with increasingly asinine, populist mumbo jumbo.

  8. My state is a short drive from Washington. So to all the business owners who will be fleeing Washington I’d like to say ‘you are welcome here, only as long as you leave your Washingtonian political beliefs in Washington.

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