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Straight-A Student Reportedly Suffered Ruptured Testicle After Philly Pat Down: Police Commissioner Says He Wants to Know What Happened, Student Charged With Multiple Misdemeanor Counts

Lawyer advised student not to talk to police unless charges are dropped


dead giveaway
Tara Giancaspro/Foter.com

Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey, who we learned last week is paid a whopping $261,375, apparently more than the city charter allows and possibly as a result of prohibited double-dipping, held a press conference yesterday to make sure Philadelphia residents knew he was concerned about a police pat-down earlier this month that reportedly led to a straight-A high school student suffering a ruptured testicle. But, says Ramsey, he doesn't know what happened because the student and his family haven't filed a formal complaint. Via CBS Philly:

"We want to know what happened," Ramsey said today.  "This is a young man with no history in terms of negative contact with the law.  My understanding is he is a good student.  I don't know what took place, and I'm not in a position to say at this point in time because I don't have all the facts."

Ramsey showed reporters video of the incident from a police camera.  But the coverage is intermittent because the camera had been set to automatically pan back and forth across the intersection every ten seconds.

From what was shown, it looked like a routine patdown and struggle between a pair of officers and a young man.

According to a report from Philly.com the incident began when a police officer approached the student, Darrin Manning, and his classmates. The officer claims the students were covering their faces with ski masks and running. The students deny wearing ski masks, but were given scarves by one of their teachers. Manning admits one of his classmates might have said something smart to the police officer once he saw them. He is now charged with multiple misdemeanor counts, including one for resisting arrest. Police have tried to talk to Manning and his mother, who have both talked to the media, about the incident, but their lawyer has advised them not to speak unless charges are dropped.

Last year, Ramsey invited the Department of Justice to review his department's use of deadly force. That report is still forthcoming.

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  1. A cop kicked a teenager in the nuts. Classy.

    1. Kicked? No, just some pulling:

      Manning says he was roughed up, placed in handcuffs that the officer hit him with and that during a pat-down, a female officer pulled his genitals so hard one of his testicles ruptured.

      “She patted me down and then she touched my butt and then my private parts,” he said. “And then she grabbed and squeezed and pulled my private parts and I felt something pop.”

      Classy as always, though.

      1. “Maybe next time you’ll remember to use the safe word, young man!”


        1. It’s certainly not “daddy”.

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  2. Cops love using sadism to bust a nut.

  3. I always wonder in stories like this just why a “straight-A student” shouldn’t have been dealt with harshly by police, but (apparently) it’s ok for other young people. Does good grades necessarily make you a blameless, law-abiding beacon of light? I knew plenty of classmates with good grades who had evil sides to them; I’m sure there are such examples in an inner-city school as well.

    There should be outrage at any police action like this, not just when they do it to a “good student.”

    1. See it more from the angle of “No one is safe”.

      When the police terrorize poor minorities, and people with existing criminal records, it’s easy to rationalize it away.

      When they start attacking people whom we can’t dismiss as “deserving it”, the brutality of the system starts hitting home.

      I’d certainly have an easier time getting others outraged about this than about the same treatment given to a black teenager in a shitty Detroit neighborhood. It’s not fair but any means of generating push back is a good idea.

      1. Well said…but sweet Jesus, you shouldn’t even have to explain that angle to people.
        This shit goes without saying people.
        The kid was a good egg…he didn’t have a record…he brings his Grandma donuts every Sunday…etc…

    2. The sad truth is that they have to emphasize that angle in a story like this in order to evoke any significant outrage.

      Because if it were a black kid getting anything less than straight A’s, it would be dismissed by the idiot, closet-racist public. Black kid with average grades = probably a criminal and deserves whatever he gets.

      PS This Double Jack is making me fucking ornery.

      PPS It’s basically the best beer in existence.

      1. As the kids in the story were enrolled in a charter school, I expect the Philly Teacher’s Union to express their full solidarity to with the cops.

        1. Philly charter schools have a reputation. Google David Shulick. Not much to be proud of there.

      2. Okay, he’s a good student from a good school, but he’s still black so…

        “Hopped up on goofballs, threat to officers, procedures were followed, no fuck off”

    3. “I knew plenty of classmates with good grades who had evil sides to them; I’m sure there are such examples in an inner-city school as well.”

      I could mention a country where people with *doctorates* committed horrible crimes, never mind getting As in high school.

    4. If the kid had started a fight with the officers and got injured in it, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But the fact that the kid was a “straight A student” tells you that he doesn’t have a problem with authority figures and has a lot of self control, because otherwise he wouldn’t be succeeding in school like that. Those aren’t necessarily even admirable character traits (many great people were rebellious in school), but they are traits relevant to determining whether he is likely to have been at fault in his injury.

      1. It’s possible to have a massive problem with authority figures and still get straight-As, as both of my kids in college can attest to.

        It’s just a matter of being goal-driven enough to put up with a bunch of bullshit.

  4. Nuts were punched.

  5. Manning admits one of his classmates might have said something smart to the police officer once he saw them.

    Well, in that case, they are probably all lucky to be alive.

  6. paid a whopping $261,375

    Class envy!

    1. “whopping $261,375, apparently more than the city charter allows and possibly as a result of prohibited double-dipping”

      “…wait a minute. I’m talking about a cop that’s mixed up in drugs. I’m talking about a – a – a dishonest cop – a crooked cop who got mixed up in the rackets and got what was coming. That’s a terrific story. And we have newspaper people who are on the payroll, don’t we Tom?”

  7. So.. A female cop sexually assaulted an underage male, am I reading this right?
    I’m sure she’ll be added to the sex offender registry any day now.

    1. A female cop sexually assaulted an underage male


      Female cop sexually assaulted and mutilated an underage male.

      Kind of important to point out the irreparable physical damage she caused.

      1. Yeah, couldn’t think of what that would fall under.. Sexual battery? I mean, it’s one thing to fuck someone up to the point of damaging organs, but it seems especially heinous if the kid ends up sterile after this.

      2. Well he will probably end up being a millionaire after all of this is settle in or out of court, and then we will see just how solid of a citizen he is. Not saying it is justified, what happened to the young man, but going back as far as I can see, it was always some of the smartest kids in school who were the oneriest, and often bullies, because they felt superior to those around them.

  8. If you like your testicles, you can keep them. Period.

  9. And people still wonder how it was possible for a civilized, educated, and cultured country to staff up the SA and SS.

    1. Yep. Happening all around us and most refuse to see it. Frogs in boiling water.

      1. “Happening all around us and most refuse to see it.”

        I see it. They’re all around us. Here, put on these special sunglasses and you’ll see them too.

      2. Many of them see it and approve. Just like the wimps screaming for more gun control every time there is a shooting, or more security everytime some goatfuckerwannabe tries to bring down a plane with some halfbaked scheme.

  10. “Hey, why you gotta be bustin’ my balls all the time?”

    1. That biotch is a real ball-buster!

  11. Since we are in Scalia’s heralded age of police professionalism the only possible account of what happened here is that this delinquent assaulted the officers hand with his testicle. Hopefully, he was properly charged.

  12. Straight-A StudentI

    Shades of Tom Wolfe.

  13. Just thinking of this makes my left testicle hurt.

  14. Garrison Keillor singing doggerel about Christie. Awful.

      1. Was Keillor ever relevant?

  15. So Philly cops have decided to skip the middleman – no need for Radley Balko. Probably a good idea.

    Just let me know when you’ll be stoppin’ by to break MY balls, boys! Cheers!

    1. Picture that scenario as a pen and ink drawing.

      Foreground: A clearly homeless Balko stands on a corner, hawking pictures of his dog to passers-by.

      Background: A skinhead-robo-cop kicks FoE in the nuts while screaming “FIRST!”

      Friday funnies and Friday nutpunch in one package. Bonus, it’s actually funny.

  16. Wapo has a map of what the gains and losses of electoral votes will look like in 2030 and 2060 if current trends continue.

    This is interesting but strikes me as being total bullshit. If someone made a ‘if current trends continue’ map in 1975 predicting what the map would look like today, they would have assumed that California would have 60-65 electoral votes by now. Instead, they’re at 55 and have only gained one in the last 20 years.

    1. If current trends continue the Chicago Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup the next eleventy years!

        1. Well there went an 2 hours of my life.

          Thanks for linking to xkcd. Jerk.

          1. I can help you out with that.

            Is xkcd shitty today?

            (I kid, randall is usually above average and occasionally hits one out of the park)

    2. At first glance, the gains in Texas should be a very good thing for Republicans given their recent dominance in the state. (The last Democrat to carry Texas in a presidential election was Jimmy Carter in 1976.) But, so much of Texas’ growth is in the Hispanic community — two thirds of all the population growth in Texas between 2000 and 2010 was among Latinos — that the state is likely to grow increasingly Democratic in its voting patterns even as it becomes more and more of an electoral behemoth. (That is, of course, unless Republicans can find a way to begin to aggressively compete for Latino voters in the state and nationwide.)

      Not an issue. In 15 years, the Republican party will be completely libertarian and will command those Latino votes.

      1. “Not an issue. In 15 years, the Republican party will be completely libertarian and will command beg for those Latino votes”

        Libertarians, after all, do not command.

    3. I’m not going to bother to RTFA, but let me guess: a TEAM BLUE hack predicts total TEAM BLUE dominance, or a TEAM RED hack predicts total TEAM RED dominance.

      Remember, these fucks don’t operate in reality. Every election their respective hacks try to convince the TEAM sheep that they’re totally dominating, no matter how much they contradict each other or have to bend and distort reality to arrive there. It’s intra-TEAM propaganda.

      My guess, it being the WaPo, and the fact that things are looking pretty grim for TEAM BLUE considering Obama is a retarded incompetent ultra-failure, is that it’s a TEAM BLUE hack trying to keep TEAM BLUE spirits up.

    4. They aren’t taking into account that (1) people are moving out of dysfunctional blue states, (2) minorities eventually will figure out how Democrats have been screwing them over, (3) Republicans will eventually figure out that nobody gives a f*ck anymore about abortion or homosexuals.

    5. If someone made a ‘if current trends continue’ map in 1975 predicting what the map would look like today, they would have assumed that California would have 60-65 electoral votes by now.

      They would have also assumed that CA would be a reliably Red state still, instead of the People’s Socialist Republic of CA.

      1. That being said, Texas is growing like crazy. 10% increase in Austin in 2 years.

        Note that those 4 new congressional seats in the reapportionment went 3 Team Blue, 1 Team Red, so Texas might be sliding into the same abyss CA is in now.

        1. When TX turns blue we will become Venezuela.

  17. Exchange on ESPN thread for your pleasure and perhaps amusement:

    Johnny Alexander ? Aviation Ordnance at U.S. Navy:
    People wake up Obama is ruining this country!!

    Rob Starr ? Teacher at Irving Independent School District:
    Not as bad as Bush did… Smh

    Chris Council ? Brooklyn High School:
    Rob Starr You are right Obama is worse!

    Ryan Federico ? Top Commenter ? Is for dummies:
    Really? Obama is worse? Are you kidding?

    People really need to get out more and read Reason!

    1. Check out CNN. Maybe one thoughtful commenter in 50? The rest…babbling idiots. If that is truly a cross section of America…we are truly fucked.

      1. I know tons of idiots, and none of them watch CNN. Not sure how that factors in.

  18. I say off with the losers head at once!


  19. Re the “straight As,” well, let’s wait on that aspect. It’s not uncommon for Mom to claim “he’s such a good boy!” and then we later find out that’s rose-glasses motherhood talking, or just PR blather. Trayvon Martin was supposedly a good student, too, before we found out about the suspensions and fighting and gang signs and burglaries.

    Not that that excuses the police here. Testicles are fragile, but they aren’t that fragile.

    1. You know who else was “a good boy”?

  20. This is the old “resisting arrest” gambit. There are lots of ways to provoke a seemingly unprovoked reaction from a “suspect” – and grabbing your nutsack is a particularly effective one. React like a normal human being and try to resist the infliction of pain and they have free license to beat you down and then charge you with multiple counts of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. An easy and effective way to deal with “contempt of cop”.

    Even dash cameras have a hard time picking up this kind of thing. And in a world where you can harass and threaten someone on camera for several minutes before brutally assaulting them when they finally begin backing away, then beat them to death while they beg for mercy and yet get cleared of all wrongdoing; what is the risk of pinching someone in a tender spot in a way that is difficult to see?

    1. Got it. I’ll be wearing a cup 24/7 from now on.

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