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Federal Budget Could End Plans for Horse Slaughter Plants

No money included for plant inspectors


The nascent domestic horse slaughter business, struggling to gain acceptance over opposition from animal rights activists since 2011, was dealt another blow Thursday after the latest congressional spending bill cleared the Senate and House of Representatives without providing funding for meat plant inspectors.

The move effectively would ban meat packing plants in New Mexico, Iowa and Missouri from slaughtering horses and exporting horse meat overseas. No plants have processed horse meat since 2007, and after Congress restored funding for inspections in 2011, the slaughterhouses faced stiff legal opposition and highly visible opposition from animal rights groups and activists including actor Robert Redford and former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson.

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  1. In other news today, Congress has declared divorce to be totally anti-family and anti-children, so there will be no divorces allowed anywhere in the USA, effective today. Anyone desiring a frankly subversive, anti-child, and anti-American so-called “divorce” (of the heterosexual kind at least, of the un-binding of potentially or theoretically fertile kinds of “marriages” at least), is hereby and alwaysby and foreverandever henceforwardby, required to travel hundreds or thousands of miles in crowded, poop-filled and stress-hormone-filled stock trailers or trail cars, to Mexico or Canada, to obtain so-called (read: Not approved by ME, therefor EVIL) so-called “divorces”. All because ***I*** do not approve! Horses and divorces, they are all the same thing to me?

  2. That PoS Bill Richardson again. Fucker ran for NM Governor as a “cockfighting agnostic” and as soon as he got in rammed a ban through the state legislature. Fuck all “animal rights” creeps.

  3. Horse slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia!

    With the captive-bolt, which was developed for use on cattle, stunning is ineffective over 40% of the time when applied to domestic, trained horses (the ones full of prohibited drugs and medications.) This is due to the fact that horses’ heads cannot be restrained as cattle are and accuracy is very difficult. Horses will routinely break their own necks if restrained. The captive-bolt is ineffective at stunning wild, untrained or under-trained horses nearly 100% of the time. Everyone who knows horses and has any experience at all with wild horses knows that it is near impossible to get anywhere near their poll which is a very vulnerable area to every horse. To get near a wild horse’s poll with a captive-bolt apparatus and have an accurate shot is technically, practically and virtually impossible. This is the reason why we find so much carcass evidence documentation of severe abuse to slaughtered horses. The captive-bolt process itself is so ineffective that many horses are shot multiple times or vivisected while conscious. This is a definite violation of the Humane Slaughter Act which mandates slaughtered animals to be rendered “senseless with one (1) shot.”

    Please visit this website for more information and important action items YOU CAN DO TODAY to help U.S. horses avoid horrible abuse in the future:

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