Tonight on The Independents: Millennial Fever! Including an Interview With That Commie Rolling Stone Guy!


Friday night episodes of your favorite new cable news television program, Fox Business Network's The Independents, are organized around a theme, as opposed to being ripped from the day's headlines. Tonight's is on a subject familiar 'round these parts: That mixed-up, shook-up, no-hope cohort of post-1980 humans known as millennials.

Are our nation's younguns on the wrong end of generational larceny? Weekly Standard Assistant Editor Jim Swift says the math is terrible and the politics worse. Has the postwar higher education system systematically undervalued vocational tech, to the point that millions of unskilled jobs go unfilled, even during a recession? Dirty Jobster Mike Rowe breaks down the numbers. Meanwhile, discussing technology, 9/11, gay marriage and more, are millennial panelists Andrew Kirell of Mediaite, Jill Filipovic of Feministe, Sebastian Rea of Tribeca Film, and Josh Nass of Voices of Conservative Youth.

The main event may be a three-on-one interview with Rolling Stone's Jesse Myerson, author of a controversial piece last week titled "Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For," including such gems as "Make Everything Owned By Everybody." (Nick Gillespie in these pages called Myerson's efforts "sad" and "incredibly stupid.") Highlights from the discussion include Kennedy trying to redistribute Myerson's tie, me trying to trade Myerson's guaranteed universal income for the abolition of the welfare state, and Kmele Foster attempting to explain that "value" is subjective.

Finally, the show ends with a generational smackdown featuring Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney.

For more details check out the show's website, which has a video page where you can watch various prior segments, and a link to help you see whether you get Fox Business Network. The show will be rebroadcast over the weekend; check your local listings. And the Twitter feed is @IndependentsFBN.