Police Abuse

Brickbat: How Bad Could Jail Be?


Former Country Club Hills, Missouri, police officer Timothy Jones has been sentenced to one year in county jail for coercing a woman into having sex with him. He pulled the woman over and told her he would arrest her for DUI if she did not have sex with him.

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  1. …for coercing a woman into having sex with him.

    He looks like he’d have to.

    1. Why are you othering the pulchritudinally challenged? 😉

      1. We’ve changed the term to “differently handsome.”

  2. How Bad Could Jail Be?

    *slow clap*

  3. A whole year? They really threw the book at him.

    1. Funny how one seems to get a lower sentence when the words “under color of law” are added to the charges. If anything, that should have an effect like adding “hate crime” to charges.

    2. For a cop in jail, that’s a whole year in solitary, or the rest of his life in general population.


      1. But solitary for a cop isn’t so bad. The place is run by other cops. Prison for a cop is more like prison for the mob in Goodfellas. They own the joint.

  4. What the article leaves out is that it was all just a bizarre halloween prank. He was headed to a party in his costume, and saw her driving in her “Slave Leia” getup. He figures he’s going to add her to his.costume, one thing leads to another, and Jabba here gets a slap on the wrist.

  5. I hope that fat tub of lard meets up with Bubbba!


    1. Well said, AnonBot.

  6. So, he threatened this woman into having sex with him. In any other situation, that’s rape, and is going to result in a couple of decades in jail. Wonder why that didn’t happen here?

    (That’s rhetorical, in case you couldn’t tell)

  7. She must have been shit-faced to fuck his sorry ass.

  8. One year seems like a more appropriate sentence for missing alt-text than what this officer did. Rape should be a lot longer.

  9. I would love to hear how “coercing a woman to have sex with you” is different than rape. Either the woman consented or she didn’t. And if she consented because this asshole threatened her with jail, that consent is invalid and this was rape. The guy is a rapist and got a year. Lovely.

    1. I would love to hear how “coercing a woman to have sex with you” is different than rape.

      What matters is the costume the person is wearing when they commit the act. If the costume was issued by the government, then it’s not rape.

      1. So basically, the same way taxes work.

    2. Apparently he was convicted of “corruption” but not sexual assault or rape. Possibly the prosecutors or the woman (or a jury) thought that she consented enough to make a rape conviction impossible. Does smell like special treatment.

      Treating it as “corruption” makes it sound like he was taking a bribe, blaming her.

      1. It is impossible for someone in a government uniform to commit rape because people in government uniforms are to be trusted. No. It was an isolated incident of corruption. But not rape. Start convicting people in government uniforms of crimes like rape and the people may stop trusting them.

        1. Bad apples! Show’s over, folks, shows over…

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