CFOs Blame Obamacare for Staff Healthcare Cost Increases

Which they're passing along to the employees


A growing number of corporations are blaming ObamaCare as they pass further healthcare costs on to workers, according to a new survey of financial executives.

Consulting firm Deloitte reported that 42 percent of chief financial officers who have shifted additional healthcare costs to workers cited the Affordable Care Act as their impetus.

The number blaming the healthcare law rose to 63 percent for CFOs planning to shift costs in the next year.

The statistics suggest that ObamaCare is aggravating the trend of employers charging staff higher healthcare costs in order to contain spending, and came as most CFOs expressed rising optimism about their companies' prospects.

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  1. Our CFO infamously had a few glasses of wine at a company event in early 2012 and launched on an hour and a half long rant against ACA. Very profane, and very detailed, with comparisons to the EU and horror stories about how they handle treatment decisions. Most of the room agreed with him, but mostly just wanted him to wrap it up so we could go home.

    Every time I am in a meeting with him and see a chance to slip in an Obamacare joke, I make sure to take it.

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