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Friday Funnies: Presidential Junkyard




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  1. Two cases where my predictions were right.
    I hate it when my predictions are right.
    Calgon take me away!

  2. Bumper stickers on other cars in the Presidential Junkyard include:

    “If it’s rockin’, don’t bother knockin”
    “Roll that beautiful jelly bean footage”
    “My other car is a drone”

    1. “Keep Honking; I’m putting you on the disposition matrix”. Hmm, that may need a little work.

  3. Nothing about Afghanistan? Oh, I suppose there are so many of those that it needs it’s own junkyard. Somewhere at the bottom of the heap is a chariot with Alexander’s name on it, and I suspect under that others whose names are lost in the mists of time.

    Deciding to nation build afghanistan; brilliant!

    1. You know what? Now that I think about it, Obama needs a junkyard all to himself.

      I was just reading about the NYT claim of having a reporter in Benghazi on the scene the night of the attacks there. The more I think about it, the more outrageous that is. Either they are lying ( not unlikely ) or they know what happened and who did it and are keeping that info to themselves. Either way they are vile scum.

      1. Look Suthenboy, if southern, right-wing, Christian teabaggers had not obstructed Our President, Obamacare would have been a soaring success and Benghazi would never have happened. And so on.

        1. *spits tuhbacky juice and hangs head in shame*

      2. Either they are lying ( not unlikely ) or they know what happened

        You’re assuming some base level of competence there. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had someone on the ground that night and still have no clue what the hell happened.

      3. I was just reading about the NYT claim of having a reporter in Benghazi on the scene the night of the attacks there.

        I didn’t know that they had a Four Seasons Hotel in Benghazi.

      4. IIRC, the NYT kept a bunch of info about gubbmnt spying/torturing/some-criminal-behavior/something secret for about a year and a half. They are shills for power.

    2. All Bush’s fault.

    3. This time, it’ll be different. This time, it’ll work. All those other people just did it wrong. (all-purpose rallying cry for statists)

    4. Actually Alexander founded Kandahar as he was passing through, so he was more successful at ‘nation-building’ than the US in a much shorter time.

      1. He didn’t build that.

      2. I understand there are some pockets of Macedonians living there to this day.


    5. Afghanistan will be on the next President’s dime. You see, back in Bush’s day it was the “necessary, just” war. Obama gets a pass on all bad stuff, so it will be a blemish on the next President.

  4. Maybe if we got a cartoonist who doesn’t speak English we’d get one not so reliant on words to convey his ‘message’.

    1. But then we’d still have the chorus of “Needs More Labels” from the commentariat. It’s a lose-lose here.

      1. Bok-Payne is the definition of lose-lose.

  5. This is about Cash for Clunkers, right? How come the previous owners didn’t keep their vanity plates for their new rides?

    1. That is part of the deal for Cash For Clunkers, gummit keeps your vanity plates, duh!

  6. Why is the Presidential junkyard full of K cars?

    1. ‘Smack Daddy’ Iococca isnt going to like that one bit.

  7. “Honk if you want my chauffeur to shoot you in the head”

  8. I wonder if the first lady’s trunks are full of presidential junk?

  9. Yeah, but the stuff in real junkyards has some positive value.

  10. I’m sorry, but I don’t see it.

    Bush’s “promise” to transform Iraq just didn’t happen, dispite all the lives and treasure lost.

    Obama’s “promise” to transform America is moving along, albeit more slowly than he would like, but we are NOT the same country we were 5 years ago.

    So his car would not be in the junk pile… especially since he’s still in office… it would be cruising down the road past bill-boards reading “health care”, “immigration”, “gun control” and a road sign “socialsm with an arrow pointing straight.

    Make his car a convertible with his golf clubs in the back, arm resting on the door.. not a care in the world… he’s got friends.

    1. “socialsm with an arrow pointing straight forward.


    2. For better and worse, Iraq is a much different country now than it was before the invasion.

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