Facebook Facing Suit After Two Users Claim the Company Mines Private Messages

Lawsuit alleges the information in private messages is sold to third parties


Two Facebook users are taking the company to court over claims it mines private messages for data that is then sold to third parties.

The lawsuit filed earlier this week alleges that Facebook (FB, Fortune 500) scans messages between users labeled "private" for links and other information that can be sold to advertisers, marketers and data aggregators.


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  1. if Zuckerberg was a normal goy like the rest of us, he would be arrested and tried for the multitude of lies he told about his propped up bubble of bullshit: Facebook.

    i find it interesting that once he sold the company and the true worth of facebook came out that it’s stocks dropped and the lawsuits started flying.

    also, i warned all my non-techy friends that the only way a concept like facebook would work was if they sold the users data. the user IS THE PRODUCT, not the website. 10 minutes through their TOS and it is very clear they had to sell personal data in order to make money.

    but, unfortunately, the average american is a moron w/ no reasoning capabilities so bullshit scams like facebook will keep taking their money, privacy & rights at the click of a mouse button, and the morons will scream for more.



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