Colorado Man Who Made First Legal Weed Purchase Storing Product to Donate to Museum

Got high off his own supply instead


what time is it?

Yesterday marked the beginning of a legal market in recreational marijuana in Colorado, the first time government-licensed shops have ever sold marijuana anywhere in the world. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that the first person to purchase recreational marijuana in the state says he's putting it away for safe keeping.

From TMZ:

The first man to make a legal weed purchase in the United States … ever … is doing the most un-stoner thing possible with his new stash -- he's locking it away in a safe.

32-year-old Sean Azzariti tells TMZ, he's storing his 3.5 grams of Bubba Kush, his truffle edible, and his $57 receipt from the Denver dispensary where he bought all the stuff because he plans to donate it to a museum.

Azzariti says instead he'd get high with marijuana already in his possession instead.

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  1. Jesus, dude, at least smoke one bowl to celebrate. Fuck, that reminds me, I'm out of pork rinds.

  2. "Hey, Feds! It's still confiscatable!"

    1. Pity the poor feds- the first legal sale in American history was made by Mount Vernon's hemp factor shortly after George Washington signed the Declaration of Independence

  3. The first man to make a legal weed purchase in the United States ... ever

    That can't be right. It was perfectly legal right up until, what, the '30s? I'm sure thousands and thousands of legal weed purchases were made right up until it was prohibited.

    1. Oops, clicked too soon.

      Not to mention, the thousands and thousands of legal medpot purchases.

      What's that, you say? That medpot wasn't legal under federal law?

      Neither is this guy's funpot.

      1. But this is a government licensed shop.
        The wild west world of unregulated commercial anarchy doesn't count.
        Weed purchased prior to 1937 is no more legitimate than buying a taco from an unlicensed, unregulated food truck is now. You have to have the stamp of governmental approval, just like marriage.

        1. Exactly. Or whats the point? Would you want to eat a taco that wasn't approved? Gross.

  4. I enjoyed 16 new inches of snow in Breckenridge yesterday and cruised back to Denver. There was a line around the block at the local marijuanarium in my neighborhood.

        1. Mmm, even better. Whodat?

          1. Alexandra Breckenridge, an actress best known from 'American Horror Story'.

            1. What, you didn't watch Dirt?

              1. Why would I watch a show that stars Courtney Cox?

                1. Because it was actually a pretty good show?

                  Also, you're not fooling anyone. Everyone knows you're almost as big of a Friends fan as NutraSweet.

                  1. At least I'll be there for you when the rain starts to fall.

                    1. when Chandler and Joey got the duck.

                    2. You can't tell me your knowledge of Cougar Town isn't on a par with Abed's.

  5. Azzariti says instead he'd get high with marijuana already in his possession instead.


    1. Well obviously, when asked - he grew it himself.

  6. Dude makes a LOT of sense man, I mean like seriously.

  7. It needs to be sealed up in a near perfect vacuum, or its historical and scientifically pure integrity will slowly be compromised.

    1. also, like, put an orange peel in there man.

  8. Does any of you reasonoid gourments have any experience with smoker ovens? I was thinking of something like this:

    1. That's not smoking. Get a Weber. You can hot smoke shit in that just fine, like a real gangsta.

      1. Im sure with a little practice you could make some good stuff on that. But given that I already am wililing to spend 350, I'd go ahead and spend 800 on a big green egg. It is awesome. And should last pretty much forever. That thing might last you 10 years, or it might last 4.

        1. I'm doing a patio remodel, so I have some decisions to make.

          The best ribs I have ever had are made in an electric smoker over, so I have been a little fixated on the Masterbuilt...

          1. With the patio space, I would do an old fashioned brick smoker and fireplace structure. Maybe even a pizza oven. You don't have to use it, and it would still look cool.

            1. I'm already running natural gas for the grill and fire pit, maybe I can figure out a way to incorporate that into a smoke pit...

          2. If I didn't travel so much I'd have a Big Green Egg or a similar kamado cooker.

            For now I make do with a Weber kettle.

        2. Food appliances, from toasters to grills, get crusty and nasty eventually, and I enjoy throwing them out by about ten years.

    2. No experience but I asked around when they had a similar model on sale for half that. Those Masterbuilts are unreliable and you can't get replacement parts. IIRC,about 50% of the reports from bbq/cooking sub-forum members were about the same as all the negative Amazon reviews.

      1. Amazon is where I saw it on sale. And I have 2 $100 gift cards that I have to use...

        1. The cheapest I've seen is as an unadvertised deal at Home Depot or Lowes. I considered it and passed based on the number of bad reports. FWIW, I've heard near universally good things about the cheap kamado cookers once the leaks are sealed.They aren't as versatile (or nice) as a BGE though.

    3. That looks pretty nice. I'd go for it.

  9. I've been hearing in the establishment media how recreational marijuana is now legally available in the U.S. "for the first time in history". It's as if no one has any sense of the fact that history actually goes back further than their age. I guess that's not unusual. Today's kids can't imagine a world without computers or cameras that don't show you the picture immediately. And as Snowden said, kids born today will never know a world where their every thought, word, and deed isn't monitored by the government. And when it comes to history, we all know that it only goes back to 1948 in some countries.

    1. "For the first time in any history that matters."

      1. Alternate joke: "For the first time I can remember, but my memory isn't that good. You know, because I smoke marijuana."

        1. A man walks into a bank and places a large bag of marijuana on the counter. The surprised teller asks him "What exactly are you doing with that?"

          The man replies, "I'd like to open a joint account."

            1. He needed to be more blunt with the set-up.

  10. I guess this is the evening thread? Well has President Zero's most recent attack on liberty been discussed yet? This what he said during a speech in Kansas:

    "there is a certain crowd in Washington who, for the last few decades, have said, let's respond to this economic challenge with the same old tune. "The market will take care of everything," they tell us. If we just cut more regulations and cut more taxes?especially for the wealthy?our economy will grow stronger. Sure, they say, there will be winners and losers. But if the winners do really well, then jobs and prosperity will eventually trickle down to everybody else. And, they argue, even if prosperity doesn't trickle down, well, that's the price of liberty.

    Now, it's a simple theory. And we have to admit, it's one that speaks to our rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much government. That's in America's DNA. And that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. (Laughter.) But here's the problem: It doesn't work. It has never worked. (Applause.) It didn't work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression. It's not what led to the incredible postwar booms of the '50s and '60s. And it didn't work when we tried it during the last decade. (Applause.) I mean, understand, it's not as if we haven't tried this theory."- Barack Obama

    That's even worse and more pernicious than 'you didn't build that'.

    1. Look above. Nobody knows history anymore.

    2. It's time someone had the courage to stand up and say, "I'm against those things that everybody hates!"

    3. ..."I mean, understand, it's not as if we haven't tried this theory."- Barack Obama"

      He lies. That's what he does. And people vote for him anyhow.

    4. Sigh, this is so wrong in so many ways. Especially egregious is the "It didn't work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression." Dude, it wasn't called the Roaring '20s because it was noisy.

    5. It doesn't work.

      See 1982-2000

      A period of growth unprecedented in human history.


    6. Now, it's a simple theory. And we have to admit, it's one that speaks to our rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much government. That's in America's DNA. And that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. (Laughter.) But here's the problem: It doesn't work. It has never worked. (Applause.) It didn't work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression.

      Because this so-called "simple theory" wasn't tried in the 20s. The "Roaring 20s" were fueled by cheap money courtesy of the Federal Reserve. The Feds inflated the bubble: stocks, agriculture, foreign lending to pay for American exports. And like all good bubbles, especially artificially created bubbles, it ended in a loud POP.

    7. And that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. (Laughter.) But here's the problem: It doesn't work. It has never worked.

      "Hope and Change."

  11. By the way, did Big Bang Theory always suck, or did it carefully have any vestige of creativity and whimsy surgically removed?

    1. No, it was good for a long time. Seeming to get stale?

      1. Maybe it was just having a bad night. They even had a character shiwing hiw she could fake a laugh, which I thought was symbolic.

        1. Ripping off When Harry Met Sally (or was it sleepless in Seattle?)

        2. Just watched it. Mediocre episode. Most are better.

    2. It is overrated, but it's not awful. I can watch an episode in syndication every now and then and be amused.

      1. You won't watch Courtney Cox but you'll watch a network sitcom? Look, man, the war's over. Get new parts for your head.

        1. Is there something special about Courtney Cox that I am just not getting?

          1. Well, she's the only person who's career was ever launched by Bruce Springsteen pulling her up on stage during a concert.

          2. She went to high school with my buddy's wife.

            1. So you get free samples?

      2. They used to be like, "this is an interesting premise, let's milk it for the science and nerd jokes," now it's like, "what this series needs is more bawdy comedy and relationship drama, because you can't get that on any of our other shows!"

  12. "The long arm of the rabbinical court will eventually reach every husband...",00.html

    1. (and this isn't even the circumcision story)

      1. I'm not up on rabbinical law, but using coercion to force a husband to "grant" a get nullifies that he's granting of his own free will. Just short circuit that step and deem he granted it. It's just as valid and would fix this repeated nonsense.

        1. They extradited the guy from the US to Israel because his wife's sister accused him of sexual abuse. The article suggests this is a pretext to get him in front of the rabbinical court.

  13. Is it worth watching tonight's Community? I PVR'ed it, but haven't started.

    Did anyone see the new Sherlock yesterday?

    1. Just finished watching it. Quality remains high, but there was a troubling laziness to the main mystery.

    2. Watching Community is always worth it. And I didn't realize it was on tonight, but luckily the TiVo did.

      1. I finally got Tivo's out of home streaming to work. It's a game changer.

    3. On what channel in the US can you watch Sherlock?

      1. Probably BBC America.

        I've never watched it on T.V., so I don't know.

      2. Isn't it on BBC America? I really have no idea, I watched the show on Netflix Play Instant.

      3. Well I have that channel but a TV search of 'Sherlock' didn't bring up the result I wanted. Hmm...

      4. bbc iplayer.
        you may have to do some configurations to make it think you're in the UK.

        1. Downloaded this thing called "Expat Shield", which tricks the BBC into thinking I'm in Her Majesty's Realm.

          1. Plenty of seeders available for the torrent

  14. So, I just washed my dog and the first thing she did was run out and rub herself all over the couch - I think that's a pretty good indicator that its time to have the couch shampooed.

    1. Is there a conspicuous clean spot on the couch now?

  15. Iowahawk:

    David Burge

    The Union of Soviet Socialist Boroughs stands vigilant against the forces of Trotskyite snow treachery! Hail Comrade DiBlasio!

  16. A town council member in North Carolina resigns to run for US. Senate as the Constitution Party candidate. He writes his resignation letter in Klingon.!/newsDetail/24351683

  17. Think Your Dog Poops At Random? Think Again.

    Dogs have been found to be sensitive to Earth's magnetic field, and apparently align themselves along the magnetic north-south axis before they defecate.
    Czech and German researchers studied 70 dogs during 1,893 defecations and 5,582 urinations over the course of two years, and found that when the Earth's magnetic field was stable the dogs chose to align themselves with it. When it was unstable, such as during a solar flare, the dogs would become confused.

    Their findings, published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology, show that the dogs were sensitive to the polarity of the field, though not as much to its intensity.

    Having trouble finding your way home? Just let your dog take a shit.

    1. Scientist in a bar: "so I said that dogs shit based on the earth's magnetic field, and the media bought it! Next I'll announce that generous grant-writers have bigger dicks than stingy grant-writers."

      OTHER SCIENTISTS: [prolonged laughter and cheers]

      1. You're on a roll today, Eduard.

    2. Now that I think about it, all of my best shits were taken facing magnetic North.

    3. Complete dogshit. They face any direction when they shit.

    4. Is the magnetic field unstable right now? Just took the dog out for the night and she shat on a west-east axis.

  18. This is one of the worst overnight topics ever.

    1. Should this thread be cut short? I'll get the mohel.

      1. Mohel 6 should be fine.

    2. Ask not what this thread can contribute to you, ask what you can contribute to this thread.

    3. Bring your jug wine and fix the problem.

      1. No more jugwine. Not enough brain-bang for the buck.

        1. I'm all out of beer, but I have mimosa supplies left over from yesterday. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

          1. Any port in a storm.

    4. It could be worse. CNN's top story is about an average snowstorm hyped to be certain doom.

      1. I like how they said earlier something like "But as it gets later... what should people in the northeast cities be doing?"

        what the hell? I'm doing what I usually do, get take-out and do some coding I was too distracted to do during the day.

  19. I'm sure everybody has seen the story about Walmart selling contaminated meat

    1. How does the fox taste?

      1. I don't know. Let's spin the Eat 'N Say and find out!

      2. Wal-Mart has just recalled donkey meat products from some of its stores in China because tests have found them to be contaminated with fox meat.

        Donkey is a delicacy in northern China. Fox is not.

      3. A little like Shia LeBouf?

    2. Wal-Mart always sells contaminated meat. Don't fuckin buy perishables there.

  20. Another Dear Prudence letter!

    Dear Prudie,
    My husband is a rising executive for an international company. The other day he said to me that he was planning to have lunch at Hooters with a potential employee. When I voiced my concern about his choice of restaurant, he patronizingly said he met his boss at a Hooters. I doubt that, but as he was dressing to go, I reiterated my concern. He left for work without even his usual kiss goodbye. We exchanged several text messages later and I told him how hurt I was by his behavior. He said it would be embarrassing for him to change the meeting place now, but he would do it for me. He stated he did not see anything wrong with this venue, and I was making "mountains from molehills." He doesn't seem to understand that he has been conducting business at a place that holds little regard for women. Not so incidentally, the company is dealing with a discrimination action by female employees. How can he overlook the implications of having an interview lunch at an establishment known for being a "breastaurant"? I asked him if he would interview a woman there, as this would logically show him what an inappropriate place it is to conduct business. Am I overthinking this, or if my husband wants to keep his job and title, should he stay out of this place while conducting any of his company's business?

    Why is Hooters treated like a brothel or strip joint?

    1. It should be treated like a place with a cheesy gimmick and bad food.

      1. This is the key point. Hooters food is awful & if you're trying to impress an employee or boss you wouldn't take them there.

        1. The celery they give with the chicken wings tastes alright, if you don't dip it in the ranch dressing.

    2. I just assume they're trying to disguise the mediocre quality of the food.

      1. Seems I was right.

    3. Just curious what the wife does for a living.

    4. You see, women have no agency of their own and are basically just dolls to be protected by moral busy bodies.

      It's nice that in our progressive times women have the choice of being viewed as filthy harlots leading our men astray or doe eyed victims in desperate need of saving.

      1. If they're charged with sex discrimination, they shouldn't be meeting at Hooter's. Would you interview a male candidate at the Womyn's Fruit Juice and Carrot Collective if they're being sued for discriminating against men?

        And I'd rather an ugly waitress served me good food than have a hot waitress serve me crap. Not that I'm forced into such a starkly binary choice at my local restaurants.

        1. I didn't catch that. I thought she meant Hooters was dealing with a sexual discrimination issue.

          1. It said "the company" which I assumed was the husband's company, though Hooter's has faced such complaints.

            1. Hooters was dealing with a sexual discrimination issue.

              1. Yeah, from men. Checking Google, I couldn 't immediately find a sex discrimination claim from a woman, except perhaps a weight-discrimination case.

                1. I think EvH is correct in his interpretation. That her husband is a "rising executive" and shows that poor of judgement further reflects on his company. She calls it an international company. I'm going out on a limb and guess that means foreign ownership with a corresponding internal culture.

      2. Bingo. I've never had more autonomy than in the several years I've worked in the sex industry. Nothing sickens me more than the constant infantilization and harassment by the state that I've had to endure just because my choice of employment is "distasteful."

          1. Sorry for the belated reply, I didn't see your question until now. I'm on the long slog toward a doctorate in biochemistry. But since I've already had to eat enough ramen for one lifetime, I've supported myself financially as a stripper and small-time pornographer (and in the distant past, as a call girl) for several years now. With a fresh MS, it's difficult to find employment in the chemical industry that pays a comparative salary, and I've really grown to enjoy the self-determination that comes with being, essentially, a free agent. On the other hand, while the degree of autonomy offered by sex work is fantastic, I have to eat massive amounts of shit, so to speak -- beyond the unfortunate social stigmatization (from both Left and Right), I've been subject to state violence in ways that make the stomach turn.

            1. Good on ya MK. Fantastic you're getting shit done on your own terms and fuck those who'd stand in your way.

              Welcome to H&R.

              1. Thanks for the warm welcome and supportive words. 🙂

                1. We look forward to your contributions, as you offer a unique perspective that crushes stereotypes. I'm not surprised however. One of the brightest people I knew in my university days at Davis was a pre-med student who paid her way through school through stripping. She rather enjoyed it, and while I never had the opportunity to see her in action (I myself was a rather poor uni student at the time), I heard she was as gifted with that talent as she was with her intellectual talents.

          2. By the way, I don't know if you'll see this either, but I enjoyed your thread war with BCE the other night. I've been lurking H+R since the Bush days (I was finally lured into posting by the recent sex work-relevant episode of The Independents), and I've never seen anyone rival his egregious sophistry and devotion to retarded semantic quibbles. Initially I felt bad for the guy because I agreed with a handful of his points and could understand a newcomer's perception of H+R as somewhat cliquish, but his level of thread-jacking was approaching White Indian territory. So, thanks for the laughs.

            1. 😉 Thx.

              I try to give everyone a fair shake and stay civil, but I don't have much patience for the obvious trolls. Bo, Tulpa, Shitstopper, Tony... they are simply here to fuck with people.

              I went too far, but engaging them forthrightly only gives them credibility. Those 4 deserve nothing but ridicule.

    5. I will say it's very inappropriate to have an interview at Hooters. That's just a professionalism issue though and has nothing to do with the stupid bullshit about Hooters being a tool of the patriarchy.

      1. Yeah, this. I've never actually been to Hooters, having heard a lot of negative reviews from friends.

      2. The husband does sound like a dumbass, but the wife's reaction is rather telling about where her priorities are.

    6. He doesn't seem to understand that he has been conducting business at a place that holds little regard for women.

      Hooters is like a strip club. Men give women money to not have sex with them.

      It's like going to a restaurant and paying to not eat.

      1. I'm thinking of bringing a baby in and saying, "my wife died, and my son needs to eat!"

        1. Or Borat could do it. "I saw your ads - am so glad America has place like this."

          1. "Is not wet-nurse establishment and is not whorehouse? If I want look at breasts, I go to beach, not eat crap food I would be ashamed to give dog!"

    7. I will bet a grand that that marriage doesn't last another 5 years. Not sure how anyone could tolerate such an insecure spouse.

      1. Or a husband who's such a moron he takes job interviews to Hooters.

        Seems like a lovely couple.

        1. He's the CEO. It's his prerogative where he chooses to do his interviews. If he wants to give them a brothel, who fucking cares?

          The wife, otoh, is uptight.

          1. And I guess he's just an executive, not a ceo.

          2. If he wants to give them a brothel

            In some countries it's actually not unheard of.

    8. What do we have:

      Her husband is a "rising executive", so we can assume up to this point he's been skillful and smart enough to manage his career successfully. Right?

      She pouts and nags until he changes the plans.

      At the end she says:

      Am I overthinking this, or if my husband wants to keep his job and title, should he stay out of this place while conducting any of his company's business?

      Lucky for him - rising executive that he is - he has such a sensible wife to keep him from ruining his career.

      This letter is a veiled brag from a women who is insecure about her own value.

      1. Agreed. While conducting business at Hooters is unprofessional in my book, I find it difficult to believe that this woman's concerns are anything but personal insecurities masquerading as career advice.

        1. She asks, "Am I overthinking this or..." This is code for reaffirm by opinion and validate my identity.

      2. "This letter is a veiled brag from a women who is insecure about her own value."

        Could be, but I'm tempted to believe it's just fake.
        Having been employed by an 'international company', I just can't imagine a 'rising executive' would conduct business in a place known for T&A. HR or legal would have his ass in a sling if he did.

        1. Possibly, but she emphasizes two things in the letter. The first is his status as an executive. The second is her value in advising him and persuading him. She is a respected (by him) adviser to an important person (in her mind). And she wants people to know that.

          Here's the same conversation between me and my husband:

          Husband: I'm interviewing someone at Hooters.

          Me: STFU!

          Husband: I'm just messing with you.

        2. ^^^This.

          "Rising executive for an international company" could mean many things. And there is a significant difference between the "executive" of a landscaping company who hires immigrants in the Home Depot parking lot vs. the executive for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

          The whole story just seems less sensational when put in a more realistic perspective.

        3. I have to disagree. If I had a dollar for every group of suits who've conducted business out of the strip clubs I've worked at...well, I guess I do.

          All puns aside though, it's an extremely popular practice, and I imagine it occurs at Hooters as well. For example, in the nicer NYC establishments, it's common to entertain Wall St. types during lunch, and in TX/LA/ND, I've had many a steak dinner on oilmen talking business.

          1. I dunno, the girl said he "met his boss" at Hooters, so interviewing another potential employee there shouldn't be troublesome.

            Many of the "international companies" where I have worked would ever have interviews conducted at Hooters, which leas me to believe that perspective concerning this particular "rising executive" would change the outlook.

            1. *never (have interviews conducted at Hooters)

              Stupid typo

        4. Perhaps its merely a client meeting... and if its an international client (Far East, Arabian Peninsula, Mediterranean), a client meeting at such a venue may be a deal-closer.

  21. There's a show on the Discovery channel about tree houses. And I'm watching it. Voluntarily.

    1. My cousin bought my grandmothers house after she passed and built an extravagant tree house out back. It's going to be featured on that show in the next few weeks.

      Ah, eccentricity...

      1. I know it's just a house but.....IT'S IN A TREE MAN!!! THAT MAKES IT BETTER!!

        Somehow. You had to be there I guess.

      2. The episode I just watched had a treehouse with a steam shower and Japanese soaking tub. Full water, electric, sewer and HVAC.

        Very eccentric.

        1. My cousin's has heat and electric. It supposedly has a sink to dump fluids into the septic tank, but not running water.

          Half my family was at the filming. Had a big party after.

          1. That's a big deal. Something that I would definitely include in the family Christmas letter if I were you...

  22. Remember this infuriatingly patronizing article about mandated restaurant food portions from the other day?

    The author's CV is rife with brilliant proposals, including this shining example of paternalism: Social Marketing of Condoms is Great, but We Need More Free Condoms

  23. Remember this infuriatingly patronizing article about mandated restaurant food portions from the other day?

    The author's CV is rife with brilliant proposals, including this shining example of paternalism: Social Marketing of Condoms is Great, but We Need More Free Condoms

    1. The are certain milestones here. Your first double post should be a memory you cherish. The squirrels hate you; this is a good thing.

      I'm going to go ahead and apologize for Episiarch in advance.

      1. They got me my first thread. I'm calling shenanigans on this Mellow Kitty character.

  24. You know what was a bigger deal than a guy buying pot from a government licensed shop?

    Back when people could buy it from shops without there being licensing requirements...

    It's nice that it's legal, but it's terrible that it's so heavily regulated (and taxed)

    1. Which is precisely why I can't imagine anyone who already had a steady connect bothering with the state-regulated weed beyond the period of initial novelty. And I'm sure there will soon be plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth from the usual suspects when the black market continues to thrive and undercuts the predicted tax revenues.

  25. Who's up?

    It's snowing outside here in p-burgh. Wind blowing and frigid temps abound.

    I'm drinking an absolutely cerebral(box) chianti right now; it has overtones of ether and new car smell.

    Got a haircut today.

    1. Awake in CO. Heading to bed once the Aus/Eng cricket is done in a couple of minutes.

      Drinking Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey.

      1. Yeah, I'm going into my work night shift cycle tomorrow so I have to stay awake all night. Usually Reason is abandoned at late night.

        Whatever happened to Groovus Maximus? He used to be a late owl.

        Drinking Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey.

        I think I'll go do a shot of Jameson. Sounds good.

        1. "Usually Reason is abandoned at late night."

          Yeah I've noticed that this past week on vacation in MST. Live in CST so usually in bed myself long before now.

        2. Dr Groovus's whereabouts have been a mystery to the commentariat for a while now. He was getting serious with his native nurse, the one with the ex-Spetznaz father, and then radio silence. I'm hoping he just moved on to Vdaryty i Vtekty.

          1. I miss the doc. He was a good shit. Hope he's well (not to mention alive).

            Sloopy's been scarce lately too, with his new job.

      2. Irish Whiskey?

        Psh. Springbank and Laphroaig for me tonight. Scotch Whisky FTW.

        1. Ireland has long been believed to be the probable birthplace of whiskey, despite those upstart Scots stealing the limelight these days.
          Found a bottle of this

          1. It may be the birthplace, but that doesn't mean its produces the zenith of the form any longer.

    2. Did you not see my treehouse post? It's all that the kids are talking about these days....

    3. Splendid.
      Got a haircut today.
      High and tight, crewcut, or buzz cut?

      1. A 2 on the sides and just a bit longer on top. My hair's so thick and crazy that it goes freakin' nuts when it gets any longer.

        How's the weather up there, PF? We're at 11F right now, which is like July for you.

        1. We're warming up to 5F overnight to allow for 4 inches of snow before it tumbles back down to -25F for next week.

          1. Is -25 noticeably different from -5?

            Me personally, anything under 20F is just fucking cold and feels the same, but I've never been in weather below -10F, or so.

            1. Yes it's amazing how warm 5 feels after a few days of colder weather.

            2. When it gets that cold it sucks all the moisture out of the air. It's the humidity that makes the cold miserable. I'd rather -20 and 60% RH than +30 at 95%RH.

              1. I've noticed that a 34F rainstorm is some of the coldest feeling weather there is.

              2. 45F at 85% in Baja Washington right now. Much warmer tonight than its been but that humidity just sucks the cold into my bones. Might finally get the first rain of the year in a couple of hours.

      2. High and tight, crewcut, or buzz cut?

        I like the way you think with that haircut range. You're an aristocrat I could support.

    4. I'm up in MT. Watching soft core porn on The Movie Channel (Monster of the Nudist Colony). Yummy lesbians!

      45 here tonight but supposed to be -10 by Sunday night. High of 0 on Sunday. Can't wait.

      Drinking bourbon, W.L. Weller.

      1. Yeah, I saw the thing about the tree houses up above. Tree houses are freakin' awesome. You should remind us when your cousin's is on the teevee 'cause we'll forget (bunch of mush-minded drunks and degenerates we are).

        The soft-core thing reminds me of how happy I was as a teenager when we finally got a good 4-head VHS player. It was the sony one that had the knob that you could go through your movie frame by frame. It was a revolution in the masturbatory arts. Think about it, 10 seconds of titty is 240 frames. That's like a whole book of titties.

        1. Oh yeah, the 4-head was a giant leap in technology. A tribute to the free market!

        2. You mean there was a time when you couldn't watch porn whenever you wanted on a computer?

          1. DAMN KIDS! Get off of my lawn!

            1. I marvel at the thought of a time where frequently rewinding your favorite scene could wear out the tape and make it scratchy.

            2. Used to have to go down to the video store, park in the back so your boss wouldn't see your car, slip into the back room, and then take Anal, Lesbian, Midgets up to the register, where you were waited on by a cute 16yo attendant.

              THAT, required a set, my friend.

              1. I think I rented "Embrace of the Vampire" 10 weeks in a row.

      2. The local weather report just made me happy--they are calling for rain next week!

    5. Awake in Philadelphia. Currently -7C and snowing. I keep a late night schedule, so it's nice to see that for once I haven't completely missed posting on every thread.

      I used my new Soda Stream for the first time today.

      1. I used my new Soda Stream for the first time today.

        Can you use it in boozing?

        1. Well its carbonating canisters give around 60L of club soda, which, by my calculation, could be mixed into approximately one metric shitload of cocktails.

  26. Martin Scorsese makes movie history: Wolf of Wall Street has the most 'fucks' in any scripted movie in history

    Variety reports that the profane word appears a staggering 506 times in the space of 180 minutes, besting a record set by Spike Lee's 1999 film Summer of Sam (435 f-bombs in 142 minutes).

    If you've been to the movies in the past 40 years, you know that Scorsese is no stranger to colorful language. Three other films directed by him -- 1995's Casino (422), 1990's Goodfellas (300) and 2006's The Departed (237) -- appear on a Wikipedia list of movies with the most uses of the curse word.

    Wolf of Wall Street might not be the most f-bomb-laden non-documentary movie ever, though. Film School Rejects says that a Canadian horror movie, Gutterballs, uses the profanity 625 times.

    I believe Hugo his only non-profane movie.

    1. Since I couldn't commit to a 3+ hour film when I went to the theater the other night, I elected to see American Hustle instead of TWoWS and was rather disappointed. As I've been excited to see the latter since I caught the trailer back in June, I really hope it isn't just similarly over-hyped.

      1. I haven't seen either. Last time I went to the movies my date wanted to see Anchorman 2 which was very underwhelming and not that funny.

        Next movie I'd see would probably be Inside Llewyn Davis. I've heard disappointing things about AH and WoWS but the Coens have apparently made yet another great film.

        1. If I were in the most generous of spirits and you asked me about Will Ferrell, I couldn't provide a more favorable description than "exhaustively annoying." Nothing short of his personally writing me a check for several hundred dollars would convince me to see his films. Of which I'd give you a cut in reparation.

          American Hustle had a lot of promise, but my boyfriend and I both found ourselves checking the time as it progressed. The actual con isn't all that interesting, there's little character development, and a number of the roles suffered from overacting. I thought the movie was alright overall, but I wouldn't want to watch it again.

  27. It needs to be sealed up in a near perfect vacuum

    The volatiles would outgas, so he could still get high from it AND preserve the usless part.

  28. The vehicle actually commits three very obvious offences. One is that it is parked on the incorrect side of the road. The second is that it's parked on the footpath. And the third that it doesn't obey the law in relation to the window being open.
    "The officer didn't give them three tickets. The officer simply gave this car a ticket for the matter he was doing his job for, which was to try and drop the number of unlawful entries into cars.
    "The officer acted quite appropriately and within the law. I would hope that the public would recognise that the officer did use discretion."

    1. Catching thieves costs money, fining innocents makes money.

  29. Lew Rockwell dot com at it again.

    It took me 20 seconds to find a site debunking Fukushima panic claims.

    This kind of shit drives traffic and gets him clicks but it makes liberty-types seem as batshit loony as the rad left or right.

    1. It's down already.

      What was the gist? Paranoid anti-nuke ramblings?

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