Police Abuse

Police: Off-Duty Pa. State Trooper Shot Pepper Spray at Girlfriend's Son

Facing charges of child endangerment


Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Ernest Boatright is charged with endangering the welfare of children and harassment after police said he shot pepper spray into the bedroom of his girlfriend's 13-year-old son.

According to court papers, Boatright found the teen still in bed when he was supposed to be in school, so he discharged his pepper spray in to the bedroom.

The criminal complaint said that the boy immediately began to cough, sneeze and suffer from runny eyes and nose. Police said that the boy knew he had been pepper-sprayed because Boatright had pepper-sprayed him before.

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  1. He is assigned to the New Stanton barracks but has been placed on leave without pay, since he was charged with endangering the welfare of children and harassment.

    In which sense is ‘since’ used in this sentence?

    since (adverb)
    : after a time in the past

    since (conjunction)
    3 : in view of the fact that : because

    1. im more concerned about “being placed on leave without pay” than the rest.

      where in the private sector would this not result in immediate termination?

      also, i sure hope every single arrest this guy made is being thoroughly reviewed and that this helps some of his victims get the appeal they’ve wanted for years.

      if there were any good cops, the bad ones would be in jail, instead of on paid leave until the media forgets about the issue.


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