Pro-Gun Group Unhappy About Brown as Possible NH Candidate

Leans a little too left on gun control for some's liking


Scott Brown attracted more than 125 pro-gun conservatives to a GOP holiday party here Thursday night — but they came to protest his appearance, not to hear him speak.

The spectacle — protesters outnumbered activists who coughed up $50 to see Brown — was a stark illustration of the treacherous political terrain facing the 54-year-old New Hampshire transplant if he launches a Senate bid that's looking more likely by the day.

Brown, who pulled up to the old Nashua Public Library in his iconic GMC truck, which still bears Massachusetts plates, is being courted by Washington Republicans as their best and probably only hope of swiping Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's Senate seat next year. But Brown will have to square his left-leaning record on guns and abortion with a Granite State GOP electorate that's well to the right of the one he's been used to.