65 Percent of Americans Say Online Poker Should Be Allowed


The Wall Street Journal reports that if fully legalized, by 2020 online gambling will generate the same amount of revenue as Las Vegas and Atlantic City combined: $9.3 billion. While online gambling can be made legal at the state level, Congress is considering several bills to legalize it nationwide. The latest Reason-Rupe pollfinds that a solid majority (65 percent) of Americans favor legalizing online gambling, while 32 percent think government should prohibit people from gambling in online poker games.

Majorities of all partisans favor allowing Americans to play online poker, but independents who lean Republican were even more likely to favor (75 percent) allowing people to play online poker and Democrats were the least likely to favor (58 percent). Regular Republicans (66 percent), non-partisan Independents (68 percent) and independent-leaning Democrats (65 percent) also favor legalizing online poker.

Lower-income Americans and those with a high school degree or less are most likely to favor banning online gambling (41 percent), but still 56 percent would favor legalization. In comparison, only 21 percent of post-graduates and 31 percent of high income Americans favor the ban, (73 percent and 66 percent favor legalization respectively).

Support for legalized online gambling decline with age; roughly 70 percent Americans under 55 favor legalization compared to 56 percent of those over 55.

Nationwide telephone poll conducted Dec 4-8 2013 interviewed 1011 adults on both mobile (506) and landline (505) phones, with a margin of error +/- 3.7%. Princeton Survey Research Associates International executed the nationwide Reason-Rupe survey. Columns may not add up to 100% due to rounding. Full poll results, detailed tables, and methodology found here. Sign up for notifications of new releases of the Reason-Rupe poll here.

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  1. And 100% of the politicians backing such bans don’t give a fuck what 65% of the populace thinks.

    1. Oh, they do. That’s how they get reelected: leading from behind.

  2. And 35% apparently think that whatever the law happens to be right now must be proper and just, no matter what it is.

  3. There is some good news in this area. Representative Barton (R-TX) has introduced legislation that would allow states to permit online poker if they so choose. It has some unfortunate federal regulation in it as well, of course, but it seems like a good first step.

    1. Notice its all those SoCons in the D party opposing it.

      1. I actualy did find that funny, that to the extent that there is a partisan trend here, its dems being more against it.

        Also independents that lean R are most in favor. I’m guessing that a decent amount of libertarianish people given these options wouldnt pick that one.

  4. Gambling is an area where my actions have been outside legality for my entire adult life, and the law has had absolutely zero effect on my ability to act on and do as I wish. They should safe themselves the embarrassment of being impotent and repeal all gambling laws.

    1. They should safve themselves the embarrassment of being impotent and repeal all gambling laws.

      Typo from punching the key above the right one.

  5. Democrat, allow: 58%
    Republican, allow: 66%

    I am so tempted to throw this in the face of an acquaintance of mine who frequently reposts this dumb quip about how Republicans are happy to throw every other freedom under the bus as long as they can have their guns. I mean, he’s right, when it comes to the party, but if I could just get him to admit the Democrats are actually worse, it would be a glorious day.

    1. There was an article earlier today about the democrats being better at something something issue I agree with them on better than Republicans, but I can’t get over the fact they want to rob me blind and nationalize entire industries to really digest it as a factoid in their favor to even remember the substance of it.

      1. Democrats are apparently better than Republicans on marijuana legalization / decriminalization.

    2. And that’s with the 55+ demographic being the least in favor, a voting block that leans Republican. Young Independent Lean Republicans are the strongest in favor looking at those numbers.

      1. Also, higher earning people are more likely in favor too. “If I can’t afford to do it, no one should be allowed to do it.”

  6. @Morrison Jowett Really very interesting topic. Playing poker online is a very popular and a large number of people all over the world love to play online poker. But still, many states don’t allow players to play poker online, which is very sad for online poker lover.

  7. “65 Percent of Americans Say Online Poker Should Be Allowed”
    people have spoken, it should go through a referendum.
    Why not making a pole about blackjack?

  8. Help get this legalized. Sign the petition!

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