Minimum Wage

$15 Minimum Wage Near Seattle Faces Legal Challenge

Affects workers near airport


A judge on Friday will hear a legal challenge to the voter-approved initiative enacting a $15 minimum wage for travel and hospitality sector workers in a Seattle suburb that is home to the region's main international airport.

King County Superior Court Judge Andrea Darvas, who in August ruled the measure struck from the ballot in a decision subsequently overturned on appeal, is expected to issue a ruling on the case immediately following oral arguments.

The measure applies only in the city of SeaTac and mandates that some 6,300 workers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and nearby hotels, car rental agencies and parking lots receive a minimum hourly wage more than double the federal minimum rate of $7.25. Its supporters said they believe Darvas will rule against them.

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  1. This crap is actually getting this far?

    Retards run the asylum now.

    1. Since it’s an airport with a security perimeter, they have justification to presume they can extort money from those stuck in there.
      If SeaTac (which I’m sure it a government-funded entity) has any competition, they will find the business moving elsewhere.
      Sorta like the question of Freddy and Fannie in the mortgage bizz; how far can you distort a market until it really fails?

  2. I would be interested to see the quality of worker(s) they employ in the $15 hr area.

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