United Nations Says Uruguay's Legalization of Marijuana Violates International Law

Warning about addiction


Uruguay's decision to legalise the production, sale and consumption of marijuana violates international law, the UN drugs watchdog says.

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) warned that the move would endanger young people and "contribute to the earlier onset of addiction".

The new law will allow registered Uruguayans over 18 to buy up to 40g (1.4oz) of the drug a month.

The government hopes it will help tackle drug cartels.

INCB chief Raymond Yans said he was "surprised" that the government in Montevideo had "knowingly decided to break the universally agreed and internationally endorsed treaty".

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  1. “universally agreed”

    That’s a bit of a stretch.

  2. Uruguay says the United Nations violates the ban on sucking bags of dicks.

  3. kevin sabet is a rabid communist and whats the un goona do? send a letter of complaint like they do always, the un is powerless, its well known north korea is engaging in nacroterroism and breaking international laws, see laws are useless if you cant enforce them and all un does is send complaints, the un goes on a hissyfit all the time against Israel for breaking some stupid international law and Israel throws it into the trash because they dont the un wont do jackshit,

  4. NATO invaded Yugoslavia to end ethnic cleansing, there was no U.N.
    The U.S. invaded Afghanistan after 9/11, there was no U.N.
    Saddam Hussein violated 17 U.N. resolutions; The U.N. was asked to join the
    war in Iraq. The U.S. invaded, Ha! there was no U.N.
    Libya bombed a discotheque in Berlin killing Americans, there was no U.N.
    Iran funds Hamas, and attacked the U.S. in the
    seventies, there was no stinking U.N.
    Facing War without end, looking into the future, there was no more U.N.

    “universally agreed upon” in 1945…. by .000001% of the wealthy elite members of a newly established globalist society…. that had no input from any of its constituents in the creation of it…. you mean that universally agreed upon load of horse cum?

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