K-9 Officer Won't Face Charges After Pushing Dog Through Car Window Onto Suspect

Cleared by grand jury


A grand jury declined to indict a North Carolina K-9 officer, clearing him of criminal charges after dash cam video showed him pushing his dog through a car window and into a driver's lap at the conclusion of a wild police chase.

A grand jury Monday in Wilmington, N.C., cleared K-9 officer Stafford Brister of criminal wrongdoing after dash cam video showed the officer lifting the dog into Johnnie Williams' car in October. The dog then attacked Williams, who sustained injuries to his face and shoulder. Police say just minutes before the attack, Williams blew through a DWI checkpoint.

New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David, concerned that Brister's actions were excessive, said he wanted to put this case in front of the jury and see if the officer should be charged with assault inflicting serious injury.

(H/T Charles WT)