Ex-San Diego Mayor Filner Sentenced to Home Confinement

Also probation and fines


Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was sentenced Monday to 90 days in home confinement, three years probation, and a series of fines totaling about $1500 as part of a plea deal.

The 71-year-old pleaded guilty in October to kissing or grabbing three women at campaign events or at City Hall—one a felony false imprisonment charge, the other two misdemeanor battery charges.

The three women were among 19 who accused him of offensive behavior during his tenure as mayor and as a congressman.

Filner will not serve prison time.

GPS monitoring will track his whereabouts during his confinement. He'll be allowed to go out for medical and therapy appointments, religious services, and meetings tied to his probation. He'll also be allowed to leave his apartment but stay within the apartment complex.