Police Abuse

DC Cop Being Investigated for Allegedly Running Prostitution Ring; Missing 16-Year-Old Girl Found in His Apartment

Search warrant alleging trafficking of a minor and production of child pornography executed but no charges filed or arrest made


Authorities are investigating whether a D.C. police officer was running a prostitution ring out of his Southeast home after a missing teenage girl was found there.

The 16-year-old girl told investigators she had met the officer two weeks earlier and that during that time he put her in contact with a man who would pay her $80 for sex, according to a search warrant affidavit filed in federal court. She said she also met six other women at the officer's apartment who told the girl they made money prostituting themselves for him.

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  1. 80 bucks? How ugly is this child?

  2. It is ironic that the name and photo of this pimp cop was not given to the media while the cops freely distribute the names, photos and in some cases the home addresses of the alleged ‘victims’ of ‘sex trafficking’ that they arrest. Yes, he is only alleged to have pimped minors, but then, the sex workers who are arrested are alleged to be victims of traffickers- ‘victims’ who are, according to the rabid abolitionists, at risk of being murdered by an unknown serial killer. Which makes it even more unconscionable that the media publishes the names, photos and home addresses of such ‘victims/prostitutes’ unless their intent is to provide the unknown serial killer(s) with information on where to find their next victim.

  3. Well, this cop should go into politics! Run for the Senate maybe. He would fit right in. Wasn’t the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee found to be taking his job quite literally and having relations with 15-year-old Dominican prostitutes (who he would then refuse to pay)?

    On second thought, this cop has more of an entrepreneurial streak then those other douches. Maybe he wouldn’t fit in so well.

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