Michigan Libertarian Says He Was Roughed Up By Campus Cops For Trying to Document Election Irregularities


Perpetual Libertarian Party candidate and former chair of the Michigan L.P. Scott Boman says he was roughed up by campus cops–on a campus where he teaches!–just for photographing what he thinks were election law violations.

Account from the Examiner:

A popular Michigan math and physics professor will soon stand trial in Detroit's 36th District Court for trespassing in a public space at his own place of employment…[Wayne County Community College District]

Scott Boman

Boman, Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, recently rejected the prosecutor's offer to drop the trespassing charge if he would concede that his arrest was justified….

The professor's pre-trial hearing will be held on January 15, and he will have a jury trial on January 29….

What Boman says happened:

….after teaching class on July 30, Boman stopped by an absentee voting event being held at the WCCCD Northwest Campus.

…..Boman began taking pictures of signs that were posted by the incumbent City Clerk Janet Winfrey. These signs were in violation of election laws. For example, one sign was hanging over the entrance of the voting location's building entrance.

….WCCCD Security Officer Olivia Moss-Fort stormed out of the polling place and shouted, "What do you think you're doing?"

Boman responded that he was taking pictures, and continued to do so since the officer would not tell him which law he was violating…..

Boman then attempted to join other candidates and volunteers who were handing out campaign literature in the area. While Boman was passing out his cards, he says that Moss-Fort swatted his hand, and two or three additional officers threw him to the ground, breaking the skin on his right shoulder. He was then cuffed and led away.

"I lost control of my right arm," he said. "They kept me bound, isolated and without water for 3.25 hours, to intimidate me from attending a candidate forum." He also said that the officers laughed at him while he was stuck in handcuffs.

By the time his camera was returned, incriminating video he took of the police was deleted.

The campus cops deny Boman's account, and although there is generally a 24 hour security camera covering the area, they claim there is no video record of what really happened. They claim his real crime was taking pictures with students in them when students allegedly asked him not to take their picture.

Boman's own full account of the incident, which has nothing about being told to not photograph students, but has many details of being detained initially without charges in a closet, cuffed painfully, and denied water.

Boman has run for some statewide office every election year since 1994 in Michigan.

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  1. trespassing in a public space

    How is that even possible?

    And I’m pretty sure you can’t stop people taking your picture in a public place either.

    I’m really glad I went to a college where the campus security were not police.

    1. Sounds like it is a university, where all sorts of new rules emerge.

      When I was in college, if anybody related to you got a parking ticket on campus, YOU were responsible for it, since they were presumed to be your guest. Even better, if you had other relatives on campus and they did not have parking permits, all of the tickets went the the alphabetically senior relative. A campus cop explained it to me once, and I am sure it made sense to him.

      And there, they are real cops, graduates of the State Police Academy.

      1. graduates of the State Police Academy.

        Did Mahoney hide a hooker in the podium at their graduation ceremony?

      2. So then it’s not a public place.

      3. A friend of mind left CU with one ticket outstanding but had already transferred so didn’t think much about it.

        A few years later, his father, who worked in assessor’s offices for years, decided he needed to run for office because his position was high enough that political changes could get him axed.

        As part of the local paper’s due diligence, they asked him to confirm his bio – including his college work – which was completed decades prior to this event.

        As you likely guessed – CU refused to release his transcripts until he paid… a full 100 dollars for a parking fine that he never incurred.

        Some day – maybe college transcripts will meet an internet data-base and an entrepreneur bent on making this easier for all – and maybe this won’t matter.

        For today – so long as they keep transcripts held tightly – they still wield some control of everyone who might need one.

  2. I guess he’s not a Law and Order Libertarian.

    1. Must be one o’ them dreaded Cosmotarians. You let a guy take pictures in a public space, and next thing you know, it’s overrun with food trucks and people twirling around firing guns.

      1. Yup. Probably a pacifist that would let someone murder his wife right in front of him too.

        1. Where would you fit the drum circle if there are all these gun toting dervishes?

    2. Wait a second…Tulpa works at a community college, right? And not Greendale.

      1. He would thank them for the beating. Because laws.

        1. So do you think Tulpa visits a dominatrix regularly, or just when he’s really feeling like some “law and order”?

          1. Tulpa doesn’t visit the dominatrix. He shows up at her place when he’s told to.

            1. Is that what he told you? She lives at “his” place, and he gets the sub-basement. It’s like a basement, only lower, danker, and with more rules. Without the dom’s rules Tulpa’s solo-society would break down and he would rape and murder himself.

  3. The pictures he supposedly took of other students would be evidence.

    Which means the police deleted evidence in a crime, if their story is to be believed. Which means the police are still boned.

    1. The police would only be boned in a just society. I’m sure in this case nothing else will happen.

  4. This lack of evidence is curious since there is a 24 hour security camera covering the entire welcome area, according to an on-duty WCCCD security officer.

    Followed by

    “What Mr. Boman was not allowed to do was photograph students on campus without their permission,” she said.

    Can someone tell me why (other than FYTW) it is OK for one party to photograph students but illegal for another party to do so in the exact same area?

    And what is it with these fuckhead students that they get butthurt when a guy photographs them yet have no problem with all the other cameras in the area doing the exact same thing?

    1. And since when can’t you take pictures of people on a college campus. If you want to snap a photo at a football game, do you first need to get a release from everyone attending or the police will kick your ass?

    2. According to this article, the police said students asked him not to take their picture. That is a very different thing from students asking him not to take their picture.

      Perhaps the cops could produce these students and they could tell us themselves.

      1. Um…er…uh…. Huh.

        1. I cant tell what that means. In case I was not clear;

          I was saying that what the cops claim happened and what actually happened may be quite different.

          Where are these students who asked not to be photographed?

          1. oooohhh…i got it after reading three times. Originally I was with MS on this.

            It is cold here, brain work sloooowly.

      2. Right after the Obama admin lets the press talk to all the successful Obamacare enrollees.

    3. Can someone tell me why (other than FYTW) it is OK for one party to photograph students but illegal for another party to do so in the exact same area?

      This doesn’t really apply to colleges…. but usually photos of school property, public and private, has ordinances and laws against them… as even if your 10 year old is “in public” – parents and others have recognized a large risk simply allowing anyone who wants to to take pictures or anyone on campus.

      Though again – while many people in college are still children according to Obama (not yet 26), they are at least “young adults” as they are over 18 and think they are old enough to care for their own security.

      It’s called situational awareness children – learn it, use it, love it or hate it or think indifferently about it – but without it crossing busy intersections can be problematic.

  5. By the time his camera was returned, incriminating video he took of the police was deleted.

    Ok, I’ve ranted about this before, but I’m gonna do it again.

    SERIOUSLY, people. If you’re doing anything like this where there’s even the most remote possibility that a cop might not like you taking pictures, you NEED to do two things.

    First. Lock your damned phone. It’s not that hard and it is just a good practice in general. It will most likely prevent the police from accessing and deleting incriminating photos.

    Second, Cloud backup. When I take a picture or video with my phone, it is immediately backed up to 3 places, my Google account, my cell phone account, and my dropbox. Those fuckers could incinerate my phone, but as long as it’s had a few seconds after the photo or video is taken, they can’t delete my stuff.

    That being said, it is surprising to me that people think simply deleting a file makes it disappear. Give me that guy’s phone and about 15 minutes and I’ll recover those pics and all the dick pics he deleted months ago. It’s an extremely simple process and the flash memory used in phones is even less secure than a magnetic HDD.

    1. There are such things as cameras that are not part of a telephone.

      1. What, with film? Or do you mean iPads? I can’t abide people who use tablets as cameras.

        1. No. Just a digital camera. The article says “camera” repeatedly, which leads me to believe that it is a single purpose device.
          But what do I know? I’m not what you’d call an early adopter. I don’t even have a cellphone, with or without camera. I’m not going to take on another monthly payment just so people can annoy me wherever I am.

      2. That is true, and it didn’t specify what he had. If he had a standalone camera, this rant wouldn’t apply as there are no such features on regular cameras. (except for a few that can auto upload)

        The rant still stands, though. I’d wager that most of the time, it’s a camera phone as those are the cameras most people have on them at any given time.

        Also, recovering pictures from an SD card is pig easy. (pun intended) Unless the cops are very tech savvy and securely deleted the pictures, they are still there and haven’t been overwritten.

        1. Hopefully someone he knows knows this.

          1. I hope so to. I’d hope that he would at the very least take the card to a tech place and ask about recovery.

    2. It was a Nikon Cool Pix camera. It was not a phone. There is no web connection via the camera. The SD card was removed and scrubbed selectively. The photos of the campaign law violations were still there and the secretary of States Office put City Clerk Janice Winfrey on notice to clean up her act (which she did for that election), but Winfrey’s misdemeanors went unpunished, and now she’s up to her old tricks again. However, The Campus Police (Who have a police authority that is higher than security) deleted the videos which would have exonerated me and incriminate them. We had video forensic experts study the SD card, and only a few instantaneous images could be recovered because the video was so well scrubbed.

      Unless the police (Late Sargent Anna Hamilton, Darrell Bennett, Olivia Moss-Fort, or others that they now deny were present) or election inspector (Ebony Allen) were enrolled in classes, I took no pictures of students.

  6. Shouldn’t his position as a faculty member account for something? For once I’d like to see an appeals process work in favor of libertarians and against cops.

    1. Yes, it counts for more punishment.

  7. recently rejected the prosecutor’s offer to drop the trespassing charge if he would concede that his arrest was justified….

    1. Thats right, because then no one has to show justification. All you have to do is get your victim to say thank you.

    2. using prosecutorial power to try to stop cops from getting sued. nice stuff.

      1. Not just that – but you know the deal was pitched like this:

        Even though we may well lose, we will go forward with a full prosecution of the charges and if convicted, demand the highest possible sentence as a result.


        We can forget this whole thing, so long as you promise not to bring it up ever again, especially in a law suit for instance.

        Mob ain’t got sh1t on our government and this justicelegal system – Gotti had more scruples than this.

        PS: I tried to find maximum penalty in MI for trespass on public space, but cannot – though it seems mostly trespass is a misdemeanor… if that’s true – I’d tell them to take me to court.

        But I’m tired & I’m sure someone with more motivation could likely find the statute and there likely is a felony version (though one would think it would only exist wrt stalking or other repeated trespasses).

  8. So if I am violating election laws, all I have to do is say: “Sorry! I don’t want my picture taken!”?

    1. Only works for one certain political party affiliation.

  9. WCCCD Security Officer Olivia Moss-Fort stormed out of the polling place and shouted, “What do you think you’re doing?”


    1. WCCCD Security Officer Olivia Moss-Fort stormed out of the polling place and shouted, “What do you think you’re doing?”

      Answer: Am I being detained for something? Or being questioned for something specific?

      Or better answer: Nothing illegal. Any other questions you might have can be directed to my lawyer (then like Elaine – give a fake number 🙂 ).

  10. By the time his camera was returned, incriminating video he took of the police was deleted.

    The campus cops deny Boman’s account, and although there is generally a 24 hour security camera covering the area, they claim there is no video record of what really happened.

    I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

    1. Me either – and now it’s so commonplace people just don’t care…. but we really should be angrier at the actions by those we, through our votes and taxes, hire & give authority to arrest, detain, etc other citizens.

      Cell phone tower data without warrant.

      I’ll be Jack’s complete lack of surprise when this doesn’t even cause a minor protest at any police station in the US or any other government office.

      But Casey Anthony? Zimmerman? OJ? Cases which only affect a hand full of specific individuals who before the case no one knew nor cared about nor had any opinion at all about… well, those are major problems.

      Just like 30K gun deaths is an epidemic.

      While conversely broad police abuse against Fox or 5% (sure that number will rise) losing insurance out of 300 million is “nothing to worry your pretty little heads about”.

      For now – I am Jack’s outrage.

      Note to self: I should stop reading reason for a bit…. nut punchers and server squirrels…

  11. The college offers courses for Art and Journalism students. I wonder if they have any photography classes?

  12. So how long till my brothers company gets audited/shut down?…


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  13. Thats what I am talking about dude.

  14. Since the publication of this story, some things have happened.

    There was a three day trial and on March 11. I was convicted. My lawyers did a great job, and even exposed the prosecution’s main witness Olivia Moss-Fort as a perjurer. In addition to this the statute was a complete mismatch for the actions I was described as doing. this was brought up in court as well. We had a rock solid defense against these charges, and it didn’t matter. A rational person who applied law, facts, and logic would have to admit I was proven innocent beyond an unreasonable doubt. Judge Roberta Archer decided to find me guilty anyway.

    Current details on this case came up in an excellent interview with talk show host and community activist Cynthia Johnson. The interview is posted here:

    The sentencing is this Thursday June 11th. Wish me luck.

    We are appealing this case, and I created a GoFund me campaign here:

    The statute’s wording and a few updates are posted there too.

  15. Hi Brian:

    Scotty Boman Sentenced for Being A Whistle-Blower & Police Brutality victim

    Sorry for the short notice, but I just found out myself.

    Tomorrow (Friday Jan. 29) at 9 AM in the courtroom of Roberta Archer (probably 336). 36th District Court. 421 Madison Avenue. Detroit, MI 48226

    Check Downstairs to find out where Roberta Archer is having Court. It will probably be in Room 336.

    For more information about my case visit:

    Please check the list of prohibited items.

    Phones with cameras are not allowed.



    (313) 247-2052

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