45 Enemies of Freedom

I am shocked to see Jenny McCarthy on the front page with Michael Bloomberg, Mao Tse-Tung, and Richard Nixon, as one of reason's "45 Enemies of Freedom" (August/September). To me, an enemy of freedom is one who employs coercive force. Jenny McCarthy is merely exercising free speech. To my knowledge, she has not tried to use force of government to impose her will. Like many libertarians, she has exercised her free speech rights on a controversial topic.

The issue is not whether one agrees with her argument; it is freedom. As with other zealots, there are those who claim to have found the "truth," and seek to impose their will on others "for the common good." These statists are the enemies of freedom. Freedom doesn't get much more personal than the right of individuals to choose what is put into their bodies, and to accept or reject medical procedures.

Christopher Kent

Ramsey, NJ

Your article "45 Enemies of Freedom" left out the worst oppressor of all: the American voter. Every politician who tramples on freedom in the name of security, equality, diversity, or fairness was elected by American citizens who exercised their right to self-governance.

David Rohde

Kathleen, GA

To assert that Aaron Sorkin has done more to rob us of freedom than the over-regulating, murder-complicit, $60 million vacation-stealing usurper-in-chief now undermining us from the White House, is perhaps the most inane opinion you have rendered in your 45 years.

David Altschul

Nashville, TN

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"I've long thought that when full-immersion [virtual reality] gets good enough and cheap enough we'd see it start out in arcades. With full haptic interfaces, which makes me also think they might start out in strip clubs. But that's another story."

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"Conservatives really don't care as much as some think about gays and drugs or other issues that work for divisible politicking. We just want the government to stop telling us and forcing us to think certain things are alright. Any conservative politician pushing an agenda is as bad as a lefty Marxist doing the same."

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