Police Abuse

Yale Professor Arrested for Allegedly Fighting Police Officers During Domestic Dispute Call Dies in Jail

Nothing else happened?


A Yale University professor arrested on charges of fighting police officers investigating a domestic-dispute complaint was taken to a jail and died the next day, authorities said Wednesday.

Samuel See was found unresponsive in his cell at the Union Avenue detention facility on Sunday and later was pronounced dead, New Haven police said. The medical examiner's office said the cause of his death was pending further study. Police and court officials are investigating the death.

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  1. “The medical examiner’s office said the cause of his death was pending further study.” But the article already gave the cause of death: “arrested on charges of fighting police officers”…

  2. Gay marriage gone bad??

    Police said Samuel See, 34, was arrested Saturday night after allegedly attacking officers who responded to reports of a disturbance in his home.

    According to detectives, See’s estranged husband, 32-year-old Sunder Ganglani, had stopped by the house to pick up his belongings and stayed there for more than two hours in violation of an order of protection.

    Mr See asked police to remove his spouse from his residence, to which the officers responded that Ganglani also had an order of protection against him.

  3. Current trends in “law enforcement for the average citizen” support this notion:

    If you wish to take a non-violent situation and turn it violent, simply call a cop. It will get real violent, real quick.

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