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Barack Obama, Trustworthiness Plummeting, Claims He's "Not a Particularly Ideological Person"

Particularly partisan instead?


not ideological

President Obama is fast approaching lame duck status as the public's opinion of him sours. Only four in ten Americans now think he can effectively manage the federal government,  and a majority (53 percent) don't find him honest or trustworthy. But there is one thing Americans can still trust Obama to do, raise lots of money for Democrats running in elections next year. It may not matter what Obama says at these fundraisers (even if they're attended by the 47 percent that still trust him) as it's presumably his position as president that draws donors. He doesn't just show up and smile, though. Sometimes he's good for a laugh.

From Reuters:

President Barack Obama, on a fundraising swing in Seattle on Sunday, described himself as "not a particularly ideological person" despite ongoing political clashes with Republicans over healthcare, the economy, and immigration reform.

He's not a socialist, he just thinks he's always right. And everything that's not is Republicans' fault. That may not make him seem particularly ideological, but it does make him seem particularly partisan and petty.

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  1. What is that word for a person with no sense of right and wrong?

    1. Politician?

      1. “Obama” in Swahili.

    2. infant?

      1. Sociopaths have a sense of right and wrong, but it differs from the rest of us.

        Their right: whatever benefits them.

        Their wrong: Getting caught.

        What they don’t have is a conscience.


        1. Fair enough. And this doesn’t apply to Our Fearless Leader how?

    3. Bioethicist?

      1. + 1 Peter Singer.

    4. Fundamentalist?

    5. Let me ask my Lawyer

    6. The headline is a little misleading.
      Obama’s trustworthiness isn’t plummeting, it’s unchanged. More people are just assessing it correctly now.

    7. Valerie Jarrett recently described him as someone who is always bored, never into whatever is in front of him. Psychopaths are known for being chronically bored, kind of bright, rarely accomplish much, and have little or no stick to it-ness. And, have no sense of right or wrong.

      For example, a psychopath could kill a 16 year old American citizen with a drone strike and not appear to be mildly upset about it.

      I think the word you’re looking for is psychopath.

  2. reasonably sure that if you look up “hubris” that Obama’s picture is right there.

    1. I believe Nemesis has descended to set the scales in balance.

      1. The Greeks were not stupid. They understood how life actually works.

        1. That’s right.

          Everything is a vortex within a vortex within a vortex.

          And I am 20% made of Fire!


          1. It’s vortices all the way down.

          2. Yeah because scientific knowledge is the same thing as understanding of human nature. Are you retarded or just slow?

  3. Well, no, egomaniac, power-mad thugs usually don’t care whose coattails they ride in on. Any tribe of useful idiots to propel them to power will do.

  4. That’s the first thing he’s ever said that I actually buy. He doesn’t seem to believe anything besides that he deserves to be the president and everyone should do what he says.

    1. He is thoroughly progressive. So much so that his entire world view only consists of viewing every issue through that progressive view. He isn’t capable of even considering that there is another way to see the world, or that he may be wrong. This leads him to believe that anyone that opposes him is evil and must be stopped and that anything he does is good so must continue in the face of all evidence to the contrary. If that isn’t ideological, then we need to redefine that word too. I guess why stop now, we have already redefined about 25% of the language at this point.



  5. That same day was the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, which the president chose not to honor by attending a ceremony marking it. White House senior aide Dan Pfeiffer gave a prickly response to National Journal columnist Ron Fournier’s Twitter question about what on the president’s schedule was more important than the Gettysburg anniversary.

    “Oh, I don’t know, there’s this whole website thing that someone suggested might destroy the Dem Party,” Pfeiffer tweeted from his official White House account.


    Obama of course has time for a fund raiser. It to this day has never occurred to Obama that while as a community organizer and second rate Senator, you can make a great living just fucking with people you don’t like, that strategy will eventually catch up to you when you are actually in charge.

    1. My god.

      These people are children.

      1. These people are children.

        Wow, I was going to say the same thing.

    2. I’ve been thinking about this lately. Living close to Chicago, we get all the Chicago news on TV an in the paper. So I’ve come to the conclusion that Obama is just another Illinois machine politician. If they stay in the state, they can get away with anything, given that they have 100% of the press, the state is solid blue, and the Republicans are pretty weak. That’s why there is a continuous stream of Rahm’s and Daley’s and Blago’s.

      But that doesn’t scale to a national level. There is at least some of the press that will call him out on things, and there is a Republican party that he can’t just ignore.

      1. That is exactly what he is and why he has been such a monumental failure as President. In Chicago, you run a one party oligarchy. Once you get in charge you get what you want and tell everyone who doesn’t like it to go fuck themselves.

        In Washington, you can’t do that. The country is too evenly divided and the system is built to stop you even if it wasn’t. Obama has never understood that. He has spent five years telling the half of America that didn’t vote for him to go fuck themselves. He got away with it because the media essentially became state run when he took office and a lot of white people felt so guilty that they just had to support the first black President. Well finally, probably too late for the country, that is catching up with him. He is going to leave office hated and despised by nearly everyone. As things get worse for the Dems, he will be the scapegoat. IN 2016 everything that is wrong will be Obama’s fault and everyone will be promising not to be Obama. Obama meanwhile will leave office angry, bitter and confused about what happened. He will go off to a post Presidency life of million dollar speeches to his dwindling choir and bitterness over how the country failed him. He is going to be a monumentally embarrassing ex President.

        1. And yet I have no doubt there will be a statue of this jackass in the Washington Mall one day.

          If it was a statue in an actual mall, next to the food court of the Orange Julius, I wouldn’t be as offended.

          1. Imagine all of the Barack Obama Blvds that will pop up. I’ve lived near 2 MLK Blvds. in different parts of the country, and the sterotype about those streets is true. But I think there will be Obamam Blvds. everywhere due to teh white prog love he will continue to get.

            1. I think Obama would have to get assassinated to get a significant number of streets named after him. I found just two Obama streets in the U.S. on Google maps, and the one in Alabama is such a short little rural cul de sac that it probably just one dude naming his driveway that.

              1. Whereas the MLK streets are in pretty much every midsized and up city. Must have driven by about thirty of things on my recent road trip. Always in a very black part of town, natch.

          2. “I wouldn’t be as offended.”

            But I would never eat there.

      2. I think that’s why Rahm came back to Chicago. Here, he’s a big fish in a small pond, and any opposition he has is short lived an not very organized. He’ll be mayor as long as he wants the job.

        1. Right up until Chicago goes belly up like Detroit.

          1. Or he gets caught with his hands a little too far into the cookie jar and goes to jail.

    3. That response is stupid in multiple dimensions. How is a President with no technical expertise of any kind going to help fix the website in the first place, much less have his time occupied by the issue to the point where he has no time for anything else?

      If you ever wondered how the country would look like if it was governed by the members of Woodstock 2009, look no further.

      1. The guy who gave it is just an asshole who couldn’t tell the truth that Obama doesn’t give a shit about history if it doesn’t involve him.

    4. “”Oh, I don’t know, there’s this whole website thing that someone suggested might destroy the Dem Party,” Pfeiffer tweeted from his official White House account”

      And I notice he didn’t bother to point out that it was Obo’s amateurish management that caused the problem.

      1. “”I notice he didn’t bother to point out that it was Obo’s amateurish management that caused the problem.””


    5. what the sentence fuck =

      “the Gettysburg Address, which the president chose not to honor by attending a ceremony marking it.”

      What just happened? Some words were used, but the sense, they do not make.

      Bonus points to the person who can determine if the sentence indicates that the president did or didn’t attend something. I’m not asking whether you KNOW what he did = but does the sentence tell you?

      1. The sentence makes it sound like the Prez attended the ceremony but sat there like a pouting child holding his breath til he was blue in the face. Which I wouldn’t put past him 🙂

      2. I originally read it as he dishonored the ceremony by attending it. Which made a lot of sense to me. But, I think he meant to write he chose not to honor the memory by attending the ceremoney.

  6. I can accurately predict when he is lying. That counts as being trustworthy, right?

    1. Well, dependable at least.

      1. I’d go with ‘consistent’.

  7. What cracks me up is got all kinds of ideologues and idealists to follow him over the cliff. Man, I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning!

    1. You really couldn’t have created a better honey trap for those people. Obama is everything they want to be, right school, right age, right background, and biracial. He was the perfect set up. There was no way any of them were ever going to stand up and say stop.

    2. It smells like….craven idiocy.

      1. … and failure.

  8. “It’s okay, guys, I only care about gaining ever more power, not any crazy ideology or anything. You have nothing to worry about!”

    1. What I really hate about these people is that they have no vision for what they will do once they have all the power. For fuck’s sake, do something cool like The Pyramids or colonizing Mars or seeing how many virgins you can impregnate. This petty Mickey Mouse shit is lame.

      SLD — I don’t think anyone should have such a concentration of power, but given that it happens, I wish they weren’t such venial shits.

      1. or seeing how many virgins you can impregnate

        Tossing them into volcanoes provides more joy for the community.

        1. I figured the ones who didn’t catch could be allocated as scullery maids to hateful women and slightly used comfort girls to our heroes in uniform.


    OT, but goddamn does the middle part of this Opinion piece suck.

    1. I mean to draw your attention to the middle part in particular, not that the whole piece doesn’t also suck.

      1. Why not just increase the expansion by a factor of 100 and employ 3 million Alabamanians?

        And it’s too bad you can’t have Robert Benchley as governor.

  10. President Obama is fast approaching lame duck unicorn status


    1. President Obama is fast approaching lame duck status


  11. I happen to agree with him. Obama is an Opportunarian. He sensed demand and created a product to meet that demand. I don’t think that is terribly unique in the political world, but the uncritical, sycophantic response from many in “journalism” is unique and deserves especial ridicule.

  12. That not true. He’s a hard-line Obamist.

  13. This just demonstrates His awesomeness. He is besieged by raging ideologues and fanatics, yet resolutely forges on toward the salvation of His flock.

    Your lack of gratitude saddens Him.

  14. I’m an excellent driver.

  15. He is correct. He is a partisan – no principles, just all team all the time.

  16. His truthiness was never particularly good.

  17. Only four in ten Americans now think he can effectively manage the federal government,

    Six in ten Americans are racists! Oprah dixit!

    It may not matter what Obama says at these fundraisers (even if they’re attended by the 47 percent that still trust him) as it’s presumably his position as president that draws donors.

    Or maybe he’s in a Holodeck telling bad jokes to an always-receptive audience.

  18. I don’t think Obama is clever enough to even be an ideologue. He seems perpetually bored with everything he does, lazily thumbing through a Blackberry during foreign intelligence briefings, his frequent mini-vacations and golfing trips.

    He strikes me as a simpleton who simply lucked into being in the right place at the right time and is being directed by handlers only marginally more clever than he is.

    He is the nearest manifestation of Chance the gardener as we are likely to see in real life, but a Chance that has spent years being told how genius and clever he is. Venial and stupid, floating on the currents of life.

    1. First paragraph was meant to end:

      Smart people aren’t bored with life. They find something they enjoy and work toward it. They find challenges enlightening and stimulating. Obama exhibits none of these traits. He’s bored with it all, and when he meets a challenge he either defers or blames it on somebody else.

    2. Venial? (an easily excused or minor sin)

      or venal? (corrupt)

      Someone else used it above as well, so just asking.

  19. It may not matter what Obama says at these fundraisers (even if they’re attended by the 47 percent that still trust him)…


  20. A necessary condition for me to accept that Barack Obama is not very ideological, is his sending Valerie Jarrett back to Chicago.

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