Barack Obama

Barack Obama, Trustworthiness Plummeting, Claims He's "Not a Particularly Ideological Person"

Particularly partisan instead?


not ideological

President Obama is fast approaching lame duck status as the public's opinion of him sours. Only four in ten Americans now think he can effectively manage the federal government,  and a majority (53 percent) don't find him honest or trustworthy. But there is one thing Americans can still trust Obama to do, raise lots of money for Democrats running in elections next year. It may not matter what Obama says at these fundraisers (even if they're attended by the 47 percent that still trust him) as it's presumably his position as president that draws donors. He doesn't just show up and smile, though. Sometimes he's good for a laugh.

From Reuters:

President Barack Obama, on a fundraising swing in Seattle on Sunday, described himself as "not a particularly ideological person" despite ongoing political clashes with Republicans over healthcare, the economy, and immigration reform.

He's not a socialist, he just thinks he's always right. And everything that's not is Republicans' fault. That may not make him seem particularly ideological, but it does make him seem particularly partisan and petty.

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