Drug Testing

Tennessee County Judge Says Drug Testing Judges Would Be a Waste of Tax Dollars

So is drug testing anyone for the state


Could judges someday be subjected to drug tests to prove they're fit to hear cases?  

It's an idea brought up in the wake of a scandal that's rocked Knox County's criminal justice system.  

Ex-judge Richard Baumgartner's addiction to painkillers led to retrials in the Christian-Newsom murders.  

Parents of that young couple met last week with lawmakers and the DA's office and this drug screening idea is one of the changes they're backing.  

State Senator Randy McNally is sponsoring with House Representative Ryan Haynes to call for drug testing for all Tennessee judges, but it's an idea that may not be the solution, according to one judge.  

Knox County Circuit Court Judge Dale Workman says that ex-judge Richard Baumgartner was the first case of a judge's personal behavior affecting the outcome of a court case in Knox County history.

It's for that reason he believes drug testing judges may be a waste of taxpayer dollars.