Bob Woodward Wishes Snowden Had Come to Him Instead

Somebody's jealous


Edward Snowden may have helped blow the lid on the NSA's secret surveillance programs, but Bob Woodward has one complaint: that Snowden should have come to him with the leaks.

"I wish [Snowden] had come to me instead of others, particularly The Guardian," Woodward told King in an interview that airs Thursday on Hulu. "I would have said to him 'let's not reveal who you are. Let's make you a protected source and give me time with this data and let's sort it out and present it in a coherent way.'"

Woodward didn't say why he felt so "particular" about the Guardian's having obtained the Snowden documents, or how he would but he might have had a hard time convincing the whistleblower to be his new Deep Throat. Snowden has said in the past that he always intended to reveal himself as the source of the leaks.